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Using LibraryThing Catalog for BTS School


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Instructions to use the Catalog for Beyond the Spectrum staff.

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Using LibraryThing Catalog for BTS School

  1. 1. LibraryThing is an online tool that catalogs book collections. BTS has an account. Anyone can go to the BTS Catalog page and see the books we own with descriptions and where they are located in the Library. An account is not needed to just look at the books. Just go to
  2. 2. And type in “Checked out to [Patron’s ID] – Due [date]”
  3. 3. … delete the “Checked Out to – Due –” message from Private Comments and then SAVE.
  4. 4. IMPORTANT:The first tag is always a number. DO NOT delete this number as it’s an inventory control for the Library. Your tags will be added at the end.
  5. 5. Tutorial created by A/K/L (BTS Librarian.) UpdatedAugust 2013. Screen captures from