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How to Sell ECM


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How do you identify and engage customers? Let AIIM show you the way.

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How to Sell ECM

  1. 1. How to sell ECM?From reactive to proactive solution sellingAtle SkjekkelandChief Operating OfficerAIIMaskjekkeland@aiim.orgwww.aiim.orgAIIM – The Global Community of Information Professionals
  2. 2. The Need for EducationMost Prominent Inhibitors to Achieving Sales Quota Insufficient Leads 13.3% Poor Sales Skills 16.0% Too Many Products to Know 21.4% Information Gap 24.3% (Industry, Solution, Etc.) Inability to Communicate Value Messages 26.0% Source: SiriusDecisions PMM 2010 Survey
  3. 3. Change The Way You Sell―A recent Corporate Executive Boardstudy of more than 1,400 B2Bcustomers found that thosecustomers completed, on average,nearly 60% of a typical purchasingdecision—researching solutions,ranking options, setting requirements,benchmarking pricing, and so on—before even having a conversationwith a supplier‖Implications? You need to createrelationships with an organizationbefore the customer requirementsare set. 3 Source:
  4. 4. Target Business Leaders, not IT  ―While overall corporate tech spending is up by 17 to 20% in our latest data, spending by IT departments is flat at best.‖  ―Its business leaders, not their IT colleagues, who are driving purchasing decisions‖  Ensure your solution is…  Simple  Scalable  Safe  SecureTry to engage customers before  Sustainablethey have pinpointed a problem  Sexy 4 Source:
  5. 5. Leverage Social Media ―According to a recent study by InsideView, over 90% of CEO’s said they NEVER respond to cold emails or calls.” ―Replacing the decline in cold calling is the warmth of social engagement. Buyers are far more responsive to social media messages around relevant topics initiated by the sales person or the buyer.‖ ―Selling through social channels is the closest thing to being a fly on the wall in your customer’s, prospect’s and competitor’s world.‖ Source:
  6. 6. Provide New and Unique Insights (1)  Provocation-Based Selling:  Compels project investments outside an existing budget  Challenges the prevailing point of view  Addresses unacknowledged angst  Targets strategic problems  Begins with the business case and then provides technical proof  Starts an executive-level dialogue  Uses an insightful hypothesis to provoke a response  Is proactive in leading, and forcing issues out 6Source:
  7. 7. Provide New and Unique Insights (2) 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% Provides new insights into yourWhat are the two business problemsbiggest factors that Keeps you up-to-date with thewould make you latest product thinkingamenable to a Is always challenging yourdiscussion with a existing ways of workingsales Knows what your competitorsrepresentative from and peers are up toa non-incumbent Knows all the latest tech trendsat any time in the and consultant-talkcycle? (Max TWO) Has all the latest industry news and gossip AIIM research amongst ECM buyers, Oct 2012, N=88 purchasers 7
  8. 8. a Challenger According to a global study of sales rep productivity among 6,000 reps across nearly 100 companies by the Sales Executive Council: 1. Every sales professional falls into one of five distinct profiles.  Relationship Builders  Hard Workers  Lone Wolves  Reactive Problem Solvers  Challengers. 2. Challengers dramatically outperform the other profiles, particularly Relationship Builders. 8 Source:
  9. 9. B2B Customer Loyalty Customers value the Challenger approach according to research; The biggest driver of B2B customer loyalty is a supplier’s ability to deliver new insights. Source: Corporate Executive Board 9
  10. 10. Reduce Uncertainty / Increase ValueIn the most general andfundamental sense, what theprofessional service organizationreally has to offer to corporate clientsis the reduction or minimization ofuncertainty.Clients look at the following 3uncertainties when buyingprofessional services:1. Identifying uncertainty2. Confronting concrete problems3. Identifying true professionals 10Source:
  11. 11. New Role of Sales Professionals Source: Sirius Decision / AIIM
  12. 12. New 1-Day ECM Sales Training What problems do we solve?  Many sales reps or channel partners are not meeting their targets  Improve their ability to spot new opportunities for selling solutions  Provide value and insights when engaging customers; not push products Why buy sales enablement training from AIIM?  AIIM has unique knowledge about why and how companies buy solutions based on our industry research amongst our 65,000 community members  Domain expertise and training content from our different training programs with 25,000 course attendees  New sales methodology for getting ahead of the RFP by providing customers with new and unique insights while taking control of the sale
  13. 13. Course Structure1. Foundation• Why Enterprise Content Management (ECM)?• ECM features and functions• Impact of Mobile and Cloud Computing• Selling Enterprise IT in the Age of Consumer IT• Competitors and obstacles• Exercise: What is your opportunity?2. Identify Opportunities• Opportunities in different vertical and horizontal processes• Visual and verbal cues• Decision makers and stakeholders• Strategies for getting their attention• Exercise: How to spot opportunities? How to get a meeting?3. Engage Customers• Establish credibility and value• Offer unique perspectives and insights• Demonstrate importance to their business• Educate customers about how to solve their problem or capitalize on the opportunity• Anticipating objections and how to handle them• Evaluate the sales opportunity to ensure you don’t waste your time• Exercise: How to engage customers? How to demonstrate value and get agreement?
  14. 14. Course Research IndustryHandoutsAttendees receive these resources to help them identify andengage prospects  Guidelines for spotting sales Industry opportunities in different vertical Watch and horizontal processes Identify  Template for offering provocative opportunities insights and concerns  Template for demonstrating importance of problem or lost Custom opportunity Research  Template for educating customer Document about their needs benefits
  15. 15. Model Sample preparation videos
  16. 16. Option: Ongoing Support AIIM can support your ongoing sales efforts through:  Deal War Rooms to get Lighthouse customers  Crowdsource Use Cases  Case Studies  Video interviews  Sales Contests  Webinars  Mentoring Programs
  17. 17. Sample of AIIM Students•ABBYY •HP •Philip Morris USA•Accenture •Hyland Software Inc. •Price Waterhouse Coopers•AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals •IBM •Progressive Insurance•Bank of America •IKON Office Solutions •Ricoh•Boeing Company •Kimberly-Clark •Shell Oil Products US•Booz Allen Hamilton •Kodak •US Army Corps of Engineers•Bureau of Engraving and Printing •Lexmark I •Department of Transportations•Canon •Liberty Mutual •US Department of Treasury•CIGNA Healthcare Insurance •US Environmental Protection•Deloitte •Lockheed-Martin Agency•Eli Lilly and Company •Microsoft Corporation •US Mint•Fannie Mae •Petro-Canada •USAA •Pfizer •Washington Mutual
  18. 18. Next Step? Schedule a pilot in-person 1-day ECM Sales Enablement for your sales reps or channel partners  Online preparation videos and assessment  1 day highly interactive training course with max 12 attendees  Customized exercises based on your solutions and target market Contact Course details at this link