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A More Effective Social Media Presence: Strategic Planning and Project Management


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Published in: Education, Business
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A More Effective Social Media Presence: Strategic Planning and Project Management

  1. 1. A More Effective Social Media Presence Part 1: The Plan
  2. 2. What is Social Media?
  3. 3. Why this stuff matters
  4. 4. Humans are Social Creatures
  5. 5. Libraries are social networks for ideas
  6. 6. We are all part of the social web (online or offline!)
  7. 7. Who are you people? • Honors, Nursing, and Virtual Services Librarian @ Georgia State University • Author, Strategic Planning for Social Media in Libraries • Social Media Editor, College & Research Libraries
  8. 8. Who are you people? • Web Services Librarian @ Georgia State University • Author, A Social Networking Primer for Librarians • Inconsistent blogger,
  9. 9. Shameless Plug!
  10. 10. Today you will learn how to… • Make use of strategic planning and project management methods to set up (or fix up) your library’s social media presence • Define success for your social media presence and demonstrate that it’s having the effect you desire • Identify the best practices employed by other libraries in their social media management
  11. 11. Next time you will learn how to… • Craft a Facebook page and Twitter account that will represent your library online; • Save time and energy by updating multiple services at the same time; • Reach new library users by building social web connections with existing users; • Build community by advertising events and programs through the social web.
  13. 13. Strategic Planning Project Management Implementing Scheduling Interpretation Setting Direction Assessment Communication
  14. 14.
  15. 15. The Strategic Planning Part
  16. 16. Let’s Interact! Does your library have a plan or strategy for social media? a. Yes, we have a formal plan. b. Yes, we have an informal plan. c. One person manages all our social media, so we don’t need a plan. d. Nope, we don’t have a plan.
  17. 17. Pre-Assessment
  18. 18. Consider Target Population(s)
  19. 19. Assessment Tools
  20. 20. What Should I Ask? • “Which social media platforms do you use most often?” • “Which do you use for school/ research/ choosing what to read/etc?” • “Which would you consider using for school/ research/ choosing what to read/etc?” • “Would you connect with the library on any of your social media platforms? Which?” (Don’t be shy about naming some for them.) • “How often would you like to hear from the library on Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest/etc.?”
  21. 21. What Should I Ask? • “What would motivate you to connect with the library via social media? Games? Contests? Trivia? Current information? Community? All of the above? Other ideas?” • You can also gauge their interest in hearing about particular services or collections that might be relevant or interesting to them.
  22. 22. Want + Need
  23. 23. Question Drafting 10 Commandments for Writing Outstanding Survey Questions from Qualtrix: questions/ Introduction to Writing Questions from Penn State stions/why
  24. 24. Data Interpretation
  25. 25. Take a Retreat
  26. 26. Watch out for Biases • Confirmation bias • Illusory correlation • Sunk cost bias • Recency effect • Curse of knowledge • Information bias • Negativity bias gnitive_biases
  27. 27. The Magic Button
  28. 28. Compose the Plan
  29. 29. StratPlan2011.pdf
  30. 30. Choose Your Platforms… Remember the Audience
  31. 31. Keep Your Abilities in Mind
  32. 32. Consider Content • Create a posting plan (# of posts per week, days of week, time of day) • Consider content threads that meet your goals • Assign responsibility
  33. 33. Set Your Goals GOAL: Inform incoming freshmen of core library services. • Step 1: Get them to friend us on Facebook and/or Twitter – Create marketing materials for website, LibGuides (Sarah Steiner with marketing coordinator, due 8/31/2013) – Target incoming students at orientation with marketing message (Sarah Steiner, due 9/1/2013) – Market to freshman leaders (Student Gov Assn, Honors Ambassadors, etc.) (Cliff Landis, due 9/1/2013) • Step 2: Generate content – Post about a service once weekly (use chart on intranet) (Sarah Steiner, begin 8/1/2013) – Manage one social media game/contest in first half of term, one in second half. (Cliff Landis) – Post one “freshman pick” each Tuesday afternoon (use chart on intranet) (Sarah Steiner, begin 8/1/2013)
  34. 34.
  35. 35. Am I Learning?
  36. 36. The Project Management Part
  37. 37. Communicate Your Plan
  38. 38. LET’S INTERACT! • How many of you have a “naysayer” at your library? • Yes • No • I fail to see how this poll question will have any relevance to the future of librarianship, since this question is probably just a fad, and especially considering how much I’m already being asked to do every day, how can I ever be expected to answer this question too?!?!
  39. 39. Communication Communication
  40. 40. Implementation
  41. 41. Processes 1. Awesome idea! 2. Review and approval of idea 3. Stakeholders meetings 4. Write Requirements Document 5. Development & Beta Testing 6. Production (& Celebration!) 7. Maintenance Cycle
  42. 42. The Requirements Document •Document Modification History •Project Description •Requirements •Functional Requirements •Technical Requirements •Policy Requirements •Accessibility Requirements •Constraints •Communication Plan •Documentation
  43. 43. LET’S INTERACT! • In a few sentences, tell us how your library processes and tracks requests for new social media tools/features.
  44. 44. Scheduling: Development & Production
  45. 45. Scheduling: Maintenance
  46. 46. And back to Assessment…
  47. 47. Cliff Landis, Georgia State University Sarah Steiner, Georgia State University