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More Creative Uses for your READ Design Studio Files


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Get more bang for your buck when you see the many easy ways to use READ Design Studio.

Design and print bookmarks
Create t-shirt transfers, temporary tattoos, and stickers
Make your own notecards
And more!

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More Creative Uses for your READ Design Studio Files

  1. 1. READ Design Studio: More Creative Uses for your Files A 30-minute Webinar READ May 14, 2012 Studio: DesignUsing More Creative Ideas May 14, 2012Presenter: Jen Lowman Day Moderator: Diane Buck Presenter: Jen Day Moderator: Diane Buck
  2. 2. Questions for us? Check out the READ Design Studio Info Page for previouswebinars, tutorials, FAQ, and more information about theREAD Design Studio products. Have a question that isn’t answered there, contact for assistance any time.
  3. 3. What you have:Photo editing softwareREAD Design Studio discs • READ Backgrounds (.jpg) • Layered Backgrounds (.psd) • Type files or treatments (.eps, .jpg, .png)File extensions:•.psd files are layered, & must be used withPhotoshop®, Photoshop Elements®, InDesignas part of Creative Suite, or GIMP•.jpg files can be used with Publisher, Word•.png or .eps files contain transparentbackgrounds, and are easiest to use usingthemed type files for note cards, stickers,temporary tattoos, or iron-on transfers
  4. 4. USING BOOKMARK FILESWhen is a bookmark not just a bookmark?• It’s a business card• It’s a reader’s advisory• It’s a promotional tool• It advertises upcoming events Thanks to Idaho Commission for Libraries, Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library, & Mascoutah Community High School for the bookmark samples.
  5. 5. • Insert your silhouetted reader into the file.• Adjust layers by clicking the eye on or off and using the Move tool to adjust size and placement.• To rotate a layer in 15 increments, hold Shift while using the corner rotation arrows.• To duplicate a layer, select it in the Layer Box, hold ALT, and then left-mouse click and drag.• To print multiple bookmarks per page, open a new document sized to your print paper. Open.jpg version of bookmark, and use above method to duplicate and arrange as many bookmarks as possible on page.• Choose File > Print. Click Page Setup to ensure paper size matches your document and Print.• Or, search the Microsoft Office bookmark templates to find one that suits you• Online commercial printing resources include: and
  6. 6. Banners, Buttons, Stickers,Tattoos• In Photoshop, create a document the size of the object you wish to print• Insert READ disc of your choice and File > Open to select .png, .psd, or .eps READ type treatment.• After customizing to your needs, save as .jpg or .pdf• Use Mail Merge >Labels function to print your own labels according to the product’s template• Work with a local print shop to print large quantities or banners Ann Cocca, Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library.
  7. 7. HAVE FUN WITH DISPLAY• Use READ® backgrounds to create section titles or special display signs for new and themed collections• File > Open the poster background of your choice• Create a text box & match the font• Grab color using eyedropper and paint bucket • Add your own logo • Save as .jpg or .pdf • Print on card stock or laminate
  8. 8. • Using Add to your environment Use the poster backgrounds to enhance the READ® message in your school or library with the help of a craft supplier, including: • Window clings • Dry erase boards for story times & events • Mouse pads • Widget for your webpage
  9. 9. Share a strong message• Mugs for prizes or gifts• T-shirt and tote bag transfers• Aprons for staff• Trading cards for kids• Holiday and thank you cards• Window clingsYou’ve got lots of great ideas. What’s the best way toget them made?• Use professional printing for outreach promotion in bulk• Acquire your own supplies from Texas Craft or other• Consider digital photo companies such as Shutterfly forphoto cards, mousepads, and mugs
  10. 10. READ Design Studio Info Page with links to video tutorials, creative ideas, and archived webinars. READ Design Studio Blog for archived tips and trivia ALA Graphics Tumblr Blog to catch up on the latest READ Flickr Be inspired, and share your own!Want to show off your work?Send your samples