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2012 Navy Region NW FCPO Symposium (CPO SELECTION BOARDS)


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2012 Navy Region NW FCPO Symposium (CPO SELECTION BOARDS)

  2. 2. Today’s Topics * EVALs* BOARD PACKAGES * BOARD PROCESS
  3. 3. WRITING EVALs (EXAMPLES, NOT ACTUAL EVAL ENTRIES)• WRITE TO THE SELECTION BOARD• Opening Line: A punch with CO’s recommendation (STRONGER THE BETTER). Examples: *** USS LAST SHIP’S 2011 SENIOR SAILOR OF THE YEAR *** My number one of 105 highly competitive First Class Petty Officers. He is a dynamic and versatile leader that manages the duties of both aviation maintenance and Division LCPO/Officer responsibilities with exceptional vision and foresight. An absolute must select for Chief! – My #2 of 46 outstanding First Classes. Petty officer (name) is a rising star…the type of high-octane leader CO’s beg to have in their command. A MUST SELECT!
  4. 4. WRITING EVALs (Cont’d) (EXAMPLES, NOT ACTUAL EVAL ENTRIES)• Closing Paragraph: The STRONGER THE BETTER• “HM1 (name) is a leader among leaders. He has his finger on the pulse of the Division and reacts to situations before they occur. He has my full and complete trust to make the right decision the first time. MY STRONGEST POSSIBLE PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION FOR CHIEF PETTY OFFICER SELECT NOW!”• “RP1 (name) is an absolute leader in my command. High standards and genuine concern for Sailors makes her a 100% must select for CPO. I would actively seek-out RP1 (name) to serve with her once again in a combat deployment. Advance IMMEDIATELY to CPO!”
  6. 6. WRITING EVALs (Cont’d)* If a collateral duty is listed in Block 29, write about it in Block 40.
  7. 7. WRITING EVALs (Cont’d)* When writing your eval or your Sailors evals, refer to the mostrecent selection board precept early and often. Board Precept Eval
  8. 8. BEST EDGE OVER COMPETITION• Upward Eval/Fitrep trend• Breakout comments in write-ups• Diversity/Arduous background (Taking the hard jobs)• Fully and Best Qualified for next paygrade
  10. 10. DETRACTORS (EXAMPLES, NOT ACTUAL EVAL ENTRIES) Missing Evals/Fitreps Declining Eval/Fitrep Operational Tour, NO PIN and NO QUALIFICATIONS NJP, Misconduct or Substandard Performance (Last 5 years) PFA Failure - Out of standards (BCA) (Last 5 years)
  11. 11. SOFT KILLS No leadership Zero command collateral duties No community involvement Guesswork in write-ups. (No flowery words) Homesteading without taking on the appropriate level of responsibilities. (Get out of the comfort zone!)
  12. 12. QUALIFICATIONS & AWARDS QUALIFICATIONS – EXW/SW/AW/FMF/SCW/SS, MTS, Dive Master, Aircrew, DCTT, OOD Underway, Patrol Craft Pin, etc. (If the qualification is out there get it, it’s just going to make you stand out from your peers.) PERSONAL AWARDS – Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal & above, Flag Letters of Commendation, Meritorious , etc. (Make sure all your personal awards are in your Official Military Personnel File. Your CD-ROM from Bureau of Naval personnel/BOL WERR.)
  13. 13. SUBMITTING BOARD PACKAGESSubmit a Package to Validate the Board Process!
  14. 14. SAMPLE COVER LETTER TO THE BOARD 1430 (date)From: ITC(SW) P. S. SELECTME, USN, 123-45-6789To: President, FY-E7 Selection Board (Active/Reserve)Subj: INFORMATION FOR CONSIDERATION BY THE SELECTION BOARDRef: (a) NAVADMIN ___/__Encl: (1) Package of items for review12. Per reference (a), enclosure (1) is forwarded forconsideration. P. S. SELECTME IT1(SW) USN
  15. 15. SAMPLE COVER LETTER TO THE BOARD (WITH SHORT STATEMENTS) 1430 (date)From: ITC(SW) P. S. SELECTME, USN, 123-45-6789To: President, FY-E7 Selection Board (Active/Reserve)Subj: INFORMATION FOR CONSIDERATION BY THE SELECTION BOARDRef: (a) NAVADMIN ___/__Encl: (1) Package of items for review13.Per reference (a), enclosure (1) is forwarded forconsideration.16.Please be aware that upon review of my service record, Idiscovered two records of NJP proceedings from a differentenlisted person. These documents do not refer to me and Ihave sent correspondence to NAVPERSCOM (PERS-313) to havethem removed from my permanent service record. P. S. SELECTME IT1(SW) USN
  16. 16. REVIEW/UPDATE RECORD• CHECK CONTINUITY OF EVALS/FITREPS: Steps to take – Login to BUPERS Online (BOL) – Go to BOL Application Menu – Select “FITREP/EVAL Reports” – The select “Performance Evaluation Continuity” on the next screen. The next screen will show you if you have any gaps or overlaps in FITREP/EVAL periodicity. – You can also review your PSR for continuity.
  17. 17. Performance Evaluation Continuity Report• Check BOL to make sure you are not missing any Evaluation dates on your Performance EvaluationContinuity Report.• If you don’t care aboutyour record why shouldthe Board Members care. Make sure you have no missing periods
  18. 18. REVIEW/UPDATE RECORD (Cont’d) PACKAGE: “SUBMIT ONE” TO VALIDATE THE BOARD PROCESS. Ensure you write your Name, Rate and full SSN on all enclosures you send to the Board if it isn’t already on the enclosure! WHAT TO INCLUDE IN YOUR BOARD PACKAGE:  Any missing Evals  Missing Page 4’s (showing Education, Awards and Warfares.)  Missing Award Citation(s)  College Degree Certificate  Community Service Awards  Warfare Certificate  Any other document you feel the Board should see
  19. 19. GUIDELINES FOR SUBMITTING A PACKAGE REFERENCE – Use current NAVADMIN for guidance and board package due dates. LIMIT ENCLOSURES (Only submit what’s missing from your record.) CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER HIGHLIGHTING – Don’t highlight as this can cause the area to be blackened out when scanned into the system! DUPLICATION – AVOID! However, you may send enclosures “for the ease of review” like YOUR LAST EVAL/FITREP.
  20. 20. GUIDELINES FOR SUBMITTING A PACKAGE (Cont’d) Closing Paragraph: This should explain your entire package. Use this space to explain any item of concern about your record or career you think the selection board might question! Example: Why you didn’t get a warfare pin during an operational tour when you had the opportunity to get one! AVOID SENDING resumes, pictures, movies, money, gifts, etc., to sway your chances!
  21. 21. MEMBERSHIP CONSIDERATIONS• The objective in putting together board members is to ensure every candidate is fairly represented from as many perspectives as possible. When considering prospective board members, Navy Personnel Command considers the following: – Rating – Minority – Gender – Reserve/Active Component – Geographic Location – Community (i.e. Surface, Air, Sub, FMF, Seabee) – Number of Records to be Reviewed – Prior Board Experience
  22. 22. BOARD COMPOSITION• One Officer and 4-9 Master Chiefs per panel• President: – O-6 – Voting Member – Ensures compliance with precept• Voting Members: – Master Chief Petty Officers and Officers • CDR, LCDR, LT• Recorders: – Provide admin support – Non-voting members
  23. 23. BOARD COMPOSITION (Sample Panels) Admin: YN, PS, LN, MC Airframes: AD, AM, AZ, AS, PR Avionics: AC, AT, AE, AW, AG, AO Deck: BM, MA, QM Engineering A&E/DC: IC, EM, MR, HT, DC Engineering Propulsion: MM, EN, GS Medical/Dental: HM SEABEE’s: BU, CE, CM, UT, EA, EO, SW Security/Intel: CT, IS, NC, RP Supply: LS, CS, SH Surface Ops: MC, ET, IT, OS Surface Weapons: GM, ST, MNNote: Above is a starting point and ratings assigned to a specific panel will be adjusted as appropriate.
  24. 24. BOARD PROCESS BEGINS Brief on Equal Opportunity Guidance for all Eligible’s Board Members/Recorders are sworn in Discussion of criteria for selection Records assigned randomly to panels Record Review - Score Records Develop Slate – Brief President Tank – Present Slate to Board Members Vote – Majority Required Compile Slates for Presentation to CNP Call out with CNP Release Results via Naval Message
  25. 25. WHAT THE BOARD DOES AND DOESN’T SEE• The Board does see the following: – Your Official Military Personnel Record (OMPR), same record you get when you order your CD from BOL or review your record using the Web Enables Record Review (WERR). – Performance Summary Record (PSR). – Board Package submitted by YOU.• The Board doesn’t see the following: – The Board does not have access to your Electronic Training Jacket (ETJ) or your Electronic Service Record (ESR). That is why it is important to send in missing page 4’s/13’s to document your training/education/awards. – The Board doesn’t access your SMART Transcripts either.
  26. 26. WHAT THE BOARD LOOKS FOR IN YOUR RECORD• Sustained Superior Performance• Proven Deck-plate Leadership/Sailorization• Technical Expertise• Sea/Shore Rotataion• Warfare Qualification(s)• Diversity• Critical Command Collateral Duties• Command Involvement• Community Involvement• Education• POTENTIAL
  27. 27. FAQ “ I HAVE FAILED TO SELECT MULTIPLE TIMES, I AM FULLY QUALIFIED IN ALL AREAS REQUIRED BY MY COMMUNITY, COMPLETED TWO IA ASSIGNMENTS AND RECRUITING DUTY. WHAT AM I MISSING?”• Request a CAREER DEVELOPMENT BOARD (CDB)• Look at your PSR and order your CD (• Ensure the below items are in your service record: – Eval/Fitrep continuity – Awards – Education Information – Special Qualifications
  28. 28. PO1 Waterwalker vs. PO1 Lukewarm• Straight EP’s (#1 of 15) • Straight MP’s• Above SUM AVE • At SUM AVE• Poor narrative • Great narrative• Expected quals • Expected quals• No FCPOA • FCPOA Treasurer involvement • Associates• No education • 100% retention in dept• No retention comments • NCM as a FCPO• Light on awards • MOVSM• No community service • FFG, CV, OSEAS shore,• Multiple FFG’s • FMF, CONUS shore, recruiting, RDC, etc.
  29. 29. Results in…• Disappointed FCPO • Very happy Chief Waterwalker Lukewarm calling scratching his head his detailer for his next set of orders
  30. 30. The Four C’s (Standing out among your peers)1. Career (Doing well at your job, Leading FCPO, Mentoring Sailors, Deckplate Leadership, Sailorization , ect..)2. Collateral Duties (Command is Best / Departmental is Good)3. Community Service4. College / Non-Resident Courses / Vocational
  31. 31. Taking all of these things in to consideration, what isthe candidate’s potential to serve in the next higher paygrade?