360-Degree Approach to DR / BC


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AIS shares its 360-degree approach to disaster recovery / business continuity.

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360-Degree Approach to DR / BC

  1. 1. Planning Ahead: Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity & Application/Service Availability A 360-Degree Approach1
  2. 2. Outages Happen San Diego Thursday, September 8, 2011Photo Credits: San Diego Union Tribune2
  3. 3. Common Causes of Downtime Source: Forester Research, Inc. 2007 Risk/Cause of Disaster % of Respondents who declared disasters Power failure 42% IT hardware failure 31% Network failure 21% IT software failure 16% Human error 16% Flood 12% Hurricane 10% Fire 7% 6% Winter storm Terrorism 4% Earthquake 3% Tornado 2% Chemical spill 1% Have not declared a disaster 24% Infrastructure ManMade 27% of respondents declared at least one disaster in the past five years IT Specific- HW Natural IT Specific - SW None 42% of respondents indicated that a power failure was the cause of their most significant disruption
  4. 4. Reasons for Planning Ahead… High Expectations for High Availability• Customers expect supplies and services will continue or resume rapidly in ALL situations• Shareholders expect management control to remain operational throughout a crisis• Suppliers expect revenue streams to continue• Regulatory Agencies expect requirements to be met, regardless of circumstance• Insurance Companies expect due care to be exercised4
  5. 5. Benefits for Planning Ahead Protect Reputation & Reduce Cost Financial & Legal Performance Exposure Competitive Protect Client Edge By Relationships Achieve Operating and Regulatory 24x7 Consumer Compliance Confidence Agility, Protect Flexibility & Revenue & Availability Market Share5
  6. 6. Approaching the Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity & Application/Service Availability Problem6
  7. 7. 360 Protection – Five EssentialsEvery business should have a plan that implementsall five to some degree.7
  8. 8. 360 Protection – Mapped Out8
  9. 9. Physical Diversity Dont put all your eggs in one basket…• Two (or more) physically separate locations – Far enough apart so a natural disaster doesnt affect all locations.9
  10. 10. Network Availability Accessibility with routing alternatives…10
  11. 11. Network Availability Accessibility with routing alternatives…• Ideally your Internet traffic and IP addresses will be routed through the best paths, and in an emergency you will be able to terminate nonfunctional routes.11
  12. 12. Network Availability Prepare for other hazards like DDoS attacks…• Can be mitigated through proper planning and the use of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) technology and communities. – These can tell the Internet where to route your traffic and can even help you take action against inbound attacks.12
  13. 13. Data Archiving Get your data out of Dodge…• Making sure your data is available offsite to help you resume operations – Traditional Approach: Backup Tapes – Alternate Approach: Leverage the Cloud Restoring from Internet takes less time.13
  14. 14. Data Replication Keeping data current…• Private, long-haul optical links and MPLS backbone network provides high-performance, redundant connectivity between data centers. 14
  15. 15. Application Failover Rapid, automatic and seamless…• Ensuring that user sessions can be efficiently directed to a secondary site with minimal interruption.15
  16. 16. Application Failover• e-High Availability – Customized failure detection – Traffic redirection across two or more locations• Global Load Balancers – Ensure no perceived down time16
  17. 17. The 360 Approach The Payoff: Sleep easier at night…17
  18. 18. How AIS Can Help…• Disaster Recovery Quick Start Package• Disaster Recover/Business Continuity Toolbox• AIS ProServices Consultation Sessions18
  19. 19. AIS DR/BC Quick Start Package19
  20. 20. AIS DR/BC Quick Start Package Quickly establish remote site…• 1/3 private rack (14ru) in the AIS Van Buren (Phoenix) data center• Redundant (A+B) power circuits with dedicated power distribution units (PDU)• Automatic Transfer Switch for single-powered devices• 1 Mbps of premium bandwidth with eight IP addresses• Initial AIS ProServices consultation session• Remote hands technical assistance20
  21. 21. AIS DR/BC Toolbox• Geographic Diversity• Critical Systems Infrastructure• Private Optical Network• HA/BC Infrastructure• Technical Expertise21
  22. 22. AIS DR/BC Methodology This approach ensures consistency and effectiveness.22
  23. 23. About American Internet Services (AIS)• We are enterprise-class data center and connectivity company with premium footprints in three geographic locations: Los Angeles, San Diego and Phoenix. – We provide colocation, managed, and network services. – 24x7: Resources are always available when you need them. – We are privately held, backed by Seaport Capital, Viridian Investments, and DuPont Capital Management.23
  24. 24. We are a call or click away…• www.americanis.net• 866-971-265624