First questions to ask your Overdrive patron

Do you want to LISTEN to an Audiobook? Or do you want to READ an ebook (t...
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First Questions to ask Your Overdrive Patron


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First Questions to ask Your Overdrive Patron

  1. 1. First questions to ask your Overdrive patron ?- Do you want to LISTEN to an Audiobook? Or do you want to READ an ebook (text)? - Once you know what the patron intends to do, it directs your path through the next questions. ?- Have you ever successfully downloaded an audiobook / ebook from our website before? If NO: Have they used the “Help” link to get to “Overdrive Help” and look at the Getting Started With … to find out how to setup their specific PC and other device? Suggest that they watch the videos about their device on the Video link – left side of page. If YES: ask what is different this time? Book format, error message, different device, works with another title? ?- What device are you planning to use to listen/read this, once you get it downloaded? - If they have a title checked out already, make sure the file format is compatible with that device and is the type the patron intended when answering the first question about listening vs. reading. o If they are using or transferring thru a Mac, and want audiobooks, only MP3 works. No WMA. o If using an i-Pod, only some titles in WMA are compatible. Check the title details. o If they are using a mobile device with Overdrive Media Console app on it and downloading directly to the device, only MP3 audios and only EPUB ebooks work. (There is no download button for the title when they view their My eBookshelf from the mobile device if the format won’t work on that device.) - If an ebook, and the device is Overdrive Read compatible, suggest they use the Overdrive Read format. EASIER!! - I-Phone, i-Pad and i-Touch are mobile devices, but an i-Pod is an audio-only player. (Except that an i-Touch is also called an i-Pod Touch, just to really confuse all of us.) Pay close attention to which i-device it is. o If it’s a Kindle (any model), the patron does not need to install any software, have them watch the video about Borrowing a Kindle format ebook on the Overdrive Help page. - If it’s a Kindle Fire tablet: o the patron still follows the Kindle instructions for Kindle format ebooks. o IF they want EPUB ebooks on the Fire, show the patron the Overdrive Help page article called “Getting started with Kindle Fire devices” - If the patron is using a Kindle format AND the publisher of the book is Penguin, they can only download to the Kindle hardware device via USB cable after it’s on their Amazon account. (But this might not be needed soon.) o If they have Kindle reading software and not a Kindle hardware device, they will NOT be able to transfer the book via USB. Suggest they check out EPUB instead of Kindle format for Penguin published ebooks. NEW for 2013: If Windows 8, WMA and WMV formats work only on desktop in “OMC for Windows”; MP3 can work in either Desktop or RT, default is determined by setup, see Help article “How to use both Windows 8” ?- Do you have an icon on your device that says “Overdrive Media Console” or “Adobe Digital Editions”? (For Kindle format, they do not need this software. It is optional for Kindle Fire tablets, to use EPUB and MP3 formats.) - the software has to be on the target device before using [download] button. Kindles do not need any additional software, no Adobe Digital Editions. They use the Amazon website. Show patron the Overdrive Help webpage and Getting Started With… their device. ?- Has the checkout period already expired for the title? - The patron will need to check out the title again, or get on the holds list again. In most circumstances, we do not reorder the holds list. During the last 3 days of checkout, the title can be renewed if no holds waiting. ?- Were they trying to use the Downloadable system between midnight and 1am our time? - There is a short period each night when Overdrive is not accessible due to our catalog being unavailable to verify their library card, seems to usually be around midnight but could vary. ?- Is the date and time correct on the target device? - If the device does not have the current date and time and the correct time zone as Pacific, an error message comes up. The solution is to reset the date/time/time zone on device, usually in the Settings area. (Many devices lose the correct date/time when their power has been depleted. Brand new devices need it to be set.) Updated Dec 5, 2013 Timberland Regional Library Central Reference Tumwater, WA filename:FirstQuestionsToAskYourOverdrivePatron.doc