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Sharing Threads from Google+


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Sharing Threads from Google+

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Sharing Threads from Google+

  1. 1. +Alan Gmail Calendar Documents Photos Reader Web more Alan Cann 0 Share… Search Google+ Send feedback Pat Heslop-Harrison - 12:42 PM - Limited Any ideas about the archive status of G+ (presumably being Google it is infinite). Also, is there any way to extract the posts and extended comments - ie to make something like a storify (although hopefully with more select/drag/drop functionality). - Comment - Share Alan Cann - As far as I know posts are available indefinitely (so far). There are no Storify-like apps for G+ yet. My choice would be to select a thread, save that as a PDF (using Print on a Mac), and embed in a page via 12:47 PM - Edit Add a comment... ©2011 Google - Terms - Content Policy - Privacy - English (United States) / No region