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5 sustainability

  1. 1. Strategies and Opportunities for the Plastics Industry SUSTAINABILITY: PLASTICS FOR SUSTAINABLE FUTURE A presentation by… ARVIND M MEHTA Chairman Plastivision India Advisory Board. AIPMA Executive Director Council of International Plastics Association Directors (CIPAD) Past President: Plastindia Foundation Past President: AIPMA Miami, USA. 4-5 December 2012Country Report: Plastics Industry in India- Issues and Challenges
  2. 2. 1 Barrel of Oil Gasoline Value added 200% Wide range of finished goods Value added 2000% Petrochemical Industry Consumes AroundSustainability: Plastics for Sustainable Future 4% of World’s Crude Production 2
  3. 3. Plastics: Material of Choice Conserve Natural resources- Reduces depletion Better product characteristics than natural material End product property desired • Film Clarity • ESCR • Film Strength • Wall thickness and • Fabric Strength strength • Surface finish • Printability • Contact Clarity • High Pressure rating • Rigidity Impact • Dimensional Stability Over 100 Grades of Polymer Available- Choice Depends on End ProductsSustainability: Plastics for Sustainable Future 3
  4. 4. Sustainability: Plastics for Sustainable Future 4
  5. 5. AgricultureSustainability: Plastics for Sustainable Future
  6. 6. Sustainability: Plastics for Sustainable Future
  7. 7. Medical Applications of PVC & Polyethylene (PE) Medical Applications of PVC & Polyethylene (PE) Urine and Blood bags Drip Infusion Set Ability to be steam-sterilized Transparent to monitor flow at 121° C Low coefficient of Flexibility, strength and friction for easy transparency flow of fluids Favourable effect on erythrocyte Resistant to medical survival and body fluids & Low cost vs high performance Non-toxic Non-toxic Medicine Packaging Catheters Excellent gas barrier properties Excellent flexibility Flexibility Low coefficient Transparent of friction Non-contaminant Transparent Low cost Oxygenerator Tube Artificial Heart Good weldability for leak proof Excellent flexibility, products, Steam sterilizability, Non-toxic, Chemical Transparent inertness & Non-toxic Resistant to medical Bio-compatibility and body fluids Colostomy Bags: Wound Covering Films Flexibility, Microorganism Chemically inert, impermeability, Good breathing Easy to dispose & properties, Non-toxic Easy to peel off Packaging : Flexibility & Non-toxicity & Good flexibility I.V. Dressing & Storage Hip and Knee Joints of Bottle UHMWPE Good breath ability, Excellent abrasion resistance, Easy to peel off, Good mechanical properties, Good microorganism resistance & Low coefficient of friction & Easy to dispose Body compatibleSustainability: Plastics for Sustainable Future
  8. 8. HealthcareSustainability: Plastics for Sustainable Future
  9. 9. Sustainability: Plastics for Sustainable Future
  10. 10. Sustainability: Plastics for Sustainable Future
  11. 11. Sustainability: Plastics for Sustainable Future
  12. 12. Banning use of Plastics is no solution due to • Cost effectiveness • End product properties given by plastics • Non availability of alternate material • Ease of fabrication of complicated components • Single use disposable parts Need is to better manage negative image. Move towards renewable feeedstocks like ethanol for making plastics The Metamorphosis of JamnagarSustainability: Plastics for Sustainable Future 12
  13. 13. Jamnagar Petrochemical Complex- In harmony with nature New Township Green BeltSustainability: Plastics for Sustainable Future 13
  14. 14. • The world’s largest refinery integrated with Petrochemicals, Power, Port, Pipelines & Terminals • Jamnagar Plant – successful green initiative o Mega Project with virtually no ecological disturbance o Zero Discharge Plant • Developed & maintained Green Belt with vast Landscape o Commercial Plantation as a part of Greenbelt for sustainability. o Planted 5.7 million plants of more than 200 varieties in 850 ha 1998 2000 2010 The Metamorphosis of JamnagarSustainability: Plastics for Sustainable Future 14
  15. 15. • Going way beyond statutory norms • Cultivation of high yielding variety crops against all constraints • Production of off season fruits and vegetables • Commercial cultivation of high value crops • Promoting organic agriculture for maintaining the soil health • Use of plastics to avoid deforestation in post harvest handling of the produceSustainability: Plastics for Sustainable Future 15
  16. 16. • Mineral water, Soft Drinks, Liquors, Edible oils. Cosmetics Used PET Bottles • App 250000 Rag pickers • Over 100 collection centres Collection • 2700 MT/month~ 3 Million bottles/day Drive • Sleep and comfort products Polyfill • Pillows, Cushions, Quilts, Furniture, Soft toys, Fibre • Stringent quality standards used by Reliance • Oekotex Certification. Highest level of European ecological Certification for textile products QualitySustainability: Plastics for Sustainable Future 16
  17. 17. Municipal Dump Site Rag PickingSustainability: Plastics for Sustainable Future 17
  18. 18. Input to Collection centre Collection Centre First Stage Sorting Second stage Sorting Second stage Sorting Ready stock for Grinding/BailingSustainability: Plastics for Sustainable Future 18
  19. 19. PET recycling is well established – Baled bottles traded internationallySustainability: Plastics for Sustainable Future 19
  20. 20. • Recycling of PET well established by a wide variety of methods • Three recycling techniques are in use: o Mechanical recycling to produce clean flakes - Can be used 100% or mixed with virgin material for use in applications like fiber, sheet, strapping, blow moulding and engineering plastics compounds o De-polymerization to recover raw materials. Glycolysis and Methanolysis are widely used o Incineration. PET can be burnt without harming environment to recover energy. PET has the same calorific value as soft coal i.e. 23 MJ/kgSustainability: Plastics for Sustainable Future 20
  21. 21. Sustainability: Plastics for Sustainable Future 21
  22. 22. Thank youChemicals in Plastics 22