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Beowulf ideals essay assignment sheet


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Beowulf ideals essay assignment sheet

  1. 1. Grade 12 English- British LiteratureBeowulfWriting Assignment: In epic poems, such as Beowulf, the hero’s character traits reflectimportant ideals of his society. Beowulf presents several ideals, or values, that wereimportant in Anglo-Saxon society. Decide which virtues Beowulf (the character)embodies and explain how they demonstrate values of his society. Lastly, elaborate onwhether or not such values/morals/ideals are still important in today’s society (or shouldthey still be important).Format: Typed, size 12 font, Times New Roman, double spacedParagraph 1: Highlight the traits that Beowulf demonstrates and how they present idealsthat are important in his society You need three (3) claims with examples (textual support) from the text Please limit your textual support to those excerpts that we read in classParagraph 2: Discuss in detail if these values (that you detailed in paragraph 1) are stillimportant (present) in our society. This should be a thoughtful paragraph with opinionsand examples to support your views.You will have limited class time to brainstorm and plan out your essay. Be sure to useyour class time wisely and effectively. If you need to check out a book, please see Ms.Koroknay.DUE: Monday November 21, 2011.***WARNING: This essay MUST be turned in before Thanksgiving. NOEXCEPTIONS! See Ms. Koroknay if you have questions or concerns regarding this.***