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6 ways to disconnect from social media


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6 ways to disconnect from social media

  1. 1. 6 Ways To Disconnect From Social Media
  2. 2. "I hate the phone ringing, and I dislike email, but Ihave to use them constantly at work. When I gethome I turn off the phone and computer. when Iget away home I turn off phone and computer.When I get away I bring a phone and laptop, butonly use it in emergencies, Its just the sound ofsilence and the wind in my face" — Natalie, of Campwood, Texas
  3. 3. "I have a very small garden, this year I haveplanted three different kind of tomatoes, myfavorite is sweet million tomatoes. I alsoplanted yellow onions and green onions andherbs" — Fund Ray of Hibbing, Minn
  4. 4. "I enjoy caring for my flowers too. Itswonderful way to disconnect with nature, justin my backyard!" — Fund Ray of Hibbing, Minn
  5. 5. "My wife, Nicole, and I recently spent 3 weeks inLondon; Paris, and Switzerland, making the most ofthe summer hours, museums, galleries, theatresand pay-as-you-go bikes (best way to see London).Art, culture, history, nature (the actual versions)were a great way to disconnect from technologyand connect with each other and things we arepassionate about. Admittedly we used a GPS to getaround Switzerland but no Facebook, Twitter,iPhones or email for 3 weeks" — Michael Thomas of Johannesburg
  6. 6. "Juan says he tries to cut off from the techworld as he can while traveling: no MP3 playerand very little digital camera. "Maybe justonce, He says. "[Its] nice to have my ownthoughts without distractions or incomingupdates"Here he is the Utah desert in summer of 2010
  7. 7. "During this trip, I had no access to computersand I was using a prepaid cellphone. It was blissnot knowing what was going on with the worldand just enjoying the company of my family...Sometimes, we all need a little break to unwindand remove ourselves from this technologicallydependent society. My break is in traveling"— Chanel Brown is an ESL teacher in South Korea
  8. 8. "I like get to get out of cellphone range when Idisconnect. Death Valley is 300 miles from myhouse. Sometimes I go to Joshua Tree NationalPark (pictured here). The Xterra allows me getoff the paved roads and camp in very remoteplaces. There is a real sense of freedom to notbe reachable for a short time " — Bill Hornstein of Los Angeles
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