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Cognotes - Monday June 27

  1. 1. ALACognotesISSUE 4 2011 ANNUAL CONFERENCE Monday, June 27, 2011 Daniel Ellsberg Exposes TruthHigHligHts Behind War and Secrecy Auditorium on false reports of an unprovoked attack on Speaker a U.S. warship and which gave Congress Series and President John- son the needed reasonTODAY IN AUDITORIUM B for the war. Ellsberg Brandon Sanderson and quoted Morse as say- Nnedi Okorafor ing that if he had read 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. the Pentagon Papers in 1964 and not 1971 Jeff Jarvis that “the Tonkin Gulf 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. resolution would nev- er have gotten out of committee; and if it had been brought to the floor, it would By Brad Martin have been voted down.” The London School of LAC Group “Don’t do what I did,” Ells- D Economics Library aniel Ellsberg flashed berg said, “do what I wish I 8:30 a.m. the peace sign and was had done.” greeted by a standing Ellsberg spoke at length Not in Our Town: Light ovation as he approached the about parallels between the in the Darkness podium to present the “War and war in Vietnam and the cur- 9:00 a.m. Secrecy” program on Sunday. rent war in Afghanistan, noting Ellsberg, who has been such things as both countries ALA President Roberta Stevens asks questions submitted by Comic Book Literacy called “the most dangerous having corrupt, illegitimate the audience to Sue Gardner, Executive Director of Wikimedia 12:00 p.m. man in America” by Richard governments, open borders and Foundation, during the ALA President’s Program. Gardner Nixon, released the Penta- terrain that made insurgency heads the non-profit charitable organization that operates The Getty Research gon Papers in 1971 and the much easier. He added that, Wikipedia and nine other free-knowledge wikis. Institute Library top secrets documents were, » see page 25 1:30 p.m. ironically just declassified forty Molly Shannon to Keynote Closing Session years after being published. Dreams Tracing the history of United A 3:00 p.m. States involvement in South- uthor, actress and is one of the most recognizable and “Never Been Kissed,” east Asia, the Pentagon Papers comedienne Molly female comedic actresses in and has been featured on exposed the lies that had been Exhibits responsible for the starting Shannon will serve as the Clos- entertainment through her top-rated television shows, including “Glee,” “30 Rock,” Closing and escalating a war that ul- timately cost 58,000 American ing Session key - note speaker at the work on televi- sion and in films. “Scrubs,” “Seinfeld,” “Will & Grace” and “The New Reception lives, and the deaths of several million Vietnamese. American Library Association’s (ALA) The Emmy- nominated ac- Adventures of Old Chris- tine.” However, her talents Ellsberg said he regrets not Annual Conference tress is known extend beyond comedy. She 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. releasing the documents earlier from 9:00–10:00 a.m. for portraying recently starred in the hit Exhibit Halls G, H, I, J because it would have made a Tuesday in Audito- exuberant char- Broadway show “Promises, difference by exposing lies that rium B of the con- acters and be- Promises” and begins a new Wrap Up Rev Up had been used to justify the vention center. came famous chapter as an author. Party and Prizes war. He recalled a conversa- Shannon, whose for her roles on Be sure to attend this tion with Senator Morse, one debut children’s book Tilly “Saturday Night Live.” She memorable presentation as 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. of only two senators who voted the Trickster will be pub- has appeared in numerous hit a way to end your confer- Auditorium B against the Gulf of Tonkin lished in September 2011, movies, including “Superstar” ence experience. Resolution, which was based
  2. 2. Monday, June 27, 2011 • NEW ORLEANS Baker & Taylor’s More than 350,000 movie and music titles available Baker & Taylor offers all theA/V products and services your library Digital media processing for titlesneeds to meet the increasing demand for movie and music titles. Exclusive studio incentive programs AutomaticallyYours™ standing order plans DVD subscription plan DVD lease plan Music and Movie Parade auto-ship plans The Green Room microsite, a customized buying site for music CD Hotlist, our exclusive source for the best in niche music Extensive on-hand inventory and fast delivery B&T MARC™ A/V cataloging and processing The Alert, your monthly A/V buying guide Visit us at booth #2049 800-775-2600 x2666 |
  3. 3. NEW ORLEANS • Monday, June 27, 2011 Cognotes • Page 3PLA Recognizes Outstanding Librarians, Simon and Lippman KeynoteBy Naomi Fosher its own terms, out in the neighborhoodsUniversity of Rhode Island of New Orleans” and noted that for During the PLA President’s Pro- “Treme” he had the idea for the showgram and Awards Presentation on long before hurricane Katrina, but justSunday outstanding public librarians didn’t have the opportunity to bringwere recognized for their commitment it to fruition. Lippman, when askedand service followed by keynote speak- about her work said that she finds theers, husband and wife, David Simon “suburbs more sinister than the cities.”and Laura Lippman. Both discussed the mediums they Simon a journalist, writer and TV work with and the differences. Simonproducer who is well known for the said, “TV is the most resonant way toTV series: “The Wire,” “Generation quire narrative” and “books requireKill” and “Treme,” and Lippman, an more of you. Books help you captureauthor best known for her detective the interior voice of human beings, givefiction which include titles like Balti- you the human subtext.”more Blues and Another Thing to Fall, Lippman noted that she is going toanswered questions and discussed be holding a contest again, starting thistheir work. August, where she will come to your Simon discussed how his work library to speak on “her own dime.” Tofocused on institutions and politics enter, write a compelling essay aboutwhere as Lippman was most concerned your library’s needs. She said there willwith individual stories, memory and be more information to follow.identity. Simon highlighted that it is The public librarians honored before“important to experience the culture on » see page 26Council I Holds First Meeting on Sunday Authors David Simon and Laura Lippman keynote the PLA President’s Program.By Brad Martin dations were about “what and why andLAC Group not about how.” This task force had ALA councilors heard reports pre- been charged to do some “blue sky” IFLA Offers Special Rates to ALA Attendeessented by two special committees at thinking about how and brainstormedthe first Council session of the confer- ideas about “what was possible, not Don’t miss the opportunity to register for the IFLA 2011 Congressence on Sunday. what was realistic,” with regard to a while attending the ALA Annual Conference. Visit the International Annelle R. Huggins, chair of the governing body of the future. Registration Booth located in lobby H of the Convention Center forALA Chapter Relations Task Force, One idea, to merge the ALA’s Coun- special rates! The event will be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico, fromsaid that one of the top responses cil and Executive Board, brought the August 13-18, their survey concerned improv- most response from councilors. Someing communications between ALA were quick to voice objections to theand Student Chapters and between notion, but others advised that therestudent chapters and state chapters. was time to discuss the idea before theOther concerns were about finances(membership fees and the lack of next strategic plan was implemented. These reports will be sent to the ALA The eBook Lending Service of Your Dreams is finally here !chapter funds) and career planning Executive Board for consideration.and professional development. A Resolution on Out-of-School Brett Bonfield, chair of the ALA Fu- Time Library Programs passed. Thisture Perfect Presidential Task Force, promotes the value of out-of-schoolspoke about some of his group’s find- library programs and encourages ad-ings, and stressed that the recommen- equate funding for these programs be made available. 2011 Annual Conference registra- Miss an Issue? tion numbers were announced. There Read all issues of Cognotes have been 11,273 advanced registra- integrated online at: http://www.alaannual. tions, 3,338 on site, and 5,165 vendors, e itiv org/content/bookshelf for a grand total of 19,826. intu ive innovat Cognotes ISBN: 0738-4319 Students to ALA Volume 2011 Issue 9 Talea Anderson University of Washington Reporters Frederick J. Augustyn, Jr. Naomi Fosher Introducing the new 3M Cloud Library TM The Library of Congress University of Rhode Island You wanted a better choice for your electronic books. We heard you Washington, DC and we are introducing the 3M Cloud Library. Get the electronic books Dana Johnson you want and the service you deserve. Your readers can now easily University of North Texas browse, search, check out and read your collection on a computer, Kacee Church phone, eReader or tablet. Harmony Science Academy ALA Liaison Built to exceed expectations. Euless, TX Paul Graller Visit to find out how. Publisher/Managing Editor Brad Martin check it out LAC Group Deb Nerud Vernon New York, NY Photography Curtis Compton Join us in booth #3216 at the Stacy Voeller ALA Annual Conference for the chance Minnesota State University Production to win an eReader every hour. Morehead, MN Tim Mercer CustomNews, Inc.
  4. 4. Page 4 • Cognotes Monday, June 27, 2011 • NEW ORLEANS The Honolulu Star-Bulletin headline reads WAR! during a tour by attendees of the National World War II Museum at the ProQuest Scholarship Bash. The Scholarship Bash began in New Orleans in 1999 and Jamie Faubert, Parsippany, NJ, finds herself flanked has raised more than $750,000 including over 100 Spectrum scholarships. by Star Wars characters in the Graphic Novels Pavilion in the Exhibits. Author Orson Scott Card covers his face with his book Laddertop as a librarian takes his picture after getting an autograph during a book signing at the TOR/FORGE Books booth #1122.Don’t look back! Attendees walk past a M4A3E9 “Sherman” medium tank,America’s primary tank throughout World War II, at the ProQuestScholarship Bash.Timothy S. Harlan M.D. prepares “healthy” fettuccini alfredo on the “What’s A “Rite of Passage” ceremony opens the 2011 Pura Belpre’ Award Ceremony &Cooking @ ALA Stage” in the Exhibits—a recipe from his book Just Tell Me What Quinces Celebración. Master of Ceremonies Francisco Vargas changes the pinkto Eat: The Delicious 6-Week Weight Loss Plan for the Real World. tennis shoes of Ana Laura Gouret Madrid, San Luis, AZ, to her new high heels to mark her passage of becoming a young woman as she turns 15.
  5. 5. A ChANGeFOR THEBeTTeRIngram has made the commitment to keep pace with the multitudeof changes in the book industry. We then pass on that knowledge toour public, academic, and K-12 school libraries. We offer not only themost expansive inventory and the best fill rate but also innovative technology and expert shelf ready service. Libraries needing a change, choose INGRAM. Booth 2848
  6. 6. Page 6 • Cognotes Monday, June 27, 2011 • NEW ORLEANSBest Websites Help Students to Be Creative and Enjoy LearningBy Kacee Church country. The AASL reviewed hundreds great tool for managing and organizing, helps to bring traditional research intoHarmony Science Academy of websites to find the best ones which which allows users to link and imbed the 21st Century. The tool efficiently Technology is an integral part of are free and support the 21st Century pictures into their presentations. It mines websites for key life. This was evident at the learner. can also be used for concept mapping Kahn Academy offers educators thou-standing room only presentation of The top websites were divided into and users can progress from node to sands of math, finance and historythe “American Association of School seven categories. Several winners were node like a frog jumping from lily pad videos. It started with tutoring videosLibraries Top 25 Websites for Teaching interviewed prior to today’s awards to lily pad. being put on Youtube and soon wentand Learning,” on Sunday. The awards ceremony and these interviews were Educators interested in curriculum viral. Now teachers, parents, and stu-ceremony included a panel of current shared during the presentation. One sharing can use websites like Yolink dents can log on to learn concepts inand retired librarians from across the featured website was SpicyNodes, a Education and Kahn Academy. Yolink fun new ways. The Dashboard features allow users to track their progress and mastery. Digital Storytelling winners include PicLit and Zooburst. PicLit archives hundreds of pictures and allows read- ers to add text in a similar fashion to refrigerator poetry. It’s also a great in-Bookmobile troduction to writing poetry. The web-Sunday has site is entertaining while still offeringchildren dancing users a great opportunity to improvefor joy on the their writing skills. Zooburst lets usersExhibits floor. create their own 3D popup books. TheMobile delivery audio recorder even lets authors recordservices are voices for characters.evolving to meet Students love social networking andthe needs of 21st You Are What You Read allows userscentury patrons. to share their favorite books and build relationships with other readers in the community. Perhaps one of the most useful features is that users can type in the title of a favorite book and get results of books with similar storylines or themes. Others include: Dipity, a content collaboration website, offers users free and interactive timelines; Digital Vaults, which presents users with endless United States historical topics and themes; and Edistorm, a virtual version of sticky notes. The AASL will soon have this year’s list uploaded to their website. The web- site also has winners from the previous two years, making it a great resource for learning. For a complete list of the 2011 winners, visit bestlist. The websites allow librar- ians and teachers to support student Choose Your Own creativity and critical-thinking skills. Don’t Forget to Wrap Adventure Up and Rev Up Today! Join the fun as the ALA welcomes Pat DiNizio, the lead songwriter and vocalist for The Smithereens, to the ALA Annual Conference closing event, “Wrap Up Rev Up,” in the Ernest N. Morial • Top-Ranked Master of Library and Information Science Convention Center Auditorium B. Start your day on the exhibit floor at 9:00 a.m. and you’ll find special • Post-MLIS Certificates and Courses sales and giveaways offered by ALA Exhibitors. Special Wrap Up Rev Up prize raffle drop boxes will be located at • PhD in Communication, Information and Library Studies the back of the 500 and 3600 aisles on the exhibit floor (find your raffle form • Bachelor of Information Technology and Informatics in this issue of Cognotes). This year’s prizes include an Amazon Kindle, a Flip Video camera and a 2012 Confer- • Accelerated Non-Credit Training ence Prize Package that includes FREE registration and air fare to the 2012 Annual Conference in Anaheim, CA. DiNizio will perform songs both Courses available at the New Brunswick campus and online. new and familiar in an exclusive and intimate ALA acoustic performance; Department of Library and Information Science at Rutgers iSchool sponsored by Baker & Taylor, eOne • 732-932-7500 • Entertainment and ALA. Cognotes_ALA_Ad v2.indd 1 5/20/11 4:51:08 PM
  7. 7. SEE THE BIG PICTURE, WITHOUT MISSING THE SMALLEST DETAIL. Discovery starts at booth #2032 PRESENTATIONS IN THE BOOTH INCLUDE: • Putting the New Features in Web of KnowledgeSM to Work • Promoting Your Researchers and Assisting Your Faculty Outreach Programs: Attend any presentation in the Thomson Reuters booth to be • Collaborative Bibliographies with EndNote® entered to win an Apple iPad* • Populating an Institutional Repository: with the Web of ScienceSM Stop by our booth for the schedule or visit : • Research Analysis and Your Institution: Using Analysis Tools* Apple is not a sponsor of this promotion.©2011 Thomson Reuters. All rights reserved. Thomson Reuters and the Kinesis logo are trademarks of Thomson Reuters.
  8. 8. Page 8 • Cognotes Monday, June 27, 2011 • NEW ORLEANS Women’s Status in the Library And Writing Communities, Conveyed in One Historic Collection By Frederick J. Augustyn, Jr. Palmer made no mention of the more The Library of Congress than 8,000 volumes housed in the ALA’s Committee on the Status of building at its opening for she main- Women in Librarianship (COSWL) on tained that domesticity was women’s Sunday, sponsored Sarah Wadsworth, highest calling. The idea that women Associate Professor of English at should not work outside the home Marquette University who presented ironically disparaged their efforts and a portion of the information contained made it possible to pay them much in the new book she co-authored with less for the extramural employment Wayne A. Wiegand, Emeritus Professor in which they were engaged. By the at Florida State University. Columbian Exposition women already Wadsworth discussed several topics constituted the majority of those em- from Right Here I See My Own Books: ployed in American libraries, although The Woman’s Building at the World’s originally librarianship had been a Columbian Exposition—the opening largely male-staffed profession. of the fair in May 1893; the nature The collection was a selective display and reasons behind the collection in rather than a working or a comprehen-Siva Vaidhyanathan disscusses Google as he delivers his Auditorium the separate Woman’s Building (de- sive collection. Books were arranged bySpeaker Series presentation. signed by Sophia Hayden); and how state and country; they were not just themes of social, political, class, race by American women and they did not and gender inclusion and exclusion all originate from the United States. factored in. This first exhibit of books Of the over 8,000 titles, approximately curated by women and representing 5,000 were from the U.S., mostly from the work of women’s authors arguably New York, which responded more im- had an affect on American society as pressively to the building of the collec- a whole. The collection and the build- tion than most other states. ing which housed it was a place for The Woman’s Building surprisingly See Sunday’s Cognotes ( women librarians to work, and a “port did not host the World’s Congress of bookshelf) for a description of today’s five films, presented in of call” for organizations, such as the Women at the fair. Some of the pub- Auditorium C: “The London School of Economics Library,” Young Women’s Christian Association lished authors in attendance for the “Not in Our Town: Light in the Darkness,” “Comic Book Lit- (YMCA) and the Daughters of the Congress were represented in the collec- eracy,” “The Getty Research Institute Library” and “Dreams.” American Revolution (DAR.) tion including some African-American Chicago society doyenne Mrs. Potter women. It is not known, however, whether the African-American women visited the book exhibit. Racial tensions of the time manifested themselves when a statue of Harriet Beecher Stowe was installed in the Building. Contemporary women argued about the nature and even the existence of the book display. A large percentage of it consisted of novels. Some women did not favor the focus on temporal rather than more spiritual efforts and achievements. A few questioned whether there should be a separate display of women’s books at all rather than having them included in a con- solidated collection of works by men and women. But the singularity of the collection served to emphasize women’s literary accomplishments. The collection has since been dis- persed, moving first to the Chicago Public Library, then to Northwestern University. Not all the bibliographic records have survived. The extensive annotations on card stock have largely been lost although an approximately 100-page shelf list consisting just of the authors’ last names and short titles of their works exists. Today’s Auditorium Speak- ers include the Science Fiction/ Fantasy Panel featuring Brandon Sanderson and Nnedi Okorafor, 10:30–11:30 a.m.; and Jeff Jar- vis, 11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. See Sunday’s issue of Cognotes (http:// shelf) for more information about these speakers, or visit www.
  9. 9. BOOTH 3350 Enter Our Daily Drawings for Free Books The Life Issues Publisher Health Communications, Inc. ® and Check Out These New Titles Trade Paper, $16.95 • 0-7573-1593-3 Trade Paper, $18.95 • 0-7573-1585-2 Trade Paper, $15.95 • 0-7573-1571-2 Trade Paper, $14.95 • 0-75731595-X If you really want to keep up with The NY Times bestselling author of A witty perspective on addiction with a At almost 70 years of age, the mother of the Kardashians you need this book — The Book of Awakening uses the power lighter-side approach and a solid historical Vince Vaughn and creator of “SheaNetics” from one of the most respected of stories to help readers awaken to life- recap, with celebrity commentary offers a lifestyle program for creating life coaches in the nation. affirming ways of viewing themselves balance from the inside out Trade Paper, $14.95 • 0-7573-1627-1 Trade Paper, $14.95 • 0-7573-1573-9 Trade Paper, $14.95 • 0-7573-1564-X Cloth, $24.95 • 0-7573-1566-6 Based on the award-winning documentary Police Sergeant Alan Crane “Protects TV’s Ghost Whisperer meets Medium in Yankees catcher’s life story – about his life (national release late 2011), and Serves” those far beyond the world Hancock’s true-life account of speaking with from national sports hero to cancer survivor and comedian Mazan of the living in this mysterious story about the dead. Her new TV series, Ghost Town, vehicular manslaughter charge – delivers a raw, riveting, riotous tale. lives inexplicably extinguished. based on this book, premiers this fall. knocks “compelling” out of the park! New YA Fiction from Superstar J. Gabriel Gates Scan these QR codes on your smart phone for more information on J. Gabriel Gates new books ISBN 0-7573-1574-7 ISBN 0-7573-1594-1 ISBN 0-7573-1588-7 480 pp • July 2011 480 pp • Jan 2012 360 pp • Oct. 2011 All titles are 5 ½ x 8 ½, Trade Paperback, $9.95H6401 ALA Cognotes Ads1.indd 4 5/20/11 3:13 PM
  10. 10. Page 10 • Cognotes Monday, June 27, 2011 • NEW ORLEANSFree Content Available to Librarians on Librarians are encouraged to use those on making workplaces greener, of New York, with additional support of all types—across the country andand repurpose the articles on ALA’s online museum exhibits, classic films provided by Disney Book Group. around the globe—use the Campaign’spublic awareness website atyourli- and understanding the personal long- is part of the @ your library® brand. The to highlight the resources term impact of social media activity. Campaign for America’s Libraries, is made possible by ALA’s Libraryavailable every day at libraries. All information on the atyourlibrary. ALA’s public awareness campaign Champions, corporations and founda- Beginning at Annual Conference, org is available under a Creative Com- that promotes the value of libraries tions. For more information, visit is now the home for mons license that allows libraries to and librarians. Thousands of libraries org/@yourlibrary.Connect with your kids @ your library, repurpose content in either an onlineALA’s new campaign that positions the or offline format. All content should belibrary as the place for parents and credited to Roberta Stevens’ Frontline Fundraisingcaregivers to connect with their kids Content on site targets parents,and teens. kids, teens and job seekers. The mis- Town Hall Highlights Donor Relationships Also starting this year atyourlibrary. sion of the website is to increase use Learn to raise private funds us- Taskforce members include:org is also the host site for Campaign of libraries. ing the power of the Internet, as Peter D. Pearson, Task Force Chairfor America’s Libraries public pro- To register for the website’s bi- well how to build lasting relation- President, The Friends of the Saintgrams like Step Up to the Plate @ your monthly newsletter, visit the @ your ships with donors, at the “Frontline Paul Public Library, Donna Bero, Ex-library and the 2011 Carnegie Corpo- library® exhibit space, next to the Fundraising Town” hall program ecutive Director, Friends of the Sanration of New York/New York Times I Press Office on level 1, lobby G-H of the which takes place today from Francisco Public Library, Brett Bon-Love My Librarian Award Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. 1:30–3:30 p.m., in the River Room field, Director, Collingswood Public A key component of the site is its tar- The website was launched with at the Hilton Riverside Hotel. Library, Maria Carpenter, Director ofgeted articles. Recent articles include funding from Carnegie Corporation Using ALA President Roberta Advancement, Marketing, Commu- Stevens’ Frontline Fundraising nications, Northeastern University Toolkit, the program will walk at- Libraries, Susan Gregory, Develop- PLA Offers Readers’ Advisory tendees through the stages of donor ment Specialist, Pioneer Library Webinar with Nancy Pearl on July 19 relationships, and focus on how annual funds, special gifts (such System, Danny Hales, Director, Suwannee River Regional Library, On Tuesday, July 19, at 1:00 p.m. CDT, the Public Library Association as memorials and tributes), major Penny Hummel, Director, Canby (PLA) will host an informative and engaging webinar, “Dive into a Good gifts and planned giving work. Join Public Library, Kenneth M. Kozel, Book: Great Summer Reads to Recommend to Your Patrons,” presented taskforce members Brett Bonfield, IAA Secondary/Senior Teacher Li- by Nancy Pearl. As the author of the Book Lust: Recommended Reading Maria Carpenter, Susan Gregory, brarian, The International Academy, collection, there is no one better suited than Pearl to help you find page- Danny Hales, Andrea Lapsley, Kim Amman, Andrea Lapsley, Director turners for your patrons. She’ll feature a “read-alike” section and will also Olsen-Clark, and Peter Pearson of Development University Librar- provide a downloadable handout of her recommendations. as they share their expertise on ies, Colorado State University, and Combine her irrepressible charm and undeniable knowledge, and you’ll fundraising and their experiences Rodney Lippard, Director, Hackney have an hour-long webinar of fun and great ideas. Register at creating the toolkit. Library-Barton College. Preview the Future of eBooks I N L I B R A R I E S ! NEW Visit OverDrive at Booth 3326 SUPPLYING 13,000 LIBRARIES WORLDWIDE Public • K-12 & College • Corporate © 2011 OverDrive, Inc. AMAZON, Kindle and the AMAZON Kindle logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.
  11. 11. Dissemination Dissertation Publishing Research methods Writing up Research report Thesis Writing My dot is Writing upI’M ALMOST FINISHED with myresearch project! SRMO can helpme learn the difference betweena dissertation and a thesis, andcan help me find information on What’s your dot?publishing my findings.SAGE Research Methods Online — Visit SAGE at booth 1860 to learn more!
  12. 12. Page 12 • Cognotes Monday, June 27, 2011 • NEW ORLEANS Your Library Matters—Make SureIRRT Announces Recipients of the 2011 Elected Officials Know with District DaysALA Presidential Citations for Innovative What are District Days? How Can You Participate?International Library Projects While our elected representatives • Invite members of Congress through International Relations Round cess for Visually Impaired People are working in Washington DC, YALSA their local office. Find out whereTable (IRRT) announced four re- project in Vietnam for forming col- members and their libraries are chang- that is and how to contact them atcipients of the ALA Presidential laborations to expand services to ing lives and enhancing communities for Innovative Interna- the visually impaired to more than back home. Policy makers will not • Keep it simple: invite them to some-tional Library Projects for 2011. 100 libraries and organizations, in- know all the good we do unless we tell thing you’re already doing, such as aThese awards recognize the follow- cluding launching a mobile library our story. District days – the time when summer reading celebration or backing exemplary services: and 11 mini-libraries and training our representatives are back in the to school open house. The RISE Videoconferencing in countries including Laos, Cam- home district – are a great opportunity • Make sure your invitation includesNetwork Alberta, Canada for pro- bodia, Kenya and Kazakhstan. to get to know elected officials and to information that encourages themviding continuing education and Recipients will be recognized by help them understand our important to visit. Let the official know thatinformation services to more than ALA President Roberta Stevens at work so that they in turn will be more there will be a chance to meet with500,000 people living in 89 munici- the 2011 International Librarians likely to support library friendly legis- voters and have his/her photo takenpalities and a geographic area of Reception this evening, 6:00–8:00 lation and library funding. at your library with patrons.35,500 square miles; p.m. at Generation Hall, 310 An- District Days are a great chance to • Give elected officials an incentive to The National Library Board drew Higgins Drive. show off all you do for teens by inviting come by giving them something toof Singapore for its “Quest” Li- The ALA Presidential Cita- elected officials to visit the library any do, such as judge a contest, presentbrary Reading Program involving tion for Innovative International time between August 8 and September an award or speak to the audience.130,000 children in a reading pro- Library Projects began as an 5, or arrange for a meeting to go visit the Invite the press.gram including collectible cards ALA Presidential initiative of Dr. official in his or her local office. • If your elected official can’t come toand an online portal; Loriene Roy, ALA President in your event, then go to him or her. The E-Publication System Plat- 2007-2008. IRRT is a Round Table Why are they Important? • Don’t be discouraged if he or sheform Project at the National Cen- of the American Library Associa- Keeping advocacy efforts at the turns down the invitation. Theytral Library in Taiwan for the tion with a mission to develop the forefront is important in this tough are busy and it isn’t and implementation of an interests of librarians in activities economy. Legislators are more inclined Invite them to your next event,innovative e-publication platform and problems in the field of in- to support funding for a program when and keep them informed aboutthat promotes digital reading ternational library relations. For they have personal knowledge about the library by adding them to yourthrough integrating legal deposit, more information about the Cita- the impact it has on voters. District newsletter mailing list, sendingdigital rights management, full- tions, including the nomination Days offer libraries and library support- them a library card, and keepingtext transferring and circulation and selection process, please visit ers the chance to illustrate the great their staff up to date on libraryfor e-books; the IRRT website at http://www. work libraries do. They can also help accomplishments by sending them The Expanding Information Ac- to strengthen relations with elected articles and photos. officials and/or their staff who may not For More Information: http://wikis. be familiar with the work of libraries. Hurry to Choice Don’t miss our last ALA Booth #1535 presentation! Learn how to optimize CLASS WEB and CATALOGER’S Today is DESKTOP. Receive a FREE TOTE too! the last chance to Attend our last presentation and learn how to flex our win an cataloging muscles. Our expert catalogers will provide tips, Apple show shortcuts and answer your questions. iPad! C L A S S I F I C AT I O N W E B M o n d a y, J u n e 2 7 11 : 3 0 a . m . C ATA L O G E R ’ S D E S K T O P w i t h R D A M o n d a y, J u n e 2 7 1 0 : 3 0 a . m . Everyone will receive a free Choice adhesive note-pad. Grab Sponsored by: your gift while Cataloging Distribution Service supplies last at Toll free 1-855-266-1884 Booth #1535. Outside the U.S. 1-202-707-6100
  13. 13. O U R A U T H O R S AT A L A COME VISIT THE PENGUIN BOOTH #1422 JULIE JAMES Author of A LOT LIKE LOVE 8:00–10:00 am ALTAFF panel: Isn’t It Romantic? Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, room 339 11:15–12:15 pm Penguin Booth #1422 ADRIENNE McDONNELL Author of THE DOCTOR AND THE DIVA 8:00–10:00 am ALTAFF panel: Isn’t It Romantic? Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, room 339 11:15–12:15 pm Penguin Booth #1422 ELLIS AVERY Author of THE LAST NUDE 10:30–2:00 pm GLBT Stonewall Book Awards Brunch, signing to follow**** Louisiana I, The Loews New Orleans, 300 Poydras St. C. J. CHERRYH Author of BETRAYER 10:30–11:30 pm ALA Speaker Series Science Fiction/Fantasy Panel Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, Auditorium B ELEANOR BROWN Author of THE WEIRD SISTERS 12:00–12:30 pm LIVE! @ your library Reading Stage* 12:30–1:30 pm Penguin Booth #1422 2:00–4:00 pm ALTAFF Author Tea*** Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, rooms 293-296 *LIVE! @ your library Reading Stage can be found at #1354 in the exhibit hall; **For tickets for this event visit; ***For tickets for this event visit the Penguin or ALTAFF booths; ****For tickets for this event visit the Penguin booth E N G U I N G RO U P ( U S A )
  14. 14. Page 14 • Cognotes Monday, June 27, 2011 • NEW ORLEANSAASL National Conference Community Season SixKicks Off With Book Discussion Group Of Step Up Attendees of the American Associa-tion of School Librarian’s (AASL) 15th the discussion begins August 10, will cover one chapter each week and take through the centuries by “tools of the mind”—from the alphabet, to maps, to To the PlateNational Conference and Exhibition place on the conference Ning. The the printing press, the clock and the Opens to the Publicwill have a chance to build community book discussion will culminate with computer. Our brains, the historical In celebration of Major Leagueand network before touching down an opportunity for attendees to share and scientific evidence reveals, change Baseball’s Opening Day, thein Minneapolis this October 27-30 their thoughts with Nicholas Carr as in response to our experiences. The American Library Association’sthanks to the AASL 2011 Conference technologies we use to find, store, and Campaign for America’s LibrariesNing located at share information can reroute our and the National Baseball Hall “The AASL Ning is a virtual learn- The AASL11 Ning will be neural pathways. A preview of The of Fame and Museum launcheding commons where everyone can the premier conference Shallows is available via the AASL the sixth season of Step Up to theparticipate in conversations for learn- location to think, conference website, Plate @ your library on March and contribute to the conference The AASL 15th National Confer-experience whether you are attending create, share and grow ence and Exhibition, “Turning the Step Up to the Plate @ your li- with others from the brary teams up two American clas-in person or following the conference Page,” is the only national confer- school library sics—libraries and baseball—tofrom afar,” said Buffy Hamilton, na- ence dedicated solely to the needs promote libraries and librarians astional conference social media chair. profession nationally! of school librarians and their roles essential information resources.“The AASL11 Ning will be the premier as educational leaders. The AASL The program encourages peopleconference location to think, create, National Conference will feature of all ages to use the print and elec-share and grow with others from the he joins the One Book, One Conference preconferences, numerous concurrent tronic resources available at theirschool library profession nationally!” event onsite in Minneapolis on Friday, sessions, more than 200 exhibiting library to answer a series of trivia As part of the countdown to na- October 28, 2011. companies, educational and school questions designed for their agetional conference, AASL will host a In The Shallows, Carr asks the tours, a storytelling festival and spe- group (10 and under; 11-13; 14-17;10-week book discussion group on the question: “As we enjoy the Net’s cial appearances by award-winning and 18 and over). This year, StepOne Book, One Conference read, The bounties, are we sacrificing our abil- authors. Registration is now open at a Up to the Plate connects genera-Shallows: What the Internet is Doing ity to read and think deeply?” Carr discounted “early bird” rate. For more tions by exploring baseball’s moreto Our Brains by Nicholas Carr. Led then describes through-out the book information or to register, visit www. than 150-year history through top-by AASL President-Elect Carl Harvey, how human thought has been shaped ics like famous baseball families and historical baseball franchises.Public Libraries Have Opportunity to Discover the Earth Hundreds of baseball fans have already tested their library skills The American Library Association ties and Resources) Library Education ecosystem changes—as well as a global in the hopes of winning a grand-(ALA) Public Programs Office, in part- Network (STAR_Net), a hands-on view of our changing planet. The pri- prize trip to the Hall of Fame innership with the National Center for learning program for libraries and mary message of the exhibition is that October 2011.Interactive Learning at Space Science their communities. the global environment changes – and To get your library in the gameInstitute, the Lunar and Planetary Discover Earth will tour from Janu- is changed by – the local environment and to gain access to a free onlineInstitute and the National Girls Col- ary 2012 to December 2013, visiting of all exhibition hosts’ communities. toolkit that includes programlaborative Project, announces a new each of the ten selected sites for a Interactive, multimedia displays will logos in both English and Span-traveling exhibition opportunity for period of eight weeks. The exhibition allow exhibit visitors to interact with ish, a downloadable flier andpublic libraries. Following a com- requires approximately 500-750 square digital information in a dynamic way, bookmarks, register at www.aty-petitive application process, ten public feet of space for optimal display. Each encouraging new perspectives on our Prizes arelibraries will be selected to host an site will be awarded a grant of $1,000 planet. available for librarians who sendinteractive exhibition called Discover to support public programs related to For more information about the ALA in players’ completed playbooks.Earth: A Century of Change. Online the exhibition. Each host library will be Public Programs Office, visit www.ala. New this year, Step Up to theapplications must be submitted to ALA asked to join a national Community of org/publicprograms. For more informa- Plate is housed on ALA’s publicby September 2 and can be found at Practice (CoP), accessible at http://com- tion about the National Center for In- awareness website, For more teractive Learning at the Space Science org. All content on the site is Discover Earth is made possible information about Discover Earth, Institute, visit offered under a Creative Com-through the support of the National STAR_Net and the CoP, visit www.ala. For more information about the Lunar mons license, allowing librariansScience Foundation. The exhibition org/discoverearth. and Planetary Institute, visit www.lpi. to repurpose content for libraryand its educational support materials The Discover Earth exhibition For more information about newsletters, websites and blogs.and outreach opportunities are part of will focus on local earth science top- the National Girls Collaborative Proj-the STAR (Science-Technology Activi- ics—such as weather, water cycle, and ect, visit PLA Offers Popular Accidental AASL Online Course Looks Technology Trainer Online Course To Help Satisfy ‘Inquiring Minds’ The Public Library Association participants will know how to help Inquiry and literacy—are they one and the same or complemen- (PLA) is now accepting registra- others learn; will be able to incor- tary processes. In this new four-week e-course presented by the tions for a second session of the porate hands-on activities that American Association of School Librarians (AASL) as part of its very popular “Accidental Public Li- increase learning, participation e-Academy, participants will explore different inquiry models and brary Technology Trainer” course. and retention; will be able to orga- how literacy can be instilled throughout. This self-paced course This four-week blended learning nize, design and share workshop running from July 11 through August 5 will be presented by Liz course begins August 1, 2011 and materials to create a learning com- Deskins and Christina Dorr. These experts will take attendees is designed for library profession- munity; and will know best training through understanding the purpose of and the evaluation inquiry als who have unexpectedly found practices from other libraries and models, choosing the best model that fits students, and the impor- themselves responsible for technol- experienced trainers. tance of reading and critical thinking skills in the inquiry process. ogy training at their library. Pricing for the four-week “Ac- Fees are $99 for AASL members; $149 for ALA members; $225 for Librarian, author and trainer cidental Public Library Technology non-members; $99 for retired AASL members; and $75 for student Stephanie Gerding will guide par- Trainer” course is $129 for PLA AASL members. Two graduate credits through the University of ticipants through an interactive members, $159 for ALA members Colorado, Denver will be available to students for an additional combination of live webinars, in- and $179 for nonmembers. The fee. For more information and to register, visit dependent assignments and online deadline to register for this course eacademy. discussions August 1–August 29. is July 27. Visit for As a result of taking the course, complete details and registration.
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  16. 16. Page 16 • Cognotes Monday, June 27, 2011 • NEW ORLEANSNominate a Title for YALSA’s Newest Booklist, Readers’ Choice YALSA launched its newest booklist Nominations are accepted online Patton, YALSA president. “This list title that receives 25 nominations willthis year: The YALSA Readers’ Choice at in will offer a great amount of diversity, appear on the final Readers’ ChoiceBooklist. Anyone—librarians, educa- the following seven categories: Horror/ with input from readers of all types— ballot, and YALSA members will votetors, parents, teens or teen lit fans—can Thriller; Mystery/Crime; Nonfiction; urban or rural, male or female, older for the top five books in each categorynominate a title for this list in seven Realistic Fiction; Romance; Science or younger—weighing on their favor- beginning in November, with the finalthematic categories through October Fiction/Fantasy; and Steampunk, a ite books. We want to make sure the Readers’ Choice list published the first31 at wild card category for 2011 only, defined books on this list are on everyone’s week of December. YALSA will publish as a literary mashup of science fiction, radar when it comes to advocating for nominees for the final ballot on the first fantasy, and Victorian sensibilities. teen lit in libraries.” business day of each month.Laura Bush Foundation “The new Readers’ Choice list of- To be eligible for the 2011 list, titles For more information about YALSA fers more opportunities for member must fit into one of the seven categories or for lists of recommended reading,Accepting Applications for engagement, and it also allows read- and must have been published between viewing and listening, go to www.Gulf Coast School Library ers and lovers of teen publishing to November 1, 2010 and October 31,, or contact theRecovery Grants have a voice in recognizing popular 2011. Nominations will be accepted YALSA office by phone, 800-545-2433, teen literature each year,” said Kim online through October 31, 2011. Any ext. 4390; or e-mail: The Laura Bush Foundation is nowaccepting applications for its GulfCoast School Library Recovery Initia-tive from schools that were damaged Free Online Advocacy Training with PLA’s Turning the Page 2.0by storms during the 2005 hurricane Become your library’s strongest August 8 and runs through the weekseason or that were created in response advocate when you register for The next available of September 12. Registration forto those storms. Funds are available for Turning the Page 2.0, a free advo- session of Turning the this online course opens June 30.library books and magazine subscrip- cacy training course developed and Page 2.0 begins the week The upcoming August-Septembertions only. Grant funds cannot be ap- presented by the Public Library session will begin with an optional, of August 8 and runsplied to shelving, furniture, equipment, Association (PLA) with generous in-person kick-off on August 3 at the support from The Bill & Melinda through the week Pacific Northwest Library Associa-staffing, software, videos, guides, testsor exams, classroom book sets or other Gates Foundation. of September 12. tion Annual Conference in Spokane,similar items. Turning the Page 2.0 is a six- Washington. Registration for this This final round of grants to be week blended learning program led create an Advocacy Work Plan kick-off event is free; however over-awarded as part of this initiative by professional facilitators. (1-2 hours/week) all conference registration rates ap-targets schools that have not previ- Each six-week session consists of: • Personalized facilitator feedback ply. Visit for details.ously received a grant and new schools • In-person kick-off (Attendance • Participants should expect to spend Participants must register for thethat have been built in the gulf coast is not required but is suggested.) about three hours per week on this in-person event separately from theregion. The application deadline is • Weekly interactive one-hour program. online portion of the program.Friday, September 2, 2011, and the webinars The next available session of Turn- For more information about theapplication can be found at www.lau- • Independent assignments to ing the Page 2.0 begins the week of program, please email Grebow2833_CogNotes-QtrPg.pdf 1 5/17/2011 5:33:17 Booth LC Booth Schedule # 2856 ALA Annual New Orleans June 24 – 27, 2011 Monday, June 27 9:00 Catching Glimpses of the Future of Libraries / a webcast from the Library of Congress a.m. 10:00 Dealing with RDA: Questions & Answers 10:30 Getting the Most Out of RDA with Cat Desktop 11:00 The Library of Congress for Teachers 11:30 Getting the Most Out of Class Web 12:00 Africana Collections at LC: Presidential Ephemera 12:30 Jonathan Franzen / a webcast from the Library of Congress p.m. 2010 National Book Festival 1:00 Modern Marvels: The Library of Congress / featured video from the History Channel