Final report of OAP 2012.05.26


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Final report of OAP 2012.05.26

  1. 1. Final Report for OAP Venture Lab Infotainment team MyTripStory Create an exciting story of your trip
  2. 2. Initial Idea and Value PropositionMyTripStory is a service for travelers who would like to create an exciting story of their journey.MyTripStory is a colorful styled tale about ones journey with photos, maps, routes, descriptions of impressions and a lot of interesting details and statistics.
  3. 3. How we have pivoted to testopportunity1. First hypothesis2. First experiment (15 face2face interviews)3. Results of the first experiment4. Competitors research5. Second hypothesis6. Second experiment (e-survey, 77 resp.)7. Results of the second experiment8. Market size evaluation9. Final idea and Value proposition
  4. 4. Who our users are and what the Value proposition isInitial view Changed viewTourists (4 types of)Сreate a Active touristsGet colorfulstory, save, share it with "snapshot-trip-story" withoutfriends/family spending much timeBusiness travelersBoard Bloggers, passionaterecords of their often business travelersCreate exciting story oftrips their trip for their audience andCampers and discovery himself travelersLogbook of their Passive tourists and Business crusades travelersno interest
  5. 5. What potential users wantInitial thoughts Some findingsMost of users: Most of users:– want to get a lot of – dont need a lot of statistics different statistics – want styled trip reports made easily from– like to write their trip range of templates story – want to have opportunity to get printed trip story book or infographics – dont want spend much time on a story writing
  6. 6. Potential evolution of Initial Ideainto conception "Stories of places"Problem: Many places are famous due to their stories, but these wonderful stories are scattered all over the Internet or stored in hard accessible sourcesNeed: As consumers are looking for offers and discounts on Foursquare, as travelers looking for interesting stories and impressions in their journey. They would like to touch the story and share it with others.Solution: MyTripStory could help travelers to discover stories of places and make it a part of their trip story
  7. 7. Competitors researchWe decided to choose only active tourists segment (refusedfrom "bloggers" and "passionate travelers")
  8. 8. Market size1. Market size "in people"2. How to count money3. Market size in $
  9. 9. Market size in people
  10. 10. Market size27% annual market growth - based on Y2Y users growth of special trip applications
  11. 11. Final Idea and Value propositionMyTripStory is a service for active tourists who would like to get an exciting story of their journey without spending much time.Based on added manually and automatically gathered dataabout a trip: geopoints, fun stats, facts and descriptions,photos and other media, information from social networksMyTripStory creates a colorful story (infographics, e-album,trip story book) according templates user choose.