There Is No God So Help Me God 1998


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AJ Expounds on theology

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There Is No God So Help Me God 1998

  1. 1. THERE IS NO GOD SO HELP ME GOD 1998 AJ WEBERMAN First off let it be stated that I am not adverse to the existence of God. I think it would be cool if all things were destined to be just under his or hers supreme being. I can also understand the need to explain the creation of the universe for in our reality every effect has a cause. The vastness and immeasurability of the universe also conduces toward a belief in god and the apparent lack of life on any other observable planets makes one think that someone put us here. But if God put us here than who put God there? If every effect must have a cause than God must have a cause too. Or was he just always there? It is just as easy to say that the universe was always there. Something’s just are and some things never end, like space. What happens when one comes to the end of space, do you hit a brick wall? If it is some unknown field what happens when you go beyond it, what is on the other side or is there no other side? Even if space was shaped like a circle what is beyond the perimeter? When does this hypothetical thing end? How did humankind arise on this planet and not the immeasurable amount of other planets, assuming life is exclusive to earth? Purely by chance. If you have a infinite number of monkeys or even members of the Bush family typing away for a infinite number years on an infinite number of different keyboards one of those monkeys will reproduce William Burroughs NAKED LUNCH for christsake. When you are dealing with an infinite number of things you are bound to come up with something worthwhile sooner or later. That is how nervous tissue AKA "us" evolved on this planet. God is really a measure of the ultimate incomprehensibility of the universe. It is also a desire to assert the ascendency of nervous tissue over all other matter in the universe for God is conceived as a having human form or taking human form in the case of Jesus, Mohamed and others. GOD is always a man and this tells us something about his supposed nature. ETHICS AND MORALITY AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP TO MORTALITY If you think as I do and don’t believe that you are going to be rewarded in heaven for your good deeds on earth, than why act morally down here? The reason is that morality is not a means to an end; it is an end in itself. Ethics should not be based on the rewards of heaven, or the fear of hellfire. It should be based on the idea that you should behave in a fashion in which you would wish everyone would behave toward you. Then everyone would be cool, right? Morality itself, like everything else, is a relative, not an absolute thing. A dude who is poor and does not steal has a higher degree of morality than a dude who is rich and does not steal. The poor dude has more of a temptation than the rich dude. Like a revolutionary who steals to finance his revolution, since the ruling class aint gonna do it, is hipper than the dude who steals to support a dope habit, nonetheless, they both are thieves. Yeah, I used to steal to finance the revolution. I had one scam going where I
  2. 2. would switch labels on food like Gefilte Fish then pick a non-Jewish cashier who was not familiar with this kind of ethnic food. It would go right past her. Turkeys were a little tricky. After you switched a label the scam was lift it into the bag for the cashier, so she could not tell how heavy the bird was. This scam, combined with food stamps, and I would have a 20 pound turkey for $3. Scanners burned down that scam. Other scams included bootlegging Dylan's early tapes. This lasted until Federal piracy laws were enacted and Columbia Records read me the riot act. Shit, I never paid for gas and electric, even though my loft was heated with gas, for 10 years. Every time they would turn it off I turned it back on again. I had my own key to the meters. I remember one time, it was around Chanukah, the Festival of Lights. I had gotten notice after notice from the City Marshall that he was coming with a lock picker and Con Ed was going to reclaim their meters. When the day of reckoning came, on the first day of Chanukah, the FUCKING CITY MARSHALL never showed up. Like Chanukah is celebrated because some light in the temple stayed on for 7 days when there was only enough oil for one day. Shit, my lights stayed on for years after that. Like the Feds bugs ran off that current and the Feds weren’t about to have Con Ed turn THEM off. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD WHEN YOU ARE DEAD YOU ARE DEAD HEAVEN CAN WAIT According to religious belief, after you die you still maintain consciousness. This means you will still be able to think and see and smell and hear, for all this is embodied in your soul, which leaves the body after you die and goes somewhere else. No soul has ever returned to earth from this somewhere else to describe it nor is there any scientific evidence of a soul and there is no way to observe it, but almost all people believe in it. Click HERE to see Java depiction of soul ascending to heaven. This is about a close as you are going to get when it comes to seeing a soul!! Religions also have a heaven and hell. If you are good on planet earth and have observed the tenants of your religion then you go to heaven, if you are bad you go to hell. God, the ultimate judge, determines if you will live in eternal happiness or in eternal pain. But upon closer examination we find that heaven and hell are not that much different, because you are eternally trapped doing the same thing. In one place there is no sadness, in the other there is no happiness. Did you ever stop and wonder what is the daily routine in heaven? Do you like get up in the morning? There is no morning. There is no time. There is no sunset nor sunrise. One is too busy having fun all the time to sleep! Can you fuck your wife in heaven? Can you have children if that is what it takes to make you happy? Of course not. Heaven is a drugged out state. Click HERE to see my vision of a hell-heaven.
  3. 3. But how do you know you are having fun if you are happy all the time? Suppose you get sick of being in a state of nirvana and want some problems for a change? You are not allowed to have any problems. Are any of your friends going to be there, and if they are can you communicate with them? What is there to talk about, the good old times before you went to heaven, no the times in heaven are the better times, so why talk about the old days on planet earth? How does one attain happiness if one if always happy? Where is the joy of self fulfillment? Heaven is out of control, it is a nightmare, and it never ends. Since you are dead already you can’t kill yourself. Heaven sounds hellish, when you look at it rationally. JESUS CHRIST WAS A MAN WOODY GUTHRIE "Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn't argue with that; I'm right and I will be proved right. We're more popular than Jesus now; I don't know which will go first - rock 'n' roll or Christianity. Jesus was all right but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It's them twisting it that ruins it for me." - JOHN LENNON For the sake of argument let us say that Jesus is god and all good people go to heaven. Dig it, heaven must be pretty fucking crowded by this time. What if Jesus comes back and there is a fucking resurrection? If Jesus would have returned 20 years after his crucifixion and everybody got like resurrected that would be cool because a lot of people did not have time to croak in the 20 years he was gone. Like Moshe, Abe, Jakov, Racheal and others who passed away during the 20 years of Jesus absence would return - all the righteous who died during that short hiatus. But if Jesus came back today, in the year 2000, and all the good people were resurrected, the earth would be
  4. 4. mighty fucking crowded!! And like how will they look after resurrection? All smelly and rancid? Or will God return them in their prime? It is too fucking late for all the Dead to be resurrected, so lets PUT A CAP ON THE THING. If Jesus does not return by the year 3,000 Christians should take a serious look at their saviors credibility. We must ask, who was Jesus Christ? Assuming the guy existed, the dude was the first hippy. I have known people like Jesus Christ, and one of them was ABBIE HOFFMAN. Jesus killed himself, he knew it was suicide to talk out against the Romans, but he believed TRUTH WAS STRONGER THAN CRUXIFICTION. Abbie killed himself after going up against AMERIKA. Jesus came back to earth in 1967 and was promptly busted for acid. He is still doing a bid in Corpus Christie, Texas. Bertrand Russell said that Jesus was either a god - because he allegedly was able to reverse natural law - or a charlaton - because this is impossible so he probably faked it. What Lord Russell forgot was that the dude never made any bucks out of the deal. See the story of Jesus the way I have come to believe it was like this - you weren't supposed to pluke your wife for a year after you got married back then, if you were a Jew. Joseph of Nazareth's wife Mary became pregnant a few months after their marriage and so he went and denounced his own wife to the asswipes known as the Synhedrin (phonetic). These morons were intent on punishing any women who disobeyed their idiotic laws and the way they went about it was to stigmatize the bastard child, so the mother would be fucked up. So Jesus got a raw deal from these assholes up front, when he was just a baby saying goo goo gaa gaa. He was an outcast who could only hang with slaves and hookers. Nonetheless the dude was into Judaism and wanted to become a Rabbi. There are several stories about Jesus that appear in the Talmud. One of them states that Jesus was a charlatan who snuck into the Temple and stole the name of God. He managed to smuggle out, now dig this, subcutaneously, and did evil magic with its powers. What gets me here is that even the Jews admit that he was able to perform "miracles". Another one of the references to Jesus which was later said to refer to someone else with a similar name states that when Jesus was visiting an Inn, he made a remark to the other rabbinical students about the Innkeepers Daughter's eyes, which they took to mean the Jesus had eyes for the bitch. This was during the period Jesus movements were unaccounted for. They kicked his ass out of Rabbinical School and he took up with Mary Magdalene, an "ex" hooker. Jesus fell in with the criminal subculture and I wouldn't be surprised if he got turned on to hashish. Jesus never told his followers to smoke hash, however, he never told them NOT to smoke hash either. I suspect he got high and the hypocrisy of orthodox Judaism became clear to him. The whole shul trip had become a racket. They were fucking shylocks hanging out there. Jesus said shit against the rich. He was a fucking leftist. Why the pagans made him into a God was largely a quirk of historical circumstance. Anyway can twist the life of Jesus to suit their own ends. Check Hitler's view of Jesus: The Jew himself is the best example of the kind of product which this religious training evolves. His life is of this world only and his mentality is as foreign to the true spirit of
  5. 5. Christianity as his character was foreign to the great Founder of this new creed two thousand years ago. And the Founder of Christianity made no secret indeed of His estimation of the Jewish people. When He found it necessary He drove those enemies of the human race out of the Temple of God; because then, as always, they used religion as a means of advancing their commercial interests. But at that time Christ was nailed to the Cross for his attitude towards the Jews Note how Hitler refers to Christ with capital letters, acknowledging his godliness, yet Hitler would have had Jesus put to death for being Jewish. Hitler was a fucking nutjob, aside from being a psychopath. Anyhow, Christianity is a thin veneer on the white man. The real white man shows up on Halloween, at the Mardi Gras, paganism doesn't die out quickly. THE EARLY PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS In the early stages of the formation of Christianity the Romans treated the Christians in much the same way that the Christians of today treat people who smoke pot or drop acid - they locked them up and tortured the shit out of them. Yeah, the early Christians were crucified and thrown to the lions but as soon as Christianity became the dominant religion the table turned and it was the non-believers who got their asses kicked like in the Crusades and the Inquisition. DEICIDE: A TOUGH RAP TO BEAT During Dylan's Christian period he wrote, "on the way out of Egypt through Ethiopia, to the judgment hall of the Christ (I hear the judgment of those who killed Christ)." Dylan claimed the Diaspora, pogroms, the mass murder of Jews before and during WW II were the result of the Jews rejection of Christ and the result of the fact that the Jews committed deicide. As Lenny Bruce would say that is a tough rap to beat. Killing God. Not an easy fucking thing to do. When I was locked up and asked other prisoners if they knew about Jews, they would say, "You're the ones that killed god." I could see myself getting locked up around 34 A.D. for hash and asking another prisoner, "What's the guy with the pais doing here? Did he steal money from the government and give it to a yeshiva?" "No, he killed God" "You're kidding?" "Nope. Him and his buddies, a bunch of gangbangers called, "The Sadducees" they are in for a body. Them and their allies "the Pharisees," had a sectarian war with "The Apostles" - and they killed the Apostles main man, a dude named JC, Jesus Christ, who turned out to be God." "Oh yeah, I heard they locked up the Apostles too." "Yeah, under RICO, Religious Indoctrination Contradicting Observance." Running an on-going criminal enterprise they call "Christianity." They told other Jews to break the law and forget the kosher shit and groove heavy on lobster, shit like that. A lot of people became like reformed Jews after they listened to them and their DJ JC, and these converts were sent to a "Reform
  6. 6. School" to atone for their previous behavior and become either Christians or "Reformed Jews." A lot of them didn't want to leave this "Reform School" as they were served like oysters, clams, crabs legs and non-Kosher French wines and Champagne everyday, they could fuck all the schiksas they wanted to however, on the Sabbath they had to turn a light on and off all day." "So they are all locked up here, in NACC, North America Correctional Center?" "In America everyone gets locked up! That's why they call it the land of the free, the Feds are free to lock anyone they want up." Bob Dylan is a mental case, and always will be a mental case but he keeps it to himself because dig it all this don't mean shit cause nobody understands his motherfucking poetry because it goes over their heads. Can't blame anyone, the shit is obscure. Fuck him making someone who understands his poetry to some degree have to listen to this shit putting down Israel. And fuck the assholes like my cousin "Rabbi" Mordechai Weberman who believes that Israel shouldn't exist before the Messiah comes and as a result works with Nazis to destroy Israel. The only way the Messiah is going to come is in his pants. The Jews are in a better position now than in the last 5,000 years because, despite the sickness of many of them, the ones that do not go on a fuckfest and contract HIV, then breath dried pigeon shit and end up almost fucking dead, but the ones that have a survival instinct, now are fucking armed with tanks, missiles and atomic weapons. Hey, Uzi is not only a Hebrew name but a feared weapon. The Jews have the IDF. But Dylan thinks the State of Israel is detrimental to the existence of the Jews. If there is a sick fucking philosophy leave it to Dylan to find it. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - THE MOST CLEVERLY DISGUISED DICTATORSHIP AND THEOCRACY IN THE WORLD I have lived under a number of delusions for number of years. One such delusion revolved around America's role in World War Two. I felt that the United States played a heroic role in that conflict and saved my ass from falling prey to the Nazi filth. However,the fact of the matter is that America would probably not entered World War Two, or entered too late, had not Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and the Philippines. Thank god the Japanese were megalomaniacs. In the Sword and the Shield, a definitive history of the KGB, it is revealed that Soviet intelligence determined that Japan was either going to attack Russia or the United States and choose the United States. Had it attacked Russia and America stayed out of the war, England would have been overrun as would the Soviet Union. The Germans had already made great inroads into Latin America, and it would not be long before Nazis took over the shaky governments there. America would have been forced to surrender and give up the Jews and send the blacks back to Africa. The Congress was not about to declare war, despite lend lease. This was because a majority of Americans were "isolationists" that is they didn’t care enough about Nazism to get involved or saw Nazism as the natural reaction to communism. Hey the communists wanted to line up all the rich people and the family’s up against the wall and shoot them
  7. 7. THE ORIGIN OF LIFE The most logical theory for the creation of the universe is the big bang theory. This postulates that in the beginning there was a big clump of matter and endless emptiness. The matter exploded and fragmented throughout the universe becoming stars. The stars fragmented and planets were created that revolved around them. In other words the universe is a bunch of garbage and debris left over after an explosion. The Bible has a simpler explanation. "In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth and the earth was void and without form and darkness rested on the face of the deep and the Lord said let there be light! and there was light and good saw the light and it was kewl...." In other words first god created the earth then he created the sun. How fucking absurd. What bunch of ignorant sheepherders came up with this shit? Remember, at one point in history the theocracy would put you to death for saying the earth is round and not flat. Most people in the world believe that after God created the earth then the sun, he created human life, and the dude did it in six days! Because it was such a hastle to circumvent millions of years of evolution even HE, NEVER SHE, had to lay back and groove heavy on the seventh day. This is another load of shit. There is plenty of evidence for evolution. Click HERE to find out more. The Bible was allegedly written by GOD or with divine inspiration. However, if you do not believe in GOD, there has to be another explanation for the Bible. Who thought up this shit? Who was willing to answer everyone's questions with such definitive answers? Was it some dude who heard voices, who really believed in what he was writing? To me the Bible sounds like not one dude, but a bunch of dudes hanging out and saying "Let's give the asswipes some answers and shut them up." What made it holy was these dudes knew how to fucking write, before then it was all oral history. The Torah was the first book, even though it was a scroll. And when you reproduce a Torah you have got to get every little detail. At one time some dudes knew who wrote parts of this document but no one kept track of it and it's origins were obscured. So here we have a book with no author. The dudes who wrote this book were like the first priestly class. They were closer to GOD than others and knew how to implement his will. This gave them tremendous power. I know that the Catholic Church and other organized religions made bread off all this bogus mumbo jumbo. Like everybody looks down on the Greeks and Romans for believing in many GODS. This belief had been prevalent long before the Bible was written. The big jump was from many Gods to one God, however, there is as much evidence for the existence of Greek and Roman Gods as there is for the Judeo-Christian Gods. There is no demonstrable proof for any of this shit and what we are left with is a whole bunch of excuses. How come there are no more miracles? Oh these are no longer miraculous times. How come God lets all this evil go down, kids starving and shit, when he has to power to stop it? Oh, God gave man free will. Another excuse. Shit, if I had the power to do so, I would put an end to all the suffering in the world. God has this power but has chosen not to do so. Is God an evil God? Nah, he just don’t exist.
  8. 8. NO DEATH, NO GOD OR RELIGION The real basis for religion is the incomprehensibility of death. No one wants to be gone for eternity, no thought, no perceptions, nothing, just unknown darkness. No pearly gates, no heaven no hell, just nothing. Now we can't really dig on nothing unless we put ourselves into a deathlike sleep with alcohol. But we wake up. Now this fear is so great, so all pervasive and so overwhelming and constant that the human being's brain must find ways to deal with what the human being knows to be instinctually true. That is where FAITH comes in. FAITH is believing in something not because there is evidence of it, but just believing in it because you want to. FAITH means faith there is an afterlife. Many people feel better for it. Hey, for the Muslims heaven is a place with a dozen virgins. How long they would stay virgins after a Moslem got to heaven is a whole other story. So heaven for them is a whorehouse in the sky. What is heaven for the Christians? Ain't nobody come back from there and described it. People have seen Pearly Gates on their death beds, but you see what you want to see and maybe I will see the dozen virgins. Another thing the religion has going for it is the vastness of the universe. Where does the fucking universe end? Does everything have to have a beginning an end? It sure seems so from this perspective. To understand the nature of life one has to determine what differentiates the human brain from other matter on the planet. The brain is composed of nervous tissue, the most sophisticated matter on the planet earth because this matter is able to transform other matter into new and unheard of configurations, from the plastic fart cushion to the chip inside your computer to the house or hut you live in. Everything you perceive, and how you perceive it, is a reflection of the nature of this nervous tissue. For example: The way light bounces off matter is perceived as color - in reality the world is translucent. What color we call it is a matter of consensus, perceptual reality is a vote on a certain level in that everyone shares a common perception and gives it the same name. Different languages and different cultures arose due to geographical borders that separated people from one another, like mountains, oceans, deserts etc. How did race evolve? First off, a couple of things have to be remembered about race - one is that a person from one race can fuck a person from another race and have kids. A dog cannot fuck a fucking cat and have pupkittens. So the differences are not that great anatomically. We are all from the same species. Hitler, subhuman that he was, got this as backwards, because Jews and Gentiles were from the same species and could produce offspring: Even a superficial glance is sufficient to show that all the innumerable forms in which the life-urge of Nature manifests itself are subject to a fundamental law – one may call it an iron law of Nature – which compels the various species to keep within the definite limits of their own life-forms when propagating and multiplying their kind. Each animal mates only with one of its own species. The titmouse cohabits only with the titmouse, the finch with the finch, the stork with the stork, the field-mouse with the field-mouse, the house-mouse with the house-mouse, the wolf with the she-wolf, etc.
  9. 9. Whites and Blacks are of the same species. Shit, the slave owners thought that blacks were a bunch of animals yet this did not stop them from jumping into bed with these "animals" every chance they got and creating the Afro-American race, which is a combination of white and black. Of course if someone is half white and half black they are considered black, not white because black is looked down upon. If someone is half Jewish and half Christian they are usually considered Jewish because Jewish is looked down upon. Hitler was self contradictory and only blind fools could not see this, blinded by World War I, the depression and the chaos of the Weimar Republic. Hitlers writings are simply lie after lie and it was not his words that got Hitler elected. What Hitler did was organize militias throughout the country, to fight the communists in the streets on behalf of the capitalists since Weimar Republic was not doing it. Hitler was like the Taliban militia that came to power in the midst of chaos and a power vacum in Afghanistan, he was a glorified street gang leader. Where does the main opposition to the legalization of marijuana come from? It comes from the clergy. The Catholic Church, Protestant Fundamentalists, Orthodox Jews and the black clergy are all against legalization. Why? There is no prohibition against smoking pot in the Bible. In fact one of the Psalms in the Book of David uses the phrase "As sweet as hashish." A commentary on the Bible states that you are not supposed to grow cannabis next to bean plants. This implies that growing cannabis is kewl. So why does religion have a hard on for pot? Its because they are in competition with it. Its like this. The fact that when you are born you begin to die has put everyone more than a little uptight. Life is finite and somewhere in the recesses of ones mind everyone knows that death is not going to be precisely like life. This causes tension in the human psyche. This tension can be relieved by artificial methods - such as some dude in special clothes telling you - "Its going to be alright. Its going to be better when you die. Don't sweat it. Everything is cool baby." Or it can be relieved by natural means - cannabis sativa - which gives one a sense of euphoria. Euphoria. I always loved that word - A sense of well being unwarranted by external circumstance. Dig, like I always picture some dude in an opium den in India, a real shit hole with like bunk beds and dudes reclining etc. etc. And like these dudes are euphoric. In reality there is no such thing as euphoria due to the fact that one day everything is not going to be anymore no happiness is warranted by external circumstance. Life is a journey into the winter and into the night we search the skies for hope but we find no light. So what difference does it make if you sooth yourself with pot or religion? The thing is there ain't no pot clergy.