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Published in: Technology
  • Slide 1) 2.0 it’s all about people are the message people make reputation
    Slide 2) let the others know that you are on socials. Stop sending cats and smiling faces
    Slide 3) PC is dead. Long life to mobile.
    Slide 4) facebook it’s not the web it’s a part of it
    Slide 5) advertising for associations not only a space on TV
    Slide 6) many john doe but only one email or mobile nr for each of them
    Slide 7) you watch me here meanwhile i’m on web tv or even working at home
    Slide 8) learn to express yourself in 140 caracters
    Slide 9) Italy need an energy drink for the IT
    Slide 10) easy to find book and buy travel online
    Slide 11) Google do not brings only traveler out of your business but helps you for free!
    Slide 12) Italian way to get money from banks to go holiday
    Slide 13) everybody can set up his own travel web portal
    Slide 14) faxes on windows faxes to download :-(
    Slide 15) little travel agent alone with his battle
    Slide 16) Expedia & TUI makes revenue also with travel agencies subscriptions meanwhile are fighting with them on the web ring
    Slide 17) It’s the web baby!
    Slide 18) how many of you has a TripAdvisor profile?
    Slide 19) good job isn’t?
    Slide 20) got tons of email opportunities in travel
    Slide 21) prefer read the tweets
    Slide 22) social talks
    Slide 23) do not leave your clients alone. Talk with them
    Slide 24) go for the right estrategy
    Slide 25) who is this guy?
    Slide 26) Oh yeahh
    Slide 27) I have a Breitling
    Slide 28) Uh gosh...
    Slide 29) Oohhh...
    Slide 30) 1.3M lot...
    Slide 31) Bravo Valentino
    Slide 32) yeah the President
    Slide 33) Dalai Lama
    Slide 34) Don’t forget ever NYC
    Slide 35) 7.5M almost the entire Austria
    Slide 36) 14M italians on FB almost two Austria
    Slide 37) for your business with good analisys review
    Slide 38) monitoring is vital
    Slide 39) put your blog share your visions
    Slide 40) put your good videos on it
    Slide 41) Slideshare, friendfeed, tweeter what ever
    Slide 42) more people see more people talk more people buy...
    Slide 43) mmh good sponsor i got here with my guru Kotler
    Slide 44) all of this on your mobile
    Slide 45) 50M cell phones in Italy one out of four it’s a smartphone
    Slide 46) you don’t even need a website anymore! Go on FB directly with your page!
    Slide 47) follow the wave. Don’t loose time.
    Slide 48) save money for stupid paper brochures the world will say 'thanks'
    Slide 49) go wherever you want but learn
    Slide 50) first time ever in Italy 2009 ecommerce in travel drop down
    Slide 51) Spain still the good nations for britons instead Italy
    Slide 52) Italian disaster in travel on 2009 still with a Minister of Tourism
    Slide 53) January down for occupancy in the italian hotels
    Slide 54) this guy as the former president of US Bill Clinton like girls
    Slide 55) people involved in the good and bad italian tourism field. Some of them in prisons some of them good talkers some of them good people and so on...
    Slide 56) 40M Euros invested in a travel portal or in others pockets? The dilemma.
    Slide 57) we don’t need this Minister of Tourism We need a Minister of Marketing possible with a better haircut
    Slide 58) what do you think about it? write to me
    Slide 59) if you need advise in your job call professionals
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6 Alex Kornfeind

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