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Improve Governance with Autoclassification


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AIIM webinar sneak peek. Learn how to use autoclassification to improve governance. February 15, 2012.

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Improve Governance with Autoclassification

  1. 1. February 15, 2012 Take the Guesswork out of Information Governance with Autoclassification Join us on February 15 at 2:00 pm ET Here’s a preview of what you’ll hear and learn. Register today: webinarIn association with: Presented by:
  2. 2. Autoclassification/Governance Auto-Classification to the rescue! Featured speakers from  These new technologies and techniques Contoural, Inc.: provide automatic identification, Mark Diamond and Stephen Ludlow classification, retrieval and, ultimately, archival and disposal capabilities for Sponsored by: electronic business records and transient records according to governance policies. And, because Open Text Auto-Classification eliminates the need for business users to manually identify In association with: records and apply requisite classifications, it takes the burden of Kofax and StoreIQ classification off the end-user. Improved consistency of classification and better Additional preview, read: A enforcement of governance rules is the Skeptic Takes a New Look at result. AutoclassificationIn association with: Presented by:
  3. 3. Today’s Faculty Stephen Ludlow Program Manager, eDiscovery and Information Governance Solutions Stephen Ludlow leads OpenText’s eDiscovery practice, responsible for leveraging the capabilities of the Open Text Suite of compliance applications to create solutions that reduce customers’ eDiscovery costs and risks. He is also responsible for bringing eDiscovery applications to market that specifically address enterprise requirements to in-source eDiscovery activities. Prior to leading OpenText’s eDiscovery practice, Mr. Ludlow managed Open Text’s Risk Management and Compliance application, working with Fortune 500 companies to deploy enterprise solutions for Internal Controls and Sarbanes Oxley compliance. Before joining OpenText, Stephen was an Information Management consultant focused on Canadian Federal Government clients. Mark Diamond President & CEO, Contoural, Inc. Mark Diamond is one of the industry thought leaders in proactive litigation readiness, compliance, and records information management strategies. As a trusted advisor he and his company help bridge legal, compliance and business needs and policies with effective legal and IT strategies and processes. Mark is a frequent industry speaker, presenting at numerous Legal and IT industry conferences as well as online venues. Mark is an author of numerous articles and white papers for both the legal and IT communities. Additionally, Mark addresses more than one hundred internal corporate audiences each year.In association with: Presented by:
  4. 4. Why Autoclassification? Accumulation of electronic data Low compliance for manual classification Monolithic retention policies typically under or over-retainIn association with: Presented by:
  5. 5. What Can We Learn From PredictiveCoding? Automated Relevant Classification Not Relevant Exemplar Documents Many studies have shown computer-assisted review to be as or more accurate than human review Classification by topic and relevance enables faster and more accurate review Tremendous boon for early case assessment Courts have not provided any opinions predictive coding Biggest obstacle is counsels’ comfort with technology In association with: Presented by:
  6. 6. How Do Regulators Measure Compliance? What Did You Say How Did You How Did You Do You Were Going Check You Did It? It? To Do? • Assessments • Tools • Re-Training • Complete Policies • Processes • Monitoring/ • Compliant • File Plans Supervision Schedules • Training • Metrics Tracking • Industry-specific • Defensible Holds • Reporting Benchmarks • Defensible • Audits Deletion • Updates January 2012 Policy Schedule ESI Map Share Point File Plan HQ Finance Record Retention SharePoint Folder Sub-folder Record Type Category Period 90 Days Records ArchiveIn association with: Presented by:
  7. 7. There Is Not an “Easy Button”for Autoclassification More Work up Front By Core Team  Exemplar document collection  System training, audit  Testing, rollout  Ongoing maintenance Autoclassification Has Potential of Significantly Less Time Across the Enterprise 5000 Person Company Traditional Manual Autoclassification Classification RIM Team Program 5 people x 12 weeks = 2400 5 people x 24 weeks = 4800 Development Hours hours hours RIM Team Program Execution 3 people x 12 weeks = 1440 3 people x 24 weeks = 2880 hours hours Total Annual Employee RIM 5000 employees x 1 hour per 5000 employees x 1 hour per Compliance Hours (5000 week 250,000 hours month (.25 per week) = 60,000 employees) hours Total Hours 253,840 hours 67,680 hours In association with: Presented by:
  8. 8. Curiousity Piqued? Register today (it’s FREE!)  120215-webinar February 15, 2012 2 PM (ESTIn association with: Presented by: