Intelligent Case Management


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A brief overview of AIIM's Industry Watch; Case Management and Smart Process Applications.

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Intelligent Case Management

  1. 1. Market Intelligence Intelligent Case Management Presented by: Bob Larrivee, Director of Custom Research Eye on the Industry
  2. 2. Market Intelligence  Catalog casework across the enterprise  Document related content and processes What Do I Do?
  3. 3. Market Intelligence Research Shows Have problems with data that exists across multiple systems. Cannot link directly to the RM system. Cannot automatically capture inbound communications to the case file.
  4. 4. Market Intelligence Case Management Systems - Integration Which of the following systems would you consider critical for your case management system to integrate with? N=168 ©AIIM 2014 Email 67% Records Management 52% ECM 49% LOB 39% ERP/Finance 38% Search and Analytics 34% CRM/Help Desk 30%
  5. 5. Market Intelligence Consider This  Case management is an orchestrated effort  Coordinating content and process is key  Automation provides consistency  Organizational buy-in is critical
  6. 6. Market Intelligence Recommendations  Bring all case documents into a single content repository, or integrated access system.  Consider how additional modules, add-on products or replacement systems might improve things.  Consolidate multiple case-handling mechanisms from other lines-of-business into a single much more capable system.  Seek to automate routing and sorting at the point of capture in order to speed up response and improve productivity.
  7. 7. Market Intelligence Thank You • Download a free copy “Case Management and Smart Process Applications” at • To Contact Bob: • • @BobLarrivee on Twitter •
  8. 8. Market Intelligence Eye on the Industry