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The Paperless (or at Least Less Paper) Journey


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Ideas, tips, and suggestions for removing paper from your business processes. You need to treat information as an asset. Transforming manual business processes to automated process (and removing any paper steps in existing "mostly" automated processes) will save you time, money, and maybe even some trees. From AIIM, for World Paper Free Day.

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The Paperless (or at Least Less Paper) Journey

  1. 1. Complete #infochat details here.
  2. 2.  Jump-start your paper-free journey  Process Revolution – moving your business from paper to PCs to tablets  8 Things to Consider in Selecting the Right Scanner by Amilia Hendahewa  The Paper Free Office – dream or reality  Winning the Paper Wars – capture the content and mobilize the process troops  Mobile Capture – taking the first step  Digital Signatures – making the business case  Be sure to join the World Paper Free Day group on Facebook too.
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