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Choosing an E-Book Platform that Works for Your K12 Library


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Choosing an E-Book Platform that Works for Your K12 Library

  1. 1. Choosing an eBookPlatform(s) thatWorks for Your K12LibraryAn ALA TechSource WorkshopPresented by Buffy J. HamiltonAugust 2012 Image via Microsoft Clip Gallery
  2. 2. Image via Microsoft Clip Gallery
  3. 3. CC image via
  4. 4. In today’s workshop, wewill…. Image via Microsoft Clip Gallery
  5. 5. Today’s Learning Targets  Examine challenges influencing eBook markets and decision making  Identify questions to ask when considering an eBook platform  Explore the key features of major eBook platforms  Identify accessibility features of major eBook platforms  Identify resources for free eBooks
  6. 6. What won’t happen today• Recommendations for any one specific eBook platform• Give you the illusion that one platform will magically solve your eBook needs• Imply that this information is static—the eBook market and platforms for accessing them are evolving quickly!
  7. 7. eBook as a fundamentallyaccess to eContent different literacy/reading experience
  8. 8. What is most Group Poll frustrating for youwhen trying to choose an eBook platform?
  9. 9. CC image via
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  11. 11. 10 factors impactingeBook selection/landscapeCC image via
  12. 12. 1rapidly shiftingeReader and eBooklandscape
  13. 13. 2 funding challenges
  14. 14. 3 restrictive purchasing policies
  15. 15. 4 fear factors Image used under a CC license from
  16. 16. 5 quantifiable data
  17. 17. tension of competing interests/concernsbetween librarians and patrons in terms ofeBook content and solutions 6CC image via
  18. 18. 7accessibility/legal issuesCC image via
  19. 19. 8easy management of content is neededOriginal photograph by Buffy Hamilton
  20. 20. 9not all publishers are in the eBook gameCC image via
  21. 21. leasing vs. owning content 10CC image via
  22. 22. BonusChallenge:Issues withthe BigSixPublishers
  23. 23. wanted: turnkey solutions…
  24. 24. “there is no one size fits all model”CC image via
  25. 25. “eBook models make uschoose. And I don’t meanchoosing which catalog, orinterface, or set of contractterms we want — though we domake those choices, and theymatter. I mean that we choosewhich values to advance, andwhich to sacrifice. We’re makingthose values choices every timewe sign a contract, whether wetalk about it or not.”~Andromeda Yelton~Source:
  26. 26. Library Values Privacy Sharing Preservation AccessSource:
  27. 27. Learn more at and
  28. 28. Questions to Ask WhenEvaluating eBook OptionsImage via Microsoft Clip Gallery
  29. 29. What factors are most Group Poll important in your decision makingprocess for choosing an eBook platform?
  30. 30. eBook Contract ChecklistImage via Microsoft Clip Gallery
  31. 31. eBook Contract Checklist What are the details of the licensing agreement? Are there administrative or subscription fees that dont apply to eBook acquisition? What happens to "purchased" eBooks if the subscription is not renewed?Source:, Follett Software
  32. 32. eBook Contract Checklist Are there platform restrictions? Is the content device- specific? Is there an app to download and read eBooks offline?Source:, Follett Software
  33. 33. eBook Contract Checklist Does the program require individual user information for access? How much K-12 content is available? Can the content be used on classroom projection devices such as interactive whiteboards?Source:, Follett Software
  34. 34. eBook Contract Checklist What interactive features are available – dictionary, note taking, highlighting, keyword search? What usage reports are available? Can content be used/accessed on both school-owned and personal devices?Source:, Follett Software
  35. 35. Buffy’s Addendum: eBook Can the eBooks be checked out through the library OPAC? Contract Checklist What accessibility features are available? Are support materials (tutorial videos, brochures, written instructions) available for free? Are you buying primarily for fiction, nonfiction, or both? What is your purpose?Source: Buffy Hamilton
  36. 36. Questions to AskSource:
  37. 37. Technical Requirements Plug-ins or Browser additional compatibility software requirements Device ePub compatibility Ability to track dataSource: Kroski, Ellyssa. "How To Compare E-Book Platforms – Part I." Web log post. iLibrarian. Online Education Database, 19 June 2012. Web. 9 July 2012. . . . .
  38. 38. Scope of content offered Content Number of titles Menu of publishers MARC records Embargo periodsSource: Kroski, Ellyssa. "How To Compare E-Book Platforms – Part I." Web log post. iLibrarian. Online Education Database, 19 June 2012. Web. 9 July 2012. . . . .
  39. 39. FunctionalityCopy/paste features Printing capabilities Full text search capabilities Downloadable for offline reading Annotation capabilities Source: Kroski, Ellyssa. "How To Compare E-Book Platforms – Part II." Web log post. iLibrarian. Online Education Database, 26 June 2012. Web. 9 July 2012. . . . .
  40. 40. Sales/Pricing Models Platform/access fees?Single/Multiple/Unlimited Use? Title cost relative to print? Source: Kroski, Ellyssa. "How To Compare E-Book Platforms – Part II." Web log post. iLibrarian. Online Education Database, 26 June 2012. Web. 9 July 2012. . . . .
  41. 41. Sales/Pricing Models Individual Do you own or purchases or lease the content? package subscriptions? Free viewing Patron driven period before acquisitions? checkout? Pricing discountsSource: Kroski, Ellyssa. "How To Compare E-Book Platforms – Part III." Web log post. iLibrarian. Online Education Database, 3 July 2012. Web. 9 July 2012. . . .
  42. 42. Expand/enhance traditional reading Evaluating eBooksexperience? Linear reading experience? Multiple literacies? Longevity? Quality of design? Source: Parrott, Kiera. "5 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Apps and Ebooks." Web log post. ALSC Blog. Association for Library Service to Children, 18 July 2011. Web. 9 July 2012. .
  43. 43. What eBook platforms Group Poll are you currently using?
  44. 44. A sampler of eBook platformsCC image via
  45. 45. eBook Platforms, Aggregators, andVendors• Mackin VIA• Follett FollettShelf• Baker and Taylor Axis 360• Overdrive• Gale Virtual Reference Library• Kindle and Nook• Direct Source• Players to WatchImage from Microsoft Clip Gallery
  46. 46. Mackin VIA MackinSource:
  47. 47. MackinSource:
  48. 48. Web-based eBook portal Mackin You own the eBooks/content No annual access fee Additional databases can be migrated into VIASource:
  49. 49. Features Category Customizable VIA Groups Mackin searching search filters Free Marc Some eBooks records with a 30,000 + titles are enhanced link in 856 tag Can be used with interactive boardsSource:
  50. 50. Transparent Licensing and Access MackinSource:
  51. 51. Publishers K-8 ABC CLIO ABDO Bearport Mackin *Capstone Britannica Bellweather Interactive eBooks Library Cherry Lake Chelsea House Crabtree Publishing Gareth Gale Cengage Stevens Learning PublishingSource:* indicates an annual subscription fee
  52. 52. Publishers K-8 Lerner Digital *Norwood *Orca Digital Mackin House Press Rourke Reference Rosen Interactive Point Press Publishing eBooks *Sesame *Sylvan Dell *Tumblebook StreetSource:* indicates an annual subscription fee
  53. 53. Publishers 9-12 Britannica ABC CLIO ABDO eBooks Mackin Infobase (Facts Gale Cengage on File, Chelsea Lerner Digital Learning House, Ferguson) Reference Point *Orca Digital Rosen Publishing Press SAGE Reference *Tumblebook OnlineSource:* indicates an annual subscription fee
  54. 54. MackinSource:
  55. 55. MackinSource:
  56. 56. MackinSource:
  57. 57. MackinSource:
  58. 58. Current Drawbacks Mackin Mobile apps not yet available Can’t download or “check out” books yet Notetaking/annotation features not yet availableSource:
  59. 59. Coming Soon: Fall 2012 Mackin Mobile apps Ability to Ability to for iPad and check out download Android books books devicesSource:
  60. 60. Coming Soon: Fall 2012 Notetaking/bookmarking/highlighting/citation features Mackin Will be going from 40,000 eBooks and database titles to 100,000 by the end of Fall 2012 Ability to download books Circulation data reportsSource:
  61. 61. MackinSource
  62. 62. FollettSource:
  63. 63. Can be checked out to read “in the cloud” or downloaded for reading Follett Can be read in a web browser or on a mobile device Read aloud options dependent on publisher—you can see if this option is available in TitlewaveSource: via Microsoft Clip Gallery
  64. 64. All books have searchable text Follett Every book has a dictionary Notetaking feature is available for all books and is private to patrons in the cloud ; notes are printableSource:
  65. 65. Bookmarking can be done manually by students Follett Books can be Features returned early Students can highlight textSource: via Microsoft Clip Gallery
  66. 66. Follett145,000 eBooks 30,000 of those 145,000 are unlimited access versions
  67. 67. eBooks can be shown You own the book; no on SmartBoards for access fee instuctional use Follett Books are currently eContent usage stats ePub format but they are available for you are moving to HMTL 5 Some eBooks are single checkout; others allow multple checkouts of a single copy (will be noted in Titlewave)Source:
  68. 68. FollettSource:
  69. 69. FollettSource:
  70. 70. Follett
  71. 71. Follett
  72. 72. FollettSource:
  73. 73. FollettSource:
  74. 74. FollettSource
  75. 75. Follett
  76. 76. Windows, Mac, Linux iPads with 3.0 OperatingComputer Workstations Systems or higherand Laptops/Netbooks Follett Compatible Devices Kindle Fire and ColorNookAndroid Tablets with 3.0 (via device web browser Operating Systems or however not the best higher experience for user due to device limitations)
  77. 77. Mac OS® Safari 3.0 or higher Firefox 2.0 or Follett Windows® higherInternet Explorer Linux Firefox 2.0 6.x or higher or higher Firefox 2.0 or higher Compatible Browsers
  78. 78. Forthcoming Updates Late September 2012New support for reading on smalldevices (smartphones and smallertablet devices) Follett Reflowable Text New support for reading on small devices (smartphones and smaller tablet devices) Patrons will be able to access notes even after eBooks are returned, take notes across books, and support project- based learning
  79. 79. Forthcoming Updates Late September 2012Offline/download improvements thatmake it easier for students and staff touse your content anywhere at any time Follett Resource links will be available from each eBook to allow the student to easily discover other related digital content Since Adobe has discontinued support for Adobe Flash Player 9 due to high security risks, we’re upgrading our existing Follett eBook reader to use Adobe Flash Player v11.1.
  80. 80. Forthcoming Updates Late September 2012 Google Mozilla Chrome Follett Firefox v5 v14 and and higher higher Microsoft Apple Internet Safari v5 Explorer v9 and higher and higher
  81. 81. eBooks Follett LernerInteractive eBooks Follett eBooks
  82. 82. Interactive eBook Subscriptions Follett Capstone Rourke TumbleBookInteractive Interactive Library Library eBooksSource:
  83. 83. Databases A.D.A.M. Inside ABC-CLIO ABDO Out Follett A.D.A.M. Rosen’s Interactive PebbleGo PowerKids Life Anatomy Science Rosen’s Rosen’s Teen PowerKids Earth Health and and Space Science WellnessSource:
  84. 84. Other Follett Tidbits•Other vendor eBooks cannot be viewed in theFollettShelf or in Follett format. Follett• When purchased, Follett eBooks automaticallypopulate the FollettShelf; there is no need to loadthe eBook into FollettShelf.• Databases offered and purchased thru Follett areaccessed thru FollettShelf.• Other vendor eBook MARC records can be loadedand accessed in Destiny.Source:
  85. 85. Baker and Taylor Axis 360Source:
  86. 86. Baker and Taylor Axis 360 Subscription based eBook platform eBooks are leased, not owned More affordable pricepoint for libraries with smaller budgets Some libraries use as sole platform; others use as a companion to other eBook platforms Blio app is well liked by usersSource:
  87. 87. Selling Points of Axis 360 Baker and Taylor Axis 360 integration of its collection the ability to build development services so standalone digital collections that physical and digital without consortial formats can be selected in a involvement at an affordable single workflow; pricepoint and new communication the Blio ereader app protocols with integrated library system (ILS) providersSource: The Digital Shift,
  88. 88. Baker and Taylor Axis 360Source:
  89. 89. Baker and Taylor Axis 360 “Magic Wall” Baker and Taylor Axis 360Source:
  90. 90. Baker and Taylor Axis 360 “Magic Wall” Baker and Taylor Axis 360Source:
  91. 91. Baker and Taylor Axis 360 “Magic Wall” Baker and Taylor Axis 360Source:
  92. 92. Baker and Taylor Axis 360 Baker and Taylor Axis 360Source:
  93. 93. Baker and Taylor Axis 360Fast and simple check out and downloadingfor reading on multiple devices via cloud-based delivery. Blio integration, a FREE ereading app that provides an engaging, interactive eBook experience on Windows, iOS and Android computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. A dynamic library collection showcase via the Magic Wall, as well as “browse by subject” options. Source
  94. 94. Baker and Taylor Axis 360 Full-text reviews from Library Journal and School Library Journal as well as patron-contributed reviews and eBook ratingsSource:
  95. 95. Baker and Taylor Axis 360Related reading recommendations andwish list storage for future reading. Option to purchase digital content, books, movies and music through the library’s website, supporting local community. Purchased, free downloaded and library-loan digital content all on a single Blio bookshelf Source
  96. 96. Blio App Baker and Taylor Axis 360Source:
  97. 97. Baker and Taylor Axis 360Source: Blio App Screenshot from my iPad
  98. 98. Baker and Taylor Axis 360Source: Blio App Screenshot from my iPad
  99. 99. Blio App Baker and Taylor Axis 360 Full-color, full-layout digital versions of print books Multiple page-viewing options, including ReadLogic for small screen devices Tools that include highlighters, note taking and integrated Web searchSource:
  100. 100. Blio App Baker and Taylor Axis 360 Text-to-speech with voices that sync visually to the text Enhanced content, including book plus studio narration — creating an ebook and audiobook in one A single bookshelf for owned and borrowed digital materialSource:
  101. 101. OverdriveSource:
  102. 102. 700,000 + eBook, audiobook, music, Overdrive and video titles Single website for browsing, checking out, and downloading Supports Windows PC and MacSource: /
  103. 103. Supports iPod, iPhone, iPad Overdrive Supports Kindle, Sony Reader, NOOK Supports Android, BlackBerry, Windows PhoneSource
  104. 104. MARC records/ILS integration or Overdrive other authentication options Collection development tools Librarian establishes lending periodSource:
  105. 105. Award Nonfiction Winners Overdrive Picture Early Books Readers Middle Young Readers AdultSource:
  106. 106. Sampler of Publishers DK Overdrive Marvel Wiley Disney Digital Britannica Books ScholasticSource:
  107. 107. Overdrive Builds Your Digital Branch Overdrive They create Librarian Training for the custom selects the Staff and website collection PromotionSource:
  108. 108. How Students Use the Virtual Branch Overdrive Browse + Listen/read Download Checkout offlineSource:
  109. 109. OverdriveSource:
  110. 110. OverdriveSource:
  111. 111. OverdriveSource:
  112. 112. Collection Development via Content Reserve OverdriveSource
  113. 113. Collection Development via Content Reserve OverdriveSource
  114. 114. Challenges Expensive base price point Overdrive Books are leased, not purchased Adobe Digital Editions account required Difficult/laborious to download on some devicesSource
  115. 115. Coming Soon: OverDrive’s Next Generation Platform Overdrive This platform is on schedule for rollout First, a new user It is expected (feature by feature) interface for schools OverDrive Read over the next few will be available to (browser-based months. These new partners later reading) will beenhancements are at this month (August) available very soon no cost to the school.
  116. 116. Coming Soon: OverDrive’s Next Generation Platform Overdrive
  117. 117. Gale Virtual Reference LibrarySource:
  118. 118. Gale Virtual Reference Library
  119. 119. Gale Virtual Reference Library
  120. 120. Gale Virtual Reference Library
  121. 121. Gale Virtual Reference LibraryOver 9000 full text titlesavailable; 80+ publishing partners Nonfiction and reference titles 24/7 unlimited access Mobile apps available for IOS and AndroidSource
  122. 122. Gale Virtual Reference Library Articles can be downloaded on eReader ReadSpeaker technology text to speech in 19 languages Cross-searchable with other Gale content using Gale Power Search Search all eBooks or within a volume/titleSource
  123. 123. Gale Virtual Reference Library Can be viewed as text or PDF Bibliographic data can be exported to third party citation tools Diverse range of offerings for all ages and subject areas Dictionary availableSource
  124. 124. Gale Virtual Reference LibrarySearch widgets available; you canalso bookmark titles or articles MARC records available and can be integrated into OPAC Subcollections can be created Support/tutorial videos availableSource
  125. 125. Amazon KindleImage used with permission from Diane Cordell
  126. 126. Amazon Kindle “cool factor” Different messages about Easy to use eBooks for libraries---1:1 or 1:6? Popular format eBooks not readable on Large selection of titles other devices Now compatible with Cannot be circulated Overdrive through OPAC Lack of viable content management systemResources:
  127. 127. B&N NookOriginal photograph by Buffy Hamilton
  128. 128. 1:6 if purchased with credit card; 1:1 if purchased through B&N Digital Managed Locker B&N Nook Compatible w/ different eBook platforms Central content management system not available Interactive eBooks availableResource:
  129. 129. TumbleBook LibraryResource:
  130. 130. TumbleBook Library Online library of talking picture Puzzles and books; chapter games related to English, French, books and stories; videos and Spanish graphic novels also available also availableResource: and
  131. 131. TumbleBook Library AR and Lesson Lexile Playlists can plans information be created available availableResource: and
  132. 132. TumbleBook Library TumbleBook Library collection is accessed online from every computer in your school or Only special software needed is library with Internet Flash connection, or from home through a direct link on your school or library website. Your subscription gives you unlimited access from as many Subscription is 12 months computers as you have connected to the internet.Resource
  133. 133. TumbleBook LibraryResource: and
  134. 134. TumbleBook LibraryResource:
  135. 135. CapstoneResource:
  136. 136. Interactive browser based digital books Independent reading or Features group activity Capstone No hosting fees 450 + titles for purchase at $24.99 each @ 25 minimum title purchase No user restrictionsResource:
  137. 137. CapstoneResource:
  138. 138. CapstoneResource:
  139. 139. PebbleGoResource:
  140. 140. Databases include animals, earth and space, biographies, and social studies PebbleGo Targets preK-grade 3 learners Affordable pricepointsResource:
  141. 141. PebbleGoResource
  142. 142. RosenResource:
  143. 143. Accessed via platform Rosen With “subaccounts”, Web hosted eBooks patrons can bookmark, and interactive eBooks take notes, and save searchesResource:
  144. 144. RosenResource:
  145. 145. Players to WatchCC image via
  146. 146. eBooks on EBSCOhostSources: and
  147. 147. 3M Cloud LibrarySources: and
  148. 148. 3M Cloud LibrarySources: and
  149. 149. 3M Cloud LibrarySources
  150. 150. Ingram My iLibrarySource:
  151. 151. BrainhiveSources: and
  152. 152. Scholastic StoriaSources: and
  153. 153. Free eBook ResourcesCC image via
  154. 154. Project GutenbergResource:
  155. 155. Project Gutenberg 40,000 FREE eBooks; 100,000 free eBooks available through their partners, affiliates, and associates MARC records available Devices: 33,000 titles for use with ipad, Kindle, Sony Reader, iPhone, Nook and othersResource:
  156. 156. Google BooksResource:
  157. 157. Google BooksResource:
  158. 158. Google BooksResource:
  159. 159. Internet ArchiveResource:
  160. 160. Internet Archive Approaching 3 million titles eBook and text archive “…a wide range of fiction, popular books, childrens books, historical texts and academic books.”Resource:
  161. 161. Internet Archive Devices: Depends on the collection it comes from in the archive, but many of the texts do have an e-format optionResource:
  162. 162. International Children’s Digital LibraryResource:
  163. 163. goal is to build a collection of books International Children’s Digitalthat represents outstandinghistorical and contemporary booksfrom throughout the world. Library 4643 books in 61 languages Read online in a web browserResource:
  164. 164. International Children’s Digital LibraryResource:
  165. 165. Ryan Thomas and Mesa Heise, Mackin David Starnes, Follett Sonja Morgan and Lisa Neal Shaw, Maine Library Association Carolyn Foote, Eanes ISD, Austin, Texas Shannon Miller, Van Meter School, Van Meter, Iowa Kevin A. Santa, Gale Cengage Russell Palmer, Lyrasis David Burleigh, Overdrive Cynthia Orr, Cynthia Orr ConsultingSpecialThanksCC image via
  166. 166. Q&A Q&ACC image via
  167. 167. CC image via
  168. 168. contact information Twitter: @buffyjhamilton eBooks and eReaders on