2012 Navy Region NW FCPO Symposium (POP LEADERSHIP)


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2012 Navy Region NW FCPO Symposium (POP LEADERSHIP)

  1. 1. Power of Positive Leadership CMDCM(SS/SW) Kevin Staub COMSUBGRU9
  2. 2. Define Leadership? • Define leadership in one word… • Understanding how your leadership affects others…..The 360 Degree Leader
  3. 3. CPO MV&GP – FCPO Expectations• How often do you review them?• Do you know that these are now enlisted selection board precepts?• CPO EVALS reflect these traits.• How do you prepare your Sailors to meet these and are you writing their evaluations to reflect these?
  5. 5. How do we execute our First Class and Chief Petty Officer Expectations? • How can we enhance this throughout the Navy? • Discuss POP Leadership……Development of POP – CNO/MCPON Call
  6. 6. Mentoring• Who was a positive influence in your career and why?• What were the leadership characteristics of this individual?• How do you work to become a role model for your people?• Discuss some of the recent poor examples of leadership within our ranks and how they affect the team. The need to understand negative influence.PTS Scenario
  7. 7. POP Leadership VisionTo create a culture in which our Sailors are growing professionally and personally due to the positive leadership and the example projected by our leaders throughout the Navy.
  8. 8. POP Guiding Principles • 1 – Power of Positive • 2 - Passion with Compassion • 3 - Pride Projection • 4 - Empowerment • 5 - Projecting a Positive Attitude • 6 - Success Education • 7 - Understanding Influence
  9. 9. #1 Power of Positive• Always remember those who have supported you through positive leadership and provided you mentorship that has enabled your success. Bring this leadership trait forward by ensuring our Sailors are afforded the same opportunities through effective leadership, education, and communication..Mentorship importance – Regional and Tycom CCC Training
  10. 10. Power of Positive (cont) The future success of our Navy depends directly on how we execute and educate in the area of leadership and how we display this in our character on and off duty. Our Sailors will replicate what they see in us as leaders as they are watching what we say and more importantly what we do 24/7/365.Sons walk – its what they see.
  11. 11. PASSION WITH COMPASSIONExercise positive leadership by showing our Sailors how they are valued. Always display a passion for what you do as a leader by educating others on positive leadership traits. Develop in our Sailors today what they will need in the future for success. Exercise and show compassion when a shipmate is in need of assistance. This is the time they need their leader the most. How you support your Sailor during the hard times will develop trust and loyalty. Invest time in our Sailors and ensure you know them so that they feel confident that they can reach out to you. Exercise loyalty and professionalism at all times, on and off duty. Our Sailors are always watching their leaders, on and off duty.Squadron CPO to CMC experience – losing leadership- The Power of Leadership
  12. 12. #3 PRIDE PROJECTION • Read books on our heritage and then discuss this with our Sailors. Let them see that you are proud of our heritage and they will emulate. They are evaluating your professionalism, character, and sense of heritage 24 hours a day. Never forget, our Sailors want to be like you. Are you satisfied that you are the type of leader you want our Sailors to be like?......You are what you eat and read – dungeon and dragons – block 39
  13. 13. #4 EMPOWERMENT • Our Sailors seek the approval of you as their leader. It is very important to provide each Sailor with the opportunity to lead. As you show confidence in them, you are growing a very valuable tool; our future leaders. • As they see that you are developing their confidence they will develop the professionalism and loyalty towards you as trust and confidence are developed in both directions. Always remember, our Sailors are watching you…….CSADD – How can the CCC utilize CSADD?
  14. 14. #5 PROJECTING A POSITIVE ATTITUDE • Always be proud of who you are and ensure your Sailors see this. On bad days seek out your peers or a mentor to discuss problems. • Maintain both your physical and mental health so that your Sailors see the power of your positive attitude. Positive is infectious and so is negative if you are projecting it.A CCC’s bad day – focusing on self vice others Whale Done!
  15. 15. Projecting a Positive Attitude (cont) • Be supportive and encouraging of our Sailors through active communication. Ensure you spend time praising them in public and counsel them in private. As you respect your Sailors, they will develop respect and admiration for you as their leadership. Always remember they want to be like you.CPO Disciplining a Sailor in Pway Aviation Ordnanceman 1st Class (AW/SW) David Eberhart
  16. 16. # 6 SUCCESS EDUCATION• Educating Sailors on areas of concern do not always need to address negative situations.• Use success stories to show them how they can also achieve success.• If we discuss the negative that may be all they understand, but if we want them to emulate a behavior you have to show them success to emulate. Whether professional or personal situations, they need to see the good not the bad.• Which do you want our Sailors to emulate?......How do you train your Sailors for success?
  17. 17. # 7 UNDERSTANDING INFLUENCE • As you grow the future leaders of our Navy, ensure you are also developing our future Commanding Officers that are currently in the wardroom. Discuss POP Leadership with them and understand the need to exhibit followership leadership. • Help our junior officers to understand their impact on our Sailors through their own leadership style and the need to keep it positive as the leader of your division, department, or command. • Invest today in our young Officers and you are establishing the future relationships that they will have with our future Chiefs. Your actions today can have a huge influence on the future.How do you shape the importance of your program for leadership?
  18. 18. UNDERSTANDING INFLUENCE (Cont)• Also, remember, you expect your Sailors to exercise followership leadership, are you exhibiting this with your seniors? Our Sailors will develop trust traits with you as you show them how to develop this with your own leadership…..Followership leadership with senior leaders----------Review
  19. 19. Review• Need to understand and execute CPO Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles.• Need to understand and execute POP Leadership.• Understand the impact of your influence at all levels in the chain of command.• Your attitude and leadership style is the difference.• Impact in lifting morale……
  20. 20. CNO Guidance for 2007-2008 • Admiral Roughead “We are the world’s finest Navy. Take pride that we provide for the safety, security, and prosperity of our Nation. We are headed in the right direction, and I am counting on your leadership, intellect, commitment and drive to keep us moving forward. I am honored to lead you. We are indeed the fortunate few who have the privilege to serve in the United States Navy.”Understand your contribution to our successUnderstand your impact on retention and recruiting
  21. 21. One leader can make a difference...• Tim McGraw – “Live Like You Were Dying”• “It’s The Climb” Miley Cyrus• Nickleback (All The Right Reasons)– “If Everyone Cared”What is your vision?How can you change the world?My vision for our young Sailors…Empowerment…
  22. 22. Recommended Reading Change, Influence, and positive.
  23. 23. Leading With POP!