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Storyworld Jam '14


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The opening presentation to the inaugural Storyworld Jam.

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Storyworld Jam '14

  1. 1. STORYWORLD TEAM Andrew Reid Max Wrighton Gian Dbeis Lee Gillespie Louise Macaulay
  3. 3. #SWJ14
  4. 4. Friday 4th 18:00 Welcome 18:10 Max Wrighton 18:30 Team Forming 19:00 Let the Jam Begin! 00:00 Close of Day One PROGRAMME #SWJ14
  5. 5. PROGRAMME Saturday 5th 08:00 Open of Day Two 12:00 Elevator Pitch (30 seconds) 17:00 Buffet & Networking (1 hour) 00:00 Close of Day Two #SWJ14
  6. 6. PROGRAMME Sunday 6th 08:00 Open of Day Three 17:00 Buffet & Networking (1 hour) 19:00 Jam Ends 19:30 Showcase / Wrap-up Party 00:00 Close of Day Three #SWJ14
  7. 7. What is a Storyworld? A storyworld is a fictional universe with a high level of detail and internal consistency. A storyworld has an established continuity and internal logic that must be adhered to throughout the work and even across separate works. #SWJ14
  8. 8. What is a Storyworld JAM? A cross media jam that allows participants to create any form of media during the same event. #SWJ14
  9. 9. #SWJ14 Conflict Concept SettingGenre Existents Theme
  10. 10. theme The unifying subject or idea of the storyworld #SWJ14
  11. 11. CONCEPT A Key Event in time that changes the State of within the storyworld #SWJ14
  12. 12. GENRE Defines the Stylistic conventions For characters, settings and events in the storyworld #SWJ14
  13. 13. SETTING Defines the space and time of the storyworld #SWJ14
  14. 14. EXISTENTS Objects or characters of special significance to the storyworld #SWJ14
  15. 15. RULES The rules of the storyworld describe how the world works from a scientific and mythological point of view. #SWJ14 Logos Natural Laws Magic Technology Economics Etc. Mythos Religion Philosophy Morals Ethics Etc.
  16. 16. JAM THEME CUR E #SWJ14
  17. 17. QUESTIONS? #SWJ14