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Dylan believes Israel should not exist until the Messiah makes the scene.

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  1. 1. THE LEVEES GONNA BREAKIf it keep on rainin, the levee gonna breakIf it keep on rainin, the levee gonna breakEverybody saying this is a day only the Lord could make IF IT KEEP ON RAININ (if the war between the Israelis and Palestinians continues - D to E: RAIN - war, destruction. In the liner notes to THE TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN Zimmerman wrote, "it was as though the rains of wartime had left the land bombed out an shattered") THE LEVEE GONNA BREAK (the concrete security barrier constructed by Israel to keep out terrorists will be useless levee: a barrier constructed to keep something out) EVERYBODY SAYING THIS IS A DAY ONLY THE LORD COULD MAKE (Zimmerman uses day in the sense of period of prominence. Zimmerman believes that the State of Israel, now in its heyday, should exist ONLY when THE LORD sends the Messiah, the Moshiach tothe Jewish people. “And HaShem your G-d will bring you to the land yourfathers inhabited and you shall inhabit it, and He will be good to you and youwill increase even more than your fathers” - Deuteronomy 30. CouldZimmerman be in agreement with my cousin, Rabbi Mordechi Weberman, thatthe existence of the current State of Israel is standing in the way of both theMessiah coming and the Day of Redemption arriving so - the Zionistillegitimate "State of Israel" must be totally anulled?)Well, I worked on the levee, Mama, both night and dayI worked on the levee, Mama, both night and dayI got to the river and I threw my clothes awayWELL, I WORKED ON THE LEVEE, MAMA, BOTH NIGHT AND DAY (I worked continuously atkeeping out the Egyptians, Syrians, Palestinians and others from crossing the 1948 borders ofthe State of Israel during numerous wars) I GOT TO THE RIVER (when Israel reached theJordan River during the Six Day War of 1967) I THREW MY CLOTHES AWAY (Israel discardedits wordy declarations that it had no intention of expanding its borders and it annexed the WestBank of the River Jordan. D to E: CLOTHES - words as in "he clothed his meaning")I paid my time and now Im good as new,I paid my time and now Im as good as new.They cant take me back unless I want em to I PAID MY TIME (I performed my compulsory service in the Israeli Defense Forces) AND NOW IM GOOD AS NEW (although as a settler I knew that I was being used by the Israeli Government) THEY CANT TAKE ME BACK (the Israeli authorities cannot force the Settlers back behind the Green Line, to the pre-1967 borders of Israel) UNLESS I WANT EM TO (because I will use the knowledge I acquired in the IDF and forcibly resist).
  2. 2. If it keep on rainin, the levee gonna breakIf it keep on rainin, the levee gonna breakSome of these people gonna strip you of all they can takeIF IT KEEP ON RAININ, THE LEVEE GONNA BREAK SOME OFTHESE PEOPLE GONNA STRIP (take away possessions fromsomeone; "The Nazis stripped the Jews of all their assets") YOUOF ALL THEY CAN TAKE (of your home, farms, factories afterIsrael and the West Bank becomes Palestine and the Jews arefinally driven into the sea as Egyptian strongman Gamal AbdelNassar threatened to do in 1956)I cant stop here I aint ready to unloadI cant stop here I aint ready to unloadRiches and salvation can be waiting behind the next bend in the road I CANT STOP HERE I AINT READY TO UNLOAD (I cannot leave the occupied territories and I am definitely not ready to unload - disarm, take the bullets out of my weapon. Additionally in From A Buick Six Zimmerman wrote, "I need a dumptruck baby to UNLOAD my head" using the word in the sense of "to relieve from anything onerous." The settlers are incapable of leaving the West Bank; a move that would get them out of a potentially deadly situation) RICHES (an abundance of land, the rich, fertile soil of Judea and Samaria) AND SALVATION(sarcastic: saving someone from harm) CAN BE WAITING BEHIND THE NEXT BEND IN THEROAD (sardonic: Note Zimmermans use of BEHIND rather than AFTER. This is a reference tosettlers being ambushed by terrorists as they travel through the occupied West Bank)I picked you up from the gutter and this is the thanks I getI picked you up from the gutter and this is the thanks I getYou say you want me to quit ya, I told ya,No, not just yet.I PICKED YOU UP FROM THE GUTTER (I raised the standard of livingof West Bank Arabs! Gutter: to cut or form into small longitudinal hollows;to channel - Shakespeare. Using this definition GUTTER represents aWadi - a gully or streambed in Israel or in its territories that remains dryexcept during rainy season. The Jewish Settlers tend to live on hilltopswhile the indigenous population most often lives in the valleys where theWadis are prevalent) AND THIS IS THE THANKS I GET? (and you try tokill me and my family and friends as I travel through Judea and Samaria?) YOU SAY YOUWANT ME TO QUIT YA (you say you want end the occupation and settlement of the WestBank) I TOLD YA, NO, NOT JUST YET. (not until I repay you for the bloodshed you havecaused, probably never).Well, I look in your eyes, I see nobody other than meI look in your eyes, I see nobody other than meI see all that I am and all I hope to be
  3. 3. WELL, I LOOK IN YOUR EYES I SEE NOBODY OTHER THAN ME (when I look into the settlers thoughts about the future I see an Israel that contains no one other than Jews like myself - Zimmerman is a Jew named Zimmerman - as the Israeli Arabs and the West Bank Palestinians have been expelled. Many of the settlers are followers of Rabbi Meyer Kahane the former leader of Israel’s radical Kach party. Kahane advocated the forcible expulsion of all Arabs from Israel, the annexation of the West Bank and Gaza territories, and the unrestricted building of Jewish settlements. In 1971 Zimmerman wrote RabbiKahane a check for several thousand dollars, despite my having warned him against doing so) ISEE ALL THAT I AM AND ALL I HOPE TO BE (sarcastic; Zimmerman wants nothing more todo with the Kahanists)If it keep on rainin, the levee gonna breakIf it keep on rainin, the levee gonna breakSome of these people dont know which road to takeIF IT KEEP ON RAININ, THE LEVEE GONNA BREAK / SOME OF THESEPEOPLE (some of "these people" - some of the Jews - namely the Israeli Settlersand their allies in the Knesset such as the former Prime Minister of Israel,Benjamin Netanyahu) DONT KNOW WHICH ROAD TO TAKE (are moreinterested in taking the road to war than the road to peace which was calledPerformance-Based Roadmap to a Permanent Two-State Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.When Im with you, I forget I was ever blueWhen Im with you, I forget I was ever blueWithout you theres no meaning in anything I doWHEN IM WITH YOU, I FORGET I WAS EVER BLUE (D to E: BLUE - Honest, loyal as in "trueblue." In Hard Rain Zimmerman asked rhetorically, "Where have you been my blue-eyed son?")WITHOUT YOU THERES NO MEANING IN ANYTHING I DO (sarcastic - there was no higherpurpose in expelling Palestinians from their land)Some people on the road carryin everything that they ownSome people on the road carryin everything they ownSome people got barely enough skin to cover their bones SOME PEOPLE ON THE ROAD CARRYIN EVERYTHING THAT THEY OWN (the Palestinian refugees on their way to Gaza and other destinations in 1948 carrying all their possessions with them after being chased out at gunpoint by the Haganah and Irgun militias) SOME PEOPLE GOT BARELY ENOUGH SKIN TO COVER THEIR BONES (many of the Jews who forced the Palestinians to leave Palestine and fought in the 1948 War Of Independence were death camp survivorswho had become emaciated from the systematic starvation that wasthe first part of the Nazis "final solution to the Jewish question."Ironically, like the Palestinians, these Jews had also been uprootedfrom their homes. In Chronicles Zimmerman said essentially thesame thing about why Israel came into being, "The State of Israelclaimed the right to act as heir and executor of all who perished in
  4. 4. the final solution. The [Adolf Eichmann] trial reminds the whole world of what led to theformation of the Israeli state.")Put on your camp clothes, mama, put on your evening dressPut on your cat clothes, mama, put on your evening dressFew more years of hard work, then therell be a 1,000 years of happiness PUT ON YOUR CAMP (the lyrics here most often read CAT CLOTHES rather than CAMP CLOTHES as there is a Carl Perkins song titled Put Your Cat Clothes On. I hear Robert Allen Zimmerman sing CAMP CLOTHES once then sing CAT CLOTHES. Robert Allen Zimmerman is masking this word due to the sensitivity some people have when it comes to concentration camps) PUT ON YOUR CAMP CLOTHES, MAMA (camp clothes are a prisoner’s uniform - a textile design consisting of lines or bands against a plain background as in those worn by death camp inmates. D to E: CLOTHES - words. What Zimmerman is saying here is bring up the Holocaust again and again in order to justify yourown Nazi-like actions and use this to raise money from richAmerican Jews) PUT ON YOUR EVENING (D to E: EVENING -just before a decline, such as "the 2006 signaled the evening ofJews in Gaza") DRESS (D to E: DRESS - way of preparingsomething for market, embellish, hype. Also EVENING DRESS asformal attire worn to a fundraiser for Israel) FEW MORE YEARSOF HARD WORK (a few more years of oppressing the Palestiniansin a Nazi-like fashion and raising money in America to finance it. Note: NOT ENOUGH SKIN TOCOVER THEIR BONES and CAMP CLOTHES has Nazi connotations as does HARD WORK. One of the Nazis slogans was Freedom Through WORK originally in German: Arbeit Macht Frei. This motto above the main gate greeted all who entered the Auschwitz death camp during WWII) THEN THERELL BE A THOUSAND YEARS OF HAPPINESS (sarcastic: then you will hasten the arrival of the Messiah as the Settlers believe they are doing by living in Judea and Samaria. More Nazi connotations as the Third Reich was also referred to asthe Thousand Year Reich as it was intended by Hitler to last a THOUSAND YEARS. HereRobert Allen Zimmerman is equating the Settlers and other rightwing Jews treatment of thePalestinians to the Nazis treatment of the Jews implying that Israel has become the new NaziGermany. When I first heard PUT ON YOUR CAMP CLOTHES I thought to myself, Zimmermanhas become a singing Professor Norman Finkelstein, author of THE HOLOCAUST INDUSTRY:REFLECTIONS ON THE EXPLOITATION OF JEWISH SUFFERING. Finkelstein claims that theHolocaust is being used by racist Jews to justify their presence in Palestine and to oppressArabs. In a December 2001 speech in Beirut, Lebanon, Finkelstein compared Israeli behavior to"Nazi practices" during World War II.)If it keep on rainin, the levee gonna breakIf it keep on rainin, the levee gonna breakI tried to get you to love me,but I wont repeat that mistakeIF IT KEEP ON RAININ, THE LEVEE GONNA BREAK / I TRIED TO GET YOU TO LOVE ME (Itried to get you to see my truth) BUT I WONT REPEAT THAT MISTAKE (MISTAKE one thingfor another; confuse Israel with anything but what it really is, a repressive settler state)
  5. 5. If it keep on rainin, the levee gonna break If it keep on rainin, the levee gonna breakPlenty of cheap stuff out there and still around that you takeIF IT KEEP ON RAININ, THE LEVEE GONNA BREAK /PLENTY OF CHEAP STUFF (low-priced or free land) OUTTHERE (in the territories and around Jerusalem) AND STILLAROUND (Israel refused to declare a moratorium on newsettlements in the West Bank) THAT YOU TAKE (that youcan expropriate from its rightful owners)I woke up this morning, butter and eggs in my bedI woke up this morning, butter and eggs in my bedI aint got enough room to even raise my head.I WOKE UP THIS MORNING (the Jewish Settlers came to the realization) BUTTER (Jewishblood - on Under the Red Sky in Ten Thousand Men Zimmerman wrote, "Ten thousand menlooking so lean [to have a tendency or disposition to do something; to be inclined] / and frail[having the attributes of base man as opposed to divine beings] / Each one of em got sevenwives, each one of em just out of jail [they are Moslems - Islam allows up to four wives - andare Palestianian terrorists just freed from Israeli prisons] / Ten thousand women all sweepin[violent and general destruction; as, the sweep of the intifada was far reaching] / my ROOM [aparticular portion of space appropriated for occupancy, living space] / Spilling [to cause to flowout and be lost or wasted; to shed, or suffer to be shed, as in battle; as, a man spills anothersblood] / my BUTTERMILK [Israeli blood, what is left over after an "extraction" performed by theNazis] / sweeping it up [and the Israelis cleaning it up, winning an overwhelming victory] / with aBROOM [with a weapon])" The Levees Gonna Break continues: AND EGGS (have egg onones face colloquialism: made to look foolish - the settlers have Jewish blood on their handsand egg on their face) IN MY BED (because they have made their bed and have to lie in it - theyto have to accept the disadvantages or problems that result from their own actions or pastdecisions) I AINT GOT ENOUGH ROOM (in Hitlers book Mein Kampf he made clear his beliefthat the German people needed Lebensraum - "living space", i.e. land - the settlers believe theydont have enough Lebensraum) TO EVEN RAISE MY HEAD (to be proud Jews - proud ofacting like Nazis who occupied much of Europe.)Come back, baby, say we never more will partCome back, baby, say we never more will partDont be a stranger with no brain or heartCOME BACK, BABY, SAY WE NEVER MORE WILL PART (make something into two parts,"Moses parted the Red Sea" as the Settlers have done to Israel) DONT BE A STRANGER (theTorah instructs Jews: “You shall not abhor an Egyptian, for you were a STRANGER in his land”Deuteronomy 23:8) D to E: STRANGER - alien, someone who does not belong in the WestBank) WITH NO BRAIN (common sense, survival instinct) OR HEART (or feeling for theinhabitants of the West Bank)If it keep on rainin, the levee gonna breakIf it keep on rainin, the levee gonna breakSome people still sleepin, some people are wide awake
  6. 6. IF IT KEEP ON RAININ, THE LEVEE GONNA BREAK / SOME PEOPLE STILL SLEEPIN (D toE: SLEEPING - overly complacent) SOME PEOPLE ARE WIDE AWAKE (some people see thethreat coming. Also in the settlements Shomrim stay awake all night watching for terrorists).