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Surviving -->Thriving with Virtual Agility: 4 Strategies to Success


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Learn the 4 Components to Virtual Agility

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Surviving -->Thriving with Virtual Agility: 4 Strategies to Success

  1. 1. Surviving  Thriving with Virtual Agility: 4 Strategies to Success ©2009 AIM Leadership
  2. 2. Overwhelmed and OverloadedInformation • Volume • Variety • Velocity • VeracityCommunication • Quantity • QualityRelationships • Reason, Season, Lifetime… LIFETIMEToo Connected to Care ©2009 AIM Leadership
  3. 3. Four Components to Virtual Agility 3 1. Filter How to sort, filter, prioritize, focus Key 1: Build this agility muscle NOW. This is an exponential growth curve , destined to get MUCH worse. Key 2: Know yourself. Customize your system accordingly. ©2009 AIM Leadership
  4. 4. Four Components to Virtual Agility 2. Focus Clear on outcome, flexible on approach Key 3: Get perspective: Do you have the right outcomes? Are your outcomes clear? Key 4: Get Feedback: What works well? What can be improved? Key 5: Get Flexible: What are the different approaches? What are your options? ©2009 AIM Leadership
  5. 5. Four Components to Virtual Agility 3. Learn Constantly Discipline to learn often Key 6: Be proactive: Take initiative and seek out learn before there are challenges. Key 7: Be agile: Learn different things, from different fields, through different mediums. Key 8: Develop a panel of trusted advisors. ©2009 AIM Leadership
  6. 6. Four Components to Virtual Agility 4. Comfort amid change Comfortable with constant growth and change Key 9: Prepare and plan. Then, expect it to be different. Key 10: Live in the Learning Zone. ©2009 AIM Leadership
  7. 7. IntegrationRate Yourself (1 lowest – 5 highest)How effectively do you….• Filter information, communication & relationships?• Focus on outcomes, while being flexible on approach?• Learning Constantly?• Feel comfortable with change? ©2009 AIM Leadership
  8. 8. ApplicationPick two keys to focus on…. 1. Build agility muscle NOW 2. Know yourself 3. Get perspective 4. Get feedback 5. Get flexible 6. Be proactive 7. Be agile 8. Develop a panel of trusted advisors 9. Prepare and plan 10. Live in the Learning Zone ©2009 AIM Leadership
  9. 9. EvaluateYour 2 Key areas for Growth (email us): • What will you do to improve? By when? • Who will hold you accountable?Practice Key 4: Give AIM Feedback • Complete brief survey monkey • get Ebook: “New Rules of Success” • Requests and Learnings email: ©2009 AIM Leadership