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How to Discuss E-Books with Patrons


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Published in: Education, Business
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How to Discuss E-Books with Patrons

  1. 1. How to discuss eBooks with patrons Part One Improve your technology skills and interview practice
  2. 2. Reality Check
  3. 3. Seriously?
  4. 4. Improve your Skills
  5. 5. Know who your library’s tech genius or point person is for eBooks.
  6. 6. Eavesdrop on your co-workers. It's a good thing!
  7. 7. Be patient! With yourself and with your patrons
  8. 8. Fake it till you make it
  9. 9. Instead of I don't know try Let's see if we can figure this out together No one expects you to be perfect or know everything. Hopefully Most patrons are happy to get the information that helps them get started but...
  10. 10. Know your Library's Resources
  11. 11. Read an eBook you may actually like it! 12% of readers of e-books borrowed an e-book from the library in the past year but a majority of Americans do not know that this service is provided by their local library 58% of all library card holders say they do not know if their library provides e-book lending services 55% of all those who say the library is “very important” to them say they do not know if their library lends e-books. 53% of all tablet computer owners say they do not know if their library lends e-books. 48% of all owners of e-book reading devices such as original Kindles and NOOKs say they do not know if their library lends e-books. 47% of all those who read an e-book in the past year say they do not know if their library lends e-books.
  12. 12. Or... you may still hate eBooks and think you'll never read one again! but you got the eBook and now you know how to use the resource. You Rock!
  13. 13. One on one patron sessions are great practice and confidence building. Volunteer for the next opportunity!
  14. 14. The interview, tutorial, assistance, coaching, instruction, help, tech support, guidance, training, encouragement etc.
  15. 15. OR A CHOICE
  16. 16. Be Approachable
  17. 17. Types of eBook Reference questions Directional - Where are your eBooks? Ready-reference - Do you have eBooks? Specific Search - Do you have The Inferno by Dave Brown
  18. 18. Seize the Teachable Moment
  19. 19. Look for clues about the patrons technical skills and knowledge
  20. 20. Create a road map in your mind make a flowchart for all your resources and discuss them with your coworkers
  21. 21. Always Show Interest
  22. 22. Listen Listen and Listen some more Be a sponge. Listen carefully to the patron's questions.
  23. 23. Interviewing is mostly listening
  24. 24. Talk your patron through every step in the process Keep them informed of the progress
  25. 25. Review the whole process and then let them drive