An Introduction to AIMCO


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An Introduction to AIMCO

  1. 1. Global Assembly TM Solutions
  2. 2. Corporate Profile AIMCO Quality Statement Global Assembly TM Solutions
  3. 3. Corporate Profile A Solid History of Growth and Stability! • Established in Portland, Oregon in 1970, AIMCO focuses on marketing industrial power tools, with an emphasis on tools for threaded-assembly and related products and services • Our ever-expanding product offering includes a complete line of assembly products, finishing tools and torque verification equipment. Global • Over nearly 40 years, AIMCO has grown to Assembly employ over 100 associates in the United States and internationally. TM Solutions
  4. 4. Corporate Profile Committed to Quality Customer Service! • AIMCO draws upon worldwide resources to provide solutions to suit the specific needs of our customers. • It is part of AIMCO’s vision to be a quality leader in its products, services, technology and business conduct on a worldwide basis. • Our commitment to unwavering customer satisfaction with the utmost level of professionalism has helped us Global Assembly establish a strong global presence. We TM Solutions are driven by our customers’ needs.
  5. 5. Corporate Profile Industrial Awards Toyota Award Honda Plant Manager Global Award Assembly TM Solutions
  6. 6. Corporate Profile Warehouse and Service Locations Portland, OR Troy, MI Chihuahua, Mexico Global Assembly TM Solutions • Plus 30 independent service centers and 200 distributors throughout North and South America
  7. 7. Corporate Profile Corporate Headquarters – Portland, Oregon AIMCO’s Portland, Oregon facility houses the administrative offices, customer service department, service departments, calibration facility and main inventory warehouse Global Assembly TM Solutions
  8. 8. Corporate Profile Corporate Headquarters – Portland, Oregon •AIMCO’s master warehouse in Portland covers over 100,000 sq. feet of shipping facilities, tools, parts and accessories. Global Assembly TM Solutions
  9. 9. Corporate Profile U.S. Regional Sales Managers Global Sales Engineers Assembly TM Solutions
  10. 10. Corporate Profile Troy, Michigan Facility The Troy, Michigan facility functions as an additional warehouse and customer support resource, for the central and eastern United States Global Assembly TM Solutions
  11. 11. Corporate Profile AIMCO de Mexico Oficina AIMCO’s Chihuahua, Mexico facility, with over a dozen employees, provides further warehousing, sales support and service to the many customers located throughout Mexico and South America. Global Assembly TM Solutions
  12. 12. Corporate Profile AIMCO de Mexico Regional Sales Managers Global Sales Engineers Assembly TM Solutions
  13. 13. Corporate Profile AIMCO – International Sales ● AIMCO’s Portland, Oregon, USA office is also home to the International Sales Department including: ● Sales Management ● Customer Service ● Technical Support ● Shipping / Receiving Global Assembly ● Administrative Support TM Solutions
  14. 14. Corporate Profile AIMCO – International Sales The range of its Distributors and Customers truly makes AIMCO a worldwide company Global Assembly TM Solutions
  15. 15. Corporate Profile AcraDyne AcraDyne functions as AIMCO’s manufacturing and design division specializing in controlled fastening tools. AcraDyne provides AIMCO with the innovative capabilities to be responsive to changing markets and unmet fastening and assembly needs. Global Assembly TM Solutions
  16. 16. Corporate Profile Eagle Industries Eagle Industries provides a full range of production and professional general industrial power tools to a variety of industries. From impacts to die grinders, sanders to flux chippers, you can rely on Eagle tools to get the job done. Global Assembly TM Solutions
  17. 17. Corporate Profile •24/ 7 Support for customers •Tool specifications •Repair and maintenance information •Guides to assist in choosing, justifying and using any AIMCO product Global Assembly TM Solutions
  18. 18. Corporate Profile Total Assembly Solutions for Fastening AIMCO provides the most complete line of world-class assembly products available from any single source… •Power Tools: Pneumatic, Electric, Cordless •DC Controlled Fastening Tools •Torque Measurement Systems •Assembly Systems Global •Tool Support Systems Assembly TM Solutions •Fastener Tools
  19. 19. PERQ Maximize Profit Potential by Applying PERQ AIMCO focuses on providing total assembly solutions for fastening to enhance... Global Assembly TM Solutions
  20. 20. PERQ Maximize Profit Potential by Applying PERQ The four elements that comprise P.E.R.Q. SM have a powerful impact on the ability of manufacturers to compete in a tough global market. Productivity: Ergonomics: The relationship The speed and between the efficiency of the worker and the assembly process assembly process Reliability: Quality: The ability of the The total cost of tool to meet the repairing and engineering Global maintaining the requirements of tools used in the the assembly Assembly TM assembly process process Solutions
  21. 21. PERQ Maximize Profit Potential by Applying PERQ Global Assembly TM Solutions
  22. 22. AIMCO Product Overview Complete choices from one supplier! Global Assembly TM Solutions
  23. 23. AIMCO Product Overview Power Tools AcraDyne AEN12030 Signature Series SPC-A-16 URYU ULT-60 The most Global comprehensive Assembly TM Solutions selection of power tools available in the industry
  24. 24. AIMCO Product Overview Pulse Tools ULT-60 Pneumatic UBP-T40 Battery UL-70MC Pneumatic Transducerized UEP-60MC Electric Transducerized Global URYU pulse tools… Assembly TM Widely recognized as the Solutions best pulse tool in the world!
  25. 25. AIMCO Product Overview DC Controlled Fastening Tools The most productive and ergonomic DC electric tools available! Angle, In-Line, Pistol-Grip and Tubenut and Global custom-designed models are available. Assembly TM Solutions Plus a single model controller operates the widest range of tools on the market!
  26. 26. AIMCO Product Overview Advanced Technology Group The Advanced Technology Group represents the most advanced selection of controlled assembly tools available. Whether it is Global pneumatic or electric, angle control or torque Assembly TM Solutions control, this product line can address any safety-critical or quality-critical fastening need.
  27. 27. AIMCO Product Overview Torque Measurement Systems State-of-the-art torque testing, monitoring and data collection Global systems to help ensure quality Assembly control in fastening applications. TM Solutions
  28. 28. AIMCO Product Overview Assembly Systems Global Assembly TM Standard and customized screw presenting Solutions and fastening solutions
  29. 29. AIMCO Product Overview Tool Support Systems Ergonomic solutions to suit your specific needs. Global Choose from workstation Assembly TM components, Ergo-Arms® , Solutions balancers, twist plugs, and more.
  30. 30. AIMCO Product Overview Fastener Tools & Ergo-Drive® The most complete offering Global of high quality bits, sockets and Assembly TM Solutions extensions available – all from the same source as the tool!
  31. 31. Training Programs Tool University & Service Training AIMCO’s training programs consistently receive compliments from end-users and distributors for the effective, organized, hands-on manner in which information is presented. From basic torque and assembly Global information, to product use and on Assembly to complete repair and service TM Solutions knowledge, AIMCO can design a training program for any customer.
  32. 32. Service Department AIMCO Service Personnel and Functions •Pneumatic Repair Technicians •Electronic Repair Technicians •Technical Support Group •Complete warranty service •Complete Calibration and Certification Department •More than 30 Authorized Service Centers nationwide Global Assembly TM Solutions
  33. 33. Service Department Service Department Mission and Goals The AIMCO Service Department strives to estimate, quote, repair and return each item it receives in the fastest possible time! Service Department Goals • Estimates for service work produced with 24 hours of product arrival at AIMCO • Repairs work completed within 48 hours of receipt of service/estimate approval Global Assembly TM Solutions • Return shipment on same day as repair is completed
  34. 34. Service Department Service & Calibration Equipment •Standard and Customized Repair Fixtures •URYU Test Equipment •URYU Repair Jigs and Fixtures •Calibration Arms to 5000 FtLb – 6779 Nm traceable to NIST standards •Multi-Meters •Oscilloscopes Global Assembly •Solder Equipment •Cable Assembly and Repair Equipment TM Solutions
  35. 35. Service Department Calibration Services AIMCO offers complete calibration and certification of any product it sells • Repair, calibration and certification of transducerized assembly tools • Mechanical torque wrench repair and calibration. • Repair and calibration of torque testing, torque Global measurement and torque Assembly TM monitoring equipment Solutions
  36. 36. Corporate Headquarters 1204 E Maple Ave. Morones Prieto 10000 SE Pine Troy, MI 48083 Col. Loma Larga Portland, OR 97216 (800) 852-1368 Monterrey, NL CP 64710, Mexico (800) 852-1368 FAX (800) 582-9015 52-81 1001-1600 FAX (800) 582-9015 FAX 52-81 1001-1630 TM Global Assembly Solutions