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Getting Creative with Adobe® Photoshop® Elements


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Slide show from our getting beyond the basics of designing READ posters webinar. Webinar archive can be found

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Getting Creative with Adobe® Photoshop® Elements

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  2. 2. Questions for us?<br />For technical assistance:<br />In the chat window, select the user “ALA Publishing Webinars” and submit your question. <br />For the Q&A:<br />In the chat window, select the user “All Participants” and submit your question for others to view. <br />Questions for you!<br />Please take our quick poll.<br />
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  4. 4. The Products:<br />READ DVD Genres & Subjects<br />READ CD Box Set<br />The License:<br />Not-for-profit organizations promoting libraries and literacy<br />Cannot sell posters but can give or donate<br />Share and post projects online<br />The Compatibility:<br />READ Design Studio discs<br />Photo-editing software<br />
  5. 5. Methods:<br />Magnetic Lasso<br />Selection Brush <br />Magic Wand: tolerance/contiguous<br />Clean up:<br />Removing halo: Create new layer, select Color from dropdown box, use Eyedropper to match hair color, and Brush tool to paint.<br />Final check: Create new layer, select Solid Color adjustment layer, choose a high contrast color, move layer behind reader’s layer. <br />Lighting:<br />Enhance > Adjust Lighting<br /><ul><li>Shadows/Highlights
  6. 6. Brightness/Contrast</li></li></ul><li>Insert your silhouetted reader into the file.<br />Adjust layers, like the trim, by clicking the eye on or off and using the Move tool to adjust size and placement.<br />To rotate a layer in 15° increments, hold Shift while using the corner rotation arrows.<br />To duplicate a layer, select it in the Layer Box, hold ALT, and then left-mouse click and drag.<br />To print multiple bookmarks per page, open a new document sized to your print paper. Open.jpg version of bookmark, and use above method to duplicate and arrange as many bookmarks as possible on page.<br />Choose File > Print. Click Page Setup to ensure paper size matches your document and Print.<br />
  7. 7. Creating Your Own Backgrounds:<br />Scan art at at least 300 dpi, add READ type treatment, and insert silhouetted reader.<br />Manipulating Layers:<br />Select Image > Rotate to arrange image and layers in different orientation.<br />Select the Move tool then Shift + Corner rotation arrows to turn layer in increments.<br />Alt + left-mouse click and drag to duplicate layer.<br />Methods to Change Colors:<br />Use Eyedropper to grab color and Paint Bucket to paint on solid color.<br />Select Enhance > Adjust Color > Color Variations to keep gradient in color.<br />Use Color Replacement Tool to grab color and maintain gradient: Use the Eyedropper to grab color and Brush Color Replacement tool to paint.<br />
  8. 8. Adding Elements:<br />Use Text tool to add words, Leading to adjust spacing, Eyedropper to match color. <br />Use same process to add new images as when inserting reader. Ensure you have rights to use the image.<br />Layer Styles:<br />Select desired layer, go to Styles and Effects box, use left dropdown to select category and right dropdown menu to experiment with different effects and styles.<br />Right-click the layer and select Clear Layer Style to undo an effect or style.<br />
  9. 9. Digital Downloads:<br />Crop reader’s image and use Rectangular Marquee Tool to draw frame. <br />Right-click and choose Select Inverse.<br />Use Eyedropper tool to grab color of frame and Brush to paint over selection.<br />Drag reader’s image to digital download. Use Image>Transform>Perspective to fit to poster’s design. <br />Other projects:<br />Buttons<br />Tattoos<br />T-shirt transfers<br />Ann Cocca, Halfmoon Public Library<br />
  10. 10. Helpful Shortcuts:<br />To open file window = double-click gray workspace<br />To pan while zoomed = Spacebar + left-click & drag<br />To duplicate Layer = ALT + left-click & drag<br />To rotate an object in 15° intervals = Shift + corner rotation arrows<br />Other quick commands:<br />To exit a function or tool = Esc<br />To undo = CTRL + Z <br />To accept a change or say “OK” = Enter <br />
  11. 11. READ Design Studio Info Page with links to video tutorials, creative ideas, and archived webinars.<br />READ Design Studio Blog for tips and trivia.<br />READ Poster Flickrfor inspiring images.<br />ALA Store purchases fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation <br />programs for library professionals worldwide.<br />