AIS e-High Availability (e-HA)


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AIS e-HA 2.0 provides state-of-the-art Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity through the use of enterprise-grade infrastructure and by leveraging the company’s highly redundant, geographically diverse data centers.

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AIS e-High Availability (e-HA)

  1. 1. AIS e-HA Managed Services An Introduction1
  2. 2. What is e-HA?• AIS e-HA Managed Services offer state-of-the-art Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity through the use enterprise-class equipment and technical expertise e-HA = Enterprise High Availability2
  3. 3. Why e-HA?Its for any business that Its for any business that needs: doesnt need: – Uptime – Huge CAPEX – Enterprise-class investment technology – Yearly MTC Contracts – Disaster Recovery – In-house design and – Business Continuity mgmt responsibility Not our core area of expertise 3
  4. 4. The AIS e-HA Portfolio Local HA Global HA Bundle Bundle Local HA Global HA Total HA Consists of two basic services plus bundled services.4
  5. 5. A look at AIS Local HA Data Center5
  6. 6. AIS Local HA• Server-level load balancing and failure detection• Custom service monitoring (e.g. email, DB)• Enterprise class hardware (F5 Networks)Basic Bundle• Single Load-balanced IP address • Local HA Basic with 10 IP addresses• 3 services (e.g. HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP) • Two custom service monitors• Up to 10 servers in load-balancing pool • Up to three iRules*• Continuous service monitoring of target • Up to two SSL certificates (1000 TPS servers each)• 24x7 monitoring and event escalation • 5 services per IP address by AIS Ops Control Center personnel • 10Mbps aggregate external bandwidth• 1Mbps external bandwidth (95th (95th percentile) percentile) *iRules are subject to approval based upon overall performance impact.6
  7. 7. A Look at AIS Global HA Data Center7
  8. 8. AIS Global HA• DNS-level load balancing and failure detection• Operated from two geographically diverse data centers• Enterprise class hardware (F5 Networks)Basic Bundle• Single host record (e.g. website URL) • Global HA Basic Service with 10 host• Continuous service monitoring of target records servers • Two custom service monitors• Optional performance-based or • Custom alert notification and escalation list location-based load balancing • 10 million QPM (Queries per month)• 1 million QPM (Queries Per Month)• 24x7 monitoring and event escalation by AIS Ops Control Center personnel8
  9. 9. A look at AIS Total HA Data Center9
  10. 10. AIS Total HA• Combines local and global high-availability services• Designed for quick recovery, business continuity• Integrated hardware solution (100% F5 Networks)• Global HA Bundle, plus the following Options additional services: • Private inter-site transport • Integrated Local and Global load • Custom failover method (e.g. no failback) balancing service • Remote hands administration • Up to 10 load-balanced services • Choice of two primary AIS Data Centers • Up to 10 custom service monitors • 10 million QPM (Queries per month) on the global HAs • 10 Mbps bandwidth (95th percentile) to Local HAs10
  11. 11. AIS e-HA Managed Services Wrap-up• Scalable service: ala carte or bundled• No hardware or maintenance costs (low cost of entry)• Fully or lightly managed solution• High-performance, enterprise-grade infrastructure• Leverage AIS geographic diversity, data center autonomy, AIS-operated MPLS backbone11
  12. 12. About American Internet Services (AIS) 866.971.265612
  13. 13. About American Internet Services (AIS)• We are enterprise-class data center and connectivity company with premium footprints in three geographic locations: Los Angeles, San Diego and Phoenix. – We provide colocation, managed, and network services. – 24x7: Resources are always available when you need them. – We are privately held, backed by Seaport Capital, Viridian Investments, and DuPont Capital Management.13