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Distribution of Content is good, but creating the right content, across different media with a consistent message works. Distribution is just a part of an overall content marketing strategy.

Your audience decides if you are a thought leader and we know how to produce bespoke content that can make it happen. This slideshow runs through the practical "hows"

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Content & leads discussed new

  1. 1. ACCELERATED LEAD GENERATION Do you want to use your content to generate sales leads in niche B2B verticals? Or Do you perhaps need a hand creating engaging content and developing a robust content marketing strategy to go with it?
  2. 2. emedia helps you understand content marketing, creates compelling and engaging content for your business & works with you to ensure this content generates sales leads for your business through our Bulletins, Websites and Telemarketing.
  3. 3. Let’s start with “Content” and move on to Bulletins, Websites and Telemarketing Lead Generation options
  4. 4. If you already have thought leadership assets, videos or blogs which can engage with an audience of your prospects on an education level, we can certainly look at using it for your campaign Does every client need us to build content?
  5. 5. Ask us to have a look around your site. Emedia has a team of content specialists who can identify & assess your existing content for use. Laura Head of Content Victoria Content Manager Patrick Copywriter How do I know if my existing content is relevant?
  6. 6. Why Produce Guides and White Papers?
  7. 7. Lead Generation Activity Social Media Print Advertising Display Campaigns Event & Exhibition Handouts What else can I use Guides and White Papers for?
  8. 8. 1. One of emedia’s content specialists will discuss relevant pain points, unique selling points and potential topic angles 2. Then we will go away and write a “content framework” which will outline a paragraph by paragraph plan for your paper 3. Then it’s back and forth for approvals etc. until completed What is the Content writing process?
  9. 9. Once content is ready, how can emedia generate leads for me? Website Lead Generation Bulletin Lead Generation Telemarketing
  10. 10. First we create your advertorial and headline we send you your leads Then we spread the word to our bulletin audience The subscriber will get access to the content offering and a confirmation email with a link to your content Bulletins, How Do They Work? Engaged subscribers click your headline to see your advertorial Then submit their pre-populated details to download your content
  11. 11. IT RELATED BULLETINS OTHER BULLETIN AUDIENCES IT Management SMB Bulletin 25,000 CIOs, CSOs, senior IT managers, Business 50,000 Senior decision-makers, managers, Owners and Directors directors and CEOs within small to medium sized enterprises IT Security 10,000 IT Decision Makers, CIOs, CSOs, Owners Architecture & Specifier 9,000 Architects, Specifiers, Designers and and Directors in Australian Engineers in Australia businesses Data Management 10,000 IT Decision Makers, CIOs, Owners and Directors in Australian businesses Network Management IT Management Singapore 15,000 CIOs, CSOs, senior IT managers and directors Business Finance 17,000 FDs, MDs, CFOs, Accountants and Senior Decision Makers within Finance Departments HR 16,000 HR Decision Makers, HR managers and directors, CEOs and Owners of small to medium sized enterprises 10,000 IT Decision Makers, CIOs, Owners and Directors in Australian businesses Marketing 16,000 Senior marketing professionals, managers and Directors in Australian businesses Industrial & Safety 10,000 MDs, Owners, GMs, Directors and Engineering/Technical Managers and OH&S decision makers Mining 15,000 Senior Managers, Technical & Onsite mine IT Management APAC Managers and Mineral processing 30,000 CIOs, CSOs, senior IT managers, Business professionals in the Australian Mining Owners and Directors primarily from 500+ industry employee sized companies in Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia Bulletins. Who does emedia reach? Agriculture and Farming Bulletin 10,000 Decision makers in the Ag and Farming industries driven by the Fat Cow website Hospitality 10,000 Decision Makers in the hospitality industry driven by the Go Hospitality Website
  12. 12. First we host your content on the website Engaged subscribers are redirected to the hosted paper Then we spread the word to the website’s email subscribers & Finally, the subscriber will get access to the content offering To download, the subscriber will leave their contact info with us Website Lead Generation, How does it work?
  13. 13. Our Website / Newsletter Audiences B&T Media, Marketing, PR & Advertising Professionals and Decision Makers 190,000 Website visitors per month 22,000 Daily Newsletter subscribers ELECTRONICS NEWS Electronics Designers, System Integrators and other Industry Professional and Decision Makers 10,300 Website visitors per month 3,100 Twice weekly Newsletter subscribers HOSPITALITY MAG GMs, Marketing/Purchasing/Ordering Managers in Hotels, Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants and other Industry Professionals and Decision Makers 35,000 Website visitors per month 9,500 Twice weekly Newsletter subscribers INFOLINK – ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN Architects, Designers, Specifiers, Engineers, Builders and other Industry Professionals and Decision Makers 42,000 Website visitors per month 12,000 - 3 times weekly Newsletter subscribers LOGISTICS & MATERIAL HANDLING Senior & Purchasing Managers, Materials Handling, Logistics and Supply Chain Management and other Industry Professionals and Decision Makers 5,000 Website visitors per month 2,300 weekly Newsletter subscribers MANUFACTURERS MONTHLY Senior and Purchasing Managers, Engineering, Production, Operations and Inventory Control Managers and Decision Makers in the Metal/Food & Bev/Machinery/Engineering and other Industries 24,000 Website visitors per month 7,000 Daily Newsletter subscribers MINING AUSTRALIA Senior Managers, Technical, On-Site/Off-Site Mine Managers, Mineral Processing and other Industry Professionals and Decision Makers 213,000 Website visitors per month 17,000 Daily Newsletter Subscribers MONEY MANAGEMENT Directors, Financial Planners, Fund Managers and other Financial Services Professionals and Decision Makers 56,000 Website visitors per month 13,000 Daily Newsletter Subscribers TRAVEL TODAY/WEEKLY Travel Agents, Travel Agency Owners, Tourism Boards, Airlines and other Travel Industry Professionals and Decision Makers 20,000 Website visitors per month 16,500 Daily Newsletter subscribers
  14. 14. As always, it starts with the content Laura Head of Content Victoria Content Manager Then emedia’s content team create the script Our telemarketers start calling prospects with the offer Patrick Copywriter Telemarketing, How does it work? You receive your leads from us via excel spreadsheet
  15. 15. So that’s it.... No matter the channel, what you end up with is the contact details from Decision Makers who have engaged with your content offering . If they have clicked to research your content, they are a likely prospect for you to follow up with and try to convert them From “Top of Funnel” to Sale.