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Dylan hated Communism from the word go but made a deal with the Reds because he is scum.

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  1. 1. BOB DYLANS ANTI-COMMUNIST POETRY: MAGGIE’SFARM, GATES OF EDEN AND IT’S ALRIGHT MA I’M ONLYBLEEDING My biggest error as a Dylanologist was not realizing that contrary to popular belief, Dylan fell off a turnip truck that was passing through Greenwich Village. He had been picked up at the Goldwaters Department Store in Phoenix Arizona. Even when he was looked at as one of Americas dirtiest comsymps and "kike nigger lovers" he was a rightwing Republican. Now with this last piece of the puzzle, the Goldwasser factor, I have it all right, not just the drug, Israel, AIDS, and autobiographical poems. This time it is not what I think but what Dylan thinks.MAGGIES FARMI aint gonna work on Maggies farm no more.Well, I wake in the morning,Fold my hands and pray for rain.I got a head full of ideasThat are drivin me insane.Its a shame the way she makes me scrub the floor."I aint gonna work on Maggies farm no more" I aint gonna work withthe Commies on their collective farm, prison farm, gulag, no more, nomore "Well, I wake up" I am awakened, caused to be made aware oftheir evil "in the morning" early on in life "Fold my hands" withdraw mystyle of writing, lay my cards face down on a table, give up onCommunism ever being a viable ideology. In Some Other Kinds ofSongs Dylan discusses the British musical invasion, "four queens with pawed out hearts make believe theyre still good but i should drop fold" "and pray for rain" and hope that I can write songs that show the full extent of my hatred for Soviet Communism "I got a head" a person who leads, rules, or is in charge; a leader, chief, or director "full of ideas" full of Communist ideology "That are drivin me insane" forcing me into an irrational act or state, Isis "What drives me to you is what drives me insane "Its a shame the way she makes me scrub" "scrub" slang, cancel or abandon; drop "the floor" the part of a legislative chamber or meetinghall where members are seated and from which they speak. Its a shame the way Communismabrogates democracy. "No, I aint gonna work on Maggies Farm no more." I am not going tofurther the work of the Communists anymore!I aint gonna work for Maggies brother no more.Well, he hands you a nickel,He hands you a dime,He asks you with a grinIf youre havin a good time,Then he fines you every time you slam the door.
  2. 2. "I aint gonna work for Maggies brother no more" brother: a fellow member, as of a trade union "Well, he hands you a nickel, He hands you a dime" he gives you a nickel an hour raise here, a dime an hour raise there "He asks you with a grin" he wants you to grin and bear it: informal to suffer hardship without complaint "If youre havin a good time" sarcastic "Then he fines you" he penalizes the members "every time you slam the door" every time you become angry and strike, as he is in league with the bosses. Tarantula, "mickey mantle hitting a grand slam"I aint gonna work for Maggies pa no more.Well, he puts his cigarOut in your face just for kicks.His bedroom windowIt is made out of bricks.The National Guard stands around his door. "I aint gonna work for Maggies pa no more" the Soviet Union, the father of Communism, "Well, he puts his cigar" his puts his propaganda, Eleven Outlined Epitaphs, "as I stumble on lost cigars of Bertolt Brecht" Brecht was a Communist play write whose works were used as Communist propaganda "Out in your face" out in your outward appearance, your race "just for kicks" for no real purpose, just to demonstrate his power, his kick "His bedroom window" his entre to sexuality, bedroom, sexually suggestive: a bedroom comedy; "It is made out of bricks" it bars inter-racial marriage as the Russian race must bepreserved "The National Guard stands around his door" and the Communists are no better thanthe Southern racists. Alabama Gov. George Wallace stood at the door of Foster Auditorium atthe University of Alabama in a symbolic attempt to block two black students from enrolling at theschool. They were escorted inside by members of the federalized National Guard.I aint gonna work for Maggies ma no more.Well, she talks to all the servantsAbout man and God and law.Everybody saysShes the brains behind pa.Shes sixty-eight, but she says shes twenty-four."I aint gonna work for Maggies ma no more" communisms conscience, Karl Marx "Well, she talks to all the servants" the followers of communism. Servant: one who expresses submission, recognizance, or debt to another, in this case Karl Marx "About man" humanism "and God" atheism "and law" economic laws "Everybody says / Shes the brains behind pa" Marxism is the ideology of the Soviet Union "Shes sixty-eight, but she says shes twenty-four" Marxism in antiquated and outdated yet pretends to be contemporary. Marx wrote Das Kapital in 1867 and it is not applicable to moderneconomics.
  3. 3. "mother, ma, mama" as conscience: Tarantula, "if i was you, id give in & go chop those treesdown for my mother - after all, theres a little mother in all of us" George Washingtonsconscience bothered him so much he copped to chopping down a cherry tree that was off limits.Tarantula "by the way, you should call your mother Stella just to show her that you meanbusiness" illusion to the film On the Waterfront wherein Stella serves as Marlon BrandosconscienceWell, I try my bestTo be just like I am,But everybody wants youTo be just like them.They sing while you slave and I just get bored."Well, I try my best / To be just like I am, / But everybody" the Communists "wants you / To bejust like them / They sing while you slave" while you are abjectly subservient to a specifiedperson: Karl Marx "and I just get bored"THE GATES OF EDEN "The savage soldier" sarcastic: General Dwight Eisenhower who was accused of being too soft on the Soviets by the right "sticks his head in sand" ignores historical precedents "sand" history; Chronicles, "MacLeish wrote deep poems, was the man of godless sand. He could take real people from history, people like Emperor Charles or Montezuma and Cortes the Conquistador, and with the tender touch of a creator, deliver them right to your door." "And then complains" aboutSoviet expansionism "Unto the shoeless" unto Nikita Khrushchev who took his shoe off andbanged it on the Soviet Delegations desk at the United Nations in 1960 "hunter" John FitzgeraldKennedy: "Khrushchev reminds me of the tiger hunter who has picked a place on the wall tohang the tigers skin long before he has caught the tiger. This tiger has other ideas." "whosgone deaf" who ignores IKEs complaints; who is wearing earphones that provides him with atranslation "But still remains" but nonetheless remains "Upon the beach" in a protected area, theUnited Nations Tarantula, "i know it very well the beaches are extremely fantastic - i hear thefuzz are down there now tho yeah baby the fuzz come in about last Christmas" Chronicles,"slow speed nosed up on a protective beach at night" "where hound dogs" diplomats "bay"express by barking or howling: a mob baying its approval "At ships" at revolutions as in TheHour That The Ship Comes In "with tattooed" a permanent mark or design such as a REDSTAR "Heading for the Gates of Eden" trying to destroy America by penetrating its borders asCommunism is 90 miles away from Key West in Cuba. "Hound dogs" as diplomats: Everythingis BrokenBroken hands on broken ploughs,Broken treaties, broken vows,Broken pipes, broken tools,People bending broken rules.Hound dog howling, bull frog croaking,Everything is broken.
  4. 4. "Broken hands" broken signatures "on broken ploughs" Isiah 2:4 "And he shall judge among thenations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, andtheir spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall theylearn war any more" "Broken treaties" between the Israelis and the Palestinians "broken vows"broken promises of peace "Broken pipes" pipe bombs exploding, fragmenting "broken tools"Palestinians being used as tools, manipulated by others into performing suicidal missions"People bending" Palestinians ignoring or changing rules to suit themselves "broken rules" rulesgoverning human rights that have already been broken by the Israelis "Hound dog" Israelidiplomats "howling" drowning out or silencing peace by loud derisive calls: The candidate washowled down at the town meeting" "bullfrog" soldiers: frog: a military style fastening on a coatconsisting of a button and a loop "croaking" dying "Everything is broken." Tarantula, "onwardthen when Brown Dan, the creep cop - who likes to kill bullfrogs & whose boss keeps saying"hes got a bad knee but you oughta see him run, babe, you oughta see m run & chase themlittle chink lovers when they come down the river."The foreign sun, it squints uponA bed that is never mineAs friends and other strangersFrom their fates try to resignLeaving men wholly, totally freeTo do anything they wish to do but dieAnd there are no trials inside the Gates of Eden "The foreign" the Communist; Tarantula, "wonder who ronald reagan talked to about the foreign situation? think about it kid, but dont ask any foreigners" "sun" enlightenment "it squints upon" it barely illuminates "a bed" a very basis; a foundation: Ownership of land is the bedrock of democracy "that is never mine" that I can never embrace, reconcile myself to "As friends" as those friendly to the United States "and other strangers" but who are often not treated as such; In 1956 America refused to back the Hungarian Uprising. What was worse was that during the uprising, the Radio Free EuropesHungarian-language programs broadcast news of the political and military situation, as well asappealing to Hungarians to fight the Soviet forces, including tactical advice on resistancemethods. After the Soviet suppression of the revolution, Radio Free Europe was criticized forhaving misled the Hungarian people that NATO or United Nations would intervene if the citizenscontinued to resist "From their fates try to resign" try to overthrow their dirty communistoverseers "Leaving men" abandoning the Hungarians and leaving them "wholly, totally free"sarcastic, overstatement not subject to arbitrary interference by a government: a free press "Todo anything they wish to do but die" to do anything they wished except die trying to destroy theSoviet tanks that rolled in "And there are no trials inside the Gates of Eden" and there are nostaged Communist show trials in the United States of America! After the failed uprising therewas Stalinist show trials, after which thousands of people were hanged and tossed in unmarkedgraves.Its Alright Ma (Im Only Bleeding) is perhaps Dylans most insightful anti-Communist poem. Hedescribes the Kremlin as a "stuffed graveyard." Dylans faith in me was not misplaced as I amfinally able to translate these fantastic poems to my own satisfaction.
  5. 5. ITS ALRIGHT MA (IM ONLY BLEEDING) 1965Darkness at the break of noonShadows even the silver spoonThe handmade blade, the childs balloonEclipses both the sun and moonTo understand you know too soonThere is no sense in trying.Pointed threats, they bluff with scornSuicide remarks are tornFrom the fools gold mouthpieceThe hollow horn plays wasted wordsProves to warnThat he not busy being bornIs busy dying."The darkness" something exhibiting or stemming from evil characteristics or forces; sinister "atthe break" "break" that will weaken or destroy, as in spirit or health; overwhelm with adversity;also force out or release suddenly and violently "of noon" at a time to leave or face theconsequences; Tarantula, "Docs gonna have to leave by noon" Tonight Ill Be Staying HereWith You, "would have left this town by noon." I and I, "Noontime, and Im still pushing myselfalong the road" also High Noon a 1950s western starring Gary Cooper about a deadlyconfrontation. Additionally an image of that which occurs during a cataclysmic event such as anuclear bomb being dropped on a city causing a cloud of radioactive dust to block out the sun"Shadows" causes a shadow government of exiled leaders; a shadow cabinet "even the silverspoon" including the President John F. Kennedy "The handmade blade" the ICBM which hasthe tapered outline of a blade "the childs balloon" Sputnik, the round Russian satellite "Eclipsesboth the sun and moon" are in space or in orbit and this is why they block out the sun and moon"To understand you know too soon" and if you understand the imminent danger "There is nosense in trying" sarcastic: it makes no sense in trying to fight Communism.Pointed threats, they bluff with scornSuicide remarks are tornFrom the fools gold mouthpieceThe hollow horn plays wasted wordsProves to warnThat he not busy being bornIs busy dying. "Pointed threats" an object having a sharp or tapered end, missiles "they bluff" pretend to be viable in order to influence the Soviets "with scorn" yet America refuses to do something because it is felt to be undesirable or wrong "Suicide remarks" comments and observations of mutual suicide MMD mutual mass destruction "are torn" are disrupted by the pull of contrary forces; "torn by conflicting party loyalties" "From the fools" from the leaders of the Republican Party "gold mouthpiece" Senator BarryGoldwater of Arizona the spokesperson through which its views are expressed "The hollow"without any real value or worth "horn" a device for projecting sound waves, as in a loudspeaker:the electronic media "plays" broadcasts "wasted words" unfruitful Goldwater campaign
  6. 6. speeches "Proves" that establishes the authenticity of "to warn" an admonition of actual orpotential harm, danger, or evil from the Soviets and as a result "That he not busy" actively orfully engaged; occupied "being born" "born" being native born to a particular country, region, orplace. American-born; a nationalist, a patriot, an extreme anti-Communist "Is busy dying" is inreality committing suicide. Goldwater, "I would remind you that extremism in the defense ofliberty is no vice!"Temptations page flies out the doorYou follow, find yourself at warWatch waterfalls of pity roarYou feel to moan but unlike beforeYou discoverThat youd just beOne more person crying.So dont fear if you hearA foreign sound to your earIts alright, Ma, Im only sighing."Temptations" someone who is willing to provoke or to risk provoking the Soviets like a "page"like Senator Barry Goldwater Senate page "flies out the door" is dismissed summarily, anopportunity is wasted "You follow, find yourself at war" you go along with this when you voteDemocratic and you find you are fighting in Vietnam as a result of weakened anti-Communism"Watch waterfalls" watch the rising tide of sorrow and "of pity" of Communism. "Pity" sympathyand sorrow aroused by the misfortune or suffering of others "roar" triumph "roar" a loud deepcry, uttered by a person or crowd, in triumph "You feel to moan" grieve for the death of liberty"but unlike before / You discover / That youd just be / One more person crying" but this time theCommunists have taken over the United States asshole! "So dont fear if you hear" sarcastic:you better fear it "A foreign" a Communist "sound" transmitted vibrations of any frequency:Radio Moscow "to your ear" playing to your sympathy. "Its alright, Ma, Im only sighing"sarcastic: Oh well, I have resigned myself to a Communist takeover of the United States. Whatare you gonna do?As some warn victory, some downfallPrivate reasons great or smallCan be seen in the eyes of those that callTo make all that should be killed to crawlWhile others say dont hate nothing at allExcept hatred."As some warn" notify or apprise in advance "victory" Soviet dictator Nikita Khrushchev statedwe will bury you "some downfall" a sudden loss of rank: a Communist coup in the United States"Private" belonging to a particular person or persons, as opposed to the government "reasons"the basis or motives for an action, decision, or conviction "great or small" involving a lot or a littlewealth "Can be seen in the eyes" can be detected in the thoughts "of those that call" demand"To make all that should be killed to crawl" to make the rich act in a servile fashion and if not linethem up against the wall and shoot them "While others" opposite or contrary; reverse "say donthate nothing at all" dont hate people because of class differences "Except hatred" but focus onracial hatred. "Eyes" as thoughts: In Gonna Change My Way of Thinking written during DylansChristian period he had this to say about Judaism, "You can mislead a man / You can take ahold of his heart with your eyes."
  7. 7. Disillusioned words like bullets barkAs human gods aim for their markMade everything from toy guns that sparkTo flesh-colored Christs that glow in the darkIts easy to see without looking too farThat not muchIs really sacred."Disillusioned words" Communist rhetoric designed to disillusion people about capitalism "likebullets" like missiles "bark" like a barker at a carnival "As human" those subject to or indicativeof the weaknesses, imperfections, and fragility associated with humans "gods" Communistleaders "aim for their mark" mark: slang a person who is the intended victim of a swindler; adupe "Made everything from toy guns that spark" from Kalashnikovs, that are a vital, animating,or activating factor igniting the spark of revolution "To flesh colored" human "Christs" martyrs"that glow in the dark" that suffer from radiation poisoning "Its easy to see without looking toofar" too far to the Left "That not much Is really sacred" that human life is not regarded as tooimportant to be changed or interfered with.While preachers preach of evil fatesTeachers teach that knowledge waitsCan lead to hundred-dollar platesGoodness hides behind its gatesBut even the president of the United StatesSometimes must haveTo stand naked.An though the rules of the road have been lodgedIts only peoples games that you got to dodgeAnd its alright, Ma, I can make it."While preachers preach of evil fates" while politicians like Barry Goldwater speak in support ofthe idea that American is headed for Communism and the Soviet Union must be destroyed"Teachers teach" liberal college professors teach "that knowledge waits" that the intellectualsbelieve that America should wait and not launch a first strike against the Soviets becauseCommunism "Can lead to hundred-dollar plates" can lead to an equal distribution of wealth"plate" a dish passed among the members of a group or congregation for the collection of offerings later some of which will be given to the poor. "Goodness hides" and that decency conceals itself "behind its gates" behind the borders of the Soviet Union "but even the President of the United States / Sometimes must have / To stand naked" but even the President of the United States must tell the truth without addition, concealment, disguise, or embellishment, even if it is by accident "And though the rules of the road" a set of customary diplomatic practices "have been lodged" have been vested in certain authorities, have been formulated by Americans like Henry Cabot Lodge, an ultra-nationalist conservative Republican advocate of annexation and an aggressive foreign policy. Also Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. who was Richard Nixons running mate inthe 1960 presidential election and later served as ambassador to South Vietnam (1963-1967)."Its only peoples games" it only the Soviets nuclear tipped missiles "that you got to dodge"avoid being hit by, nothing that dangerous "And its alright ma, I can make it" I can dodge thosemissiles; "make it, achieve a goal; be successful.
  8. 8. Advertising signs that con youInto thinking youre the oneThat can do whats never been doneThat can win whats never been wonMeantime life outside goes onAll around you."Advertising signs" communist propaganda "that con you" dupe you "Into thinking youre the one/ That can do whats never been done" that you can make a communist revolution in America"That can win whats never been won" that you can win a war against an undefeated UnitedStates "Meantime life outside goes on / All around you" during the intervening period Capitalismthrives all around you.You lose yourself, you reappearYou suddenly find you got nothing to fearAlone you stand with nobody nearWhen a trembling distant voice, unclearStartles your sleeping ears to hearThat somebody thinksThey really found you."You lose yourself," you lose your old personality "you reappear" and you reappear as asocialist "You suddenly find you got nothing to fear" sarcastic; you have the U.S. Government tofear "Alone you stand" you stand alone in your idealistic beliefs "with nobody near" without theaid of the Communist Party "When a trembling" uncertain "distant" far removed or apart in time"voice" medium or agency of expression "unclear" confusing or hard to understand "Startles"suddenly awakens "your sleeping ears" dormant sympathies "to hear / That somebody thinks /They really found you" that Karl Marx and the Communist Party have found you.A question in your nerves is litYet you know there is no answer fit to satisfyInsure you not to quitTo keep it in your mind and not fergitThat it is not he or she or them or itThat you belong to.Although the masters make the rulesFor the wise men and the foolsI got nothing, Ma, to live up to."A question in your nerves is lit" do you have the courage to become a card carryingCommunist? "Yet you know there is no answer fit to satisfy" yet you know no rationalization willwork "Insure you not to quit" make you not take part in this struggle "To keep it in your mind andnot fergit" that will make sure you remember "That it is not he or she or them or it" that it is notindividual communists, nor the Communist Party nor communism "That you belong to" that youare a member of "Although the masters" one whose teachings or doctrines are accepted byfollowers such as Karl Marx "make the rules" creates an authoritative, prescribed direction forconduct, especially one of the regulations governing procedure in a legislative body "For thewise men" for those exhibiting common sense; prudence; When The Ship Comes In, "And the
  9. 9. ships wise men / Will remind you once again / That the whole wide world is watchin" "and thefools" and the armed revolutionaries, Tarantula, "fool! no wonder you want to start a revolution""I got nothing, Ma, to live up to" my conscience tells me that I have no doctrine to act inaccordance with: live up to Communist ideals nor do I need to carry out; fulfill: live up to any sortof bargain I made with the Communist Party USA.For them that must obey authorityThat they do not respect in any degreeWho despise their jobs, their destiniesSpeak jealously of them that are freeCultivate their flowers to beNothing more than somethingThey invest in."For them that must obey authority" for those poor souls trapped behind the authoritarian IronCurtain in the Soviet satellite countries who must do the Soviets bidding "That they do notrespect in any degree" who not only despise the Soviets for being Communist but for beingRussian, as they are Hungarian, Czechoslovakian etc "Who despise their jobs" as police, intelligence agents "their destinies" all of which has been predetermined for them "Speak jealously of them that are free" really want to be part of the Free World "Cultivate" try to develop a friendship with a person "their flowers to be" who is an informant. Sarcastic: the highest example or best representative of a people or class "Nothing more than something they invest in" not to further Communist ideology but to make money just as the Capitalists do.While some on principles baptizedTo strict party platform tiesSocial clubs in drag disguiseOutsiders they can freely criticizeTell nothing except who to idolizeAnd then say God bless him."While some" while others "on principles" on truths or propositions so clearthat they cannot be proved nor contradicted "baptized" are initiated, born into a family that has connections "To strict party platform" to those who issueformal declaration of the principles on which a group, such as the Communistparty, makes its appeal to the public "ties" this is often through a blood tie ormarital ties to the Communist Party elite "Social clubs" capitalist countryclubs, "in drag disguise" disguised as opposite of what they really are"Outsiders they can freely criticize" an elite, they can criticize the activities ofthe Communist Party rank and file "Tell nothing except who to idolize" andtell these Party members who will run for office "And then say God blesshim" and swear him in even before he is elected as he is unopposed. In1956, Yugoslavian dissident Milovan Djilas was arrested for his writings and for his support ofthe Hungarian Revolution and sentenced to nine years in prison. In 1957 Dilas published TheNew Class: An Analysis of the Communist System, in which he argued that communism inEastern Europe was not egalitarian, and that it was establishing a new class of privileged partybureaucracy - who enjoyed material benefits from their positions.
  10. 10. While one who sings with his tongue on fireGargles in the rat race choirBent out of shape from societys pliersCares not to come up any higherBut rather get you down in the holeThat hes in.But I mean no harm nor put faultOn anyone that lives in a vaultBut its alright, Ma, if I cant please him."While one who sings with his tongue on fire" while those who speak out against the Soviet regime in no uncertain terms; Eleven Outlined Epitaphs, "with melodies of Yevtushenko" Yevtushenko, through his poetry, was the first voice to speak out against Stalinism. Yevtushenko became one of the best known poets of the 1950s and 1960s in the Soviet Union. "Gargles in the rat race choir" refuses to be part of the culture of informing on others. Some Other Kinds of Songs, "you tell me about politics / this that /you speak of rats" "Bent out of shape from societys pliers" Yevtushenkos maternal grandfather had been a Red Army officer during the Russian Revolution and the Civil War but both of Yevtushenkos grandfathers were arrested as "enemies of the people" in 1937 during Stalins purges. "Cares not tocome up any higher" was kicked out of the Soviet Literary Institute for individualism "But ratherget you down in the hole / That hes in." rather get you in a deep or isolated place ofconfinement; a dungeon. Yevtushenko was confined to the Soviet Union "But I mean no harmnor put fault" sarcastic: I would like to kill the Communists who bare the blame for thepersecution this poet "On anyone that lives in a vault" on anyone that lives in a country whereyou have to get an exit visa from the Government to get out of, a vast minimum security prisonknown as The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. "But its alright, Ma, if I cant please him" sowho cares what the Left thinks of me.Old lady judges watch people in pairsLimited in sex, they dareTo push fake morals, insult and stareWhile money doesnt talk, it swearsObscenity, who really caresPropaganda, all is phony."Old lady judges" Soviet journalists. Memphis Blues Again "the ladies treat me kindly andfurnish me with tape" recording tape for interviews "watch" keep a watchful eye on; guard, taketheir cues from "people in pairs" people who are joined, who have similar beliefs that aredependent upon each other, Communists, collectivists "Limited in sex" not having balls "theydare" they only have the courage to "To push fake morals" promote the lesson or principlecontained in or taught by an event from a Communist perspective "insult" give offense; offendthe Free World "and stare" be imminent or unavoidable like Pravda or Radio Moscow "Whilemoney doesnt talk, it swears" while the Soviet media is highly critical of the influence of wealthin America "Obscenity, who really cares" who really cares if someone amasses an amount ofmoney that is objectionable or outrageous, obscenely rich. "Propaganda" the organizedpromotion of information to damage the cause of a government "all is phony" is prima fasciafalse.
  11. 11. While them that defend what they cannot seeWith a killers pride, securityIt blows the minds most bitterlyFor them that think deaths honestyWont fall upon them naturallyLife sometimesMust get lonely."While them that defend what they cannot see" while those who defend a government withoutunderstanding its true character or nature "With a killers pride" with an impressive group ofkillers "security" and measures adopted by a government to prevent espionage, sabotage, orattack such as those implemented by the MVD in Russia "It blows their minds most bitterly" it isincomprehensible, difficult or distasteful for these security police to accept, admit, or bear "Forthem that think deaths honesty" that the moral soundness and appropriateness of death "Wontfall upon them naturally" will be the result of their execution "Life sometimes / Must get lonely"understatement, their lives must be depressing.My eyes collide head-on with stuffed graveyardsFalse gods, I scuffAt pettiness which plays so roughWalk upside-down inside handcuffsKick my legs to crash it offSay okay, I have had enoughWhat else can you show me?"My eyes" my thoughts "collide head-on with" arediametrically opposed to "stuffed graveyards" the Kremlinwhere the bodies of Lenin and Stalin were displayed."Stuffed" filled to restore the natural form for mounting ordisplay "False gods, I scuff" I reject these communistdictators "At pettiness" petty offenses against Stalin "whichplays so rough" which were punished by death orimprisonment "Walk upside-down inside handcuffs" gothrough life singing songs that are the opposite of what I believe in because I have beenrendered ineffective or impotent "Kick my legs to crash it off" use my rational thought to smash itto pieces "Say okay, I have had enough" I had enough of this Communist bullshit "What elsecan you show me?" what else can you reveal to me about yourself that is worse than JoeStalin? "And if my thought-dreams could be seen" and if my counter-revolutionary beliefs wereever made public "Theyd probably put my head in a guillotine" I would be treated in the samefashion as counter-revolutionaries were treated during the French Revolution "But its alright,Ma, its life, and life only" but my conscience does not bother me about what happens to theState Security Services after Communism is overthrown, since it is just a matter of life anddeath, nothing really consequential.