Interviewing Library Shelvers


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Interviewing Library Shelvers

  1. 1. Help for busy supervisors
  2. 2.  How to choose the best applicants What to ask during the interviews The importance of testing How to decide who to hire
  3. 3.  You find out they have poor grasp of the alphabet They quit after two hours because their back is killing them They tell you they can’t work weekends after all and is that ok?
  4. 4.  Minimum age Alphabet and number skills Eye for detail Fit enough Can take instructions willingly Works well with others
  5. 5.  Can you read the writing? Did they fill out the whole form? Can they write a sentence? Does their employment history look ok? Do they have additional skills?
  6. 6. I love librariesI have always wanted to work in a libraryI have daytime classes but can work eveningsI can fit library hours around my other jobI can work while my children are in school I’m a retiree and can work anytime
  7. 7. I have to get a job My Dad says I have to get a jobI need moneyI have bills to pay
  8. 8.  The application formA list of interview questionsA copy of written shelving test An evaluation sheetA note pad and extra pencils
  9. 9.  Applicant’s name and the date Under child labor laws you must be 16 to work past 7:00 p.m. during the school year. Are you 16? If not when will you be? This is an evening and weekend job. Which hours could you work during that time frame? Could you work those hours the whole school year? Would you be willing to work evenings and weekends in the summer?
  10. 10.  Tell me about a time when you showed how reliable you can be How would you rate yourself on attendance and punctuality? Could you work 24 hours within a two week pay period and schedule yourself to have no more that three days between workdays? Shelvers must be able to push heavy carts and to stretch and bend to reach high or low shelves. Do you think you can meet these requirements?
  11. 11.  What would you do if a patron came and grabbed an armful of books that you had just put away and then sat on the floor with them What would you do if a patron complained to you about library services or material? Why did you apply for job with this library? Do you like to read? What are you reading now? Do you use this library? What did you like or dislike about your previous job?
  12. 12.  Pay Hours Let them know that libraries are busy places Ask them if they have any question about the job or the library
  13. 13. To find the bestYou must always test
  14. 14. When the following names are put in alphabeticalorder which one will come second?1. Marshall, Charles2. Marshall, John3. Marshall, Thomas Riley4. Marshall, George Catlett5. Marshall, James Wilson
  15. 15. If you arrange this group of numbers in order(starting with the lowest) which one will come third? 1. 870.5421 2. 870.5521 3. 860.5924 4. 870.5923 5. 870.5663
  16. 16. Name: Paige Booker Date: March 1 2012 Score (1 – 5) Multiplier TotalAccurate 4 x5 20Communication 4 x4 16Reliable 5 x3 15Flexible 5 x2 10Appearance 5 x1 5Grand Total 66
  17. 17.  Did they follow your instructions about the written and practical tests and did they complete both of them? How many errors did they make? Decide how many points to deduct for errors
  18. 18.  Check your notes on the question sheet Did they give you clear and thoughtful answers? Did they maintain eye contact and smile? Did they follow your instructions for the tests? Did they ask any questions about the job?
  19. 19.  Were they on time for the interview? Werethey able to give an example of reliable behavior in the past?
  20. 20.  Checktheir answers to all the questions you asked about job hours Can they come in at the times you want? Can they do it all year round?
  21. 21.  Were they clean and tidy? Any objectionable words on their clothing? Wereany body parts showing that are normally covered in a workplace? Willing to comply with library dress code?
  22. 22.  Test Results Question sheet with your notes Evaluation sheet and score
  23. 23.  Can you work with this person? Are they a good fit for your team? Canyou make an accommodation for someone who may need extra help to succeed? How well does your staff reflect your community?
  24. 24.  Call your first choice and ask them again if they can work the hours you need Mention the specific hours in their appointment letter Write a short letter to all the people you are not hiring and thank them for being interested
  25. 25. Patricia TunstallIndian Trails Public Library355 Schoenbeck RoadWheeling IL