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The AIIM Certificate Programs are designed from global best practices among AIIM's 65,000 members, and are available as classroom or online training courses leading to AIIM Practitioner, Specialist and Master designations.

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AIIM Training Brochure

  1. 1. Training Programs Enhance your business and professional skills with training from AIIM — the industry authority. I SharePoint I Capture I Enterprise Content I Electronic Records new new Learn best practices for Learn technologies and Management (ECM) Management (ERM) sharing and managing best practices for Learn how to take Learn how to take information on the scanning and capturing control of your control of your SharePoint platform. documents. information assets. electronic records. I Business Process I Information I Enterprise 2.0 (E2.0) I Email Management Management (BPM) Organization and Learn how to use Web (EMM) Learn how to improve Access (IOA) 2.0 technologies to Learn how to improve your business Learn how to optimize improve collaboration the control of corporate processes. findability and and innovation across emails. enterprise search. the enterprise.w w w. a i i m . o rg / t ra i n i n g
  2. 2. education advisory group“AIIM’s training programs are The training programs have been developed based on learning objectives andessential to anyone in Information best practices defined by subject matter experts from the following companies:Management. Without up to datetraining, systems and programs areset up — but may be at risk, in the • Accenture • Health Firstlong run, if developed by the under • Albistur Consulting • HPtrained. The InformationManagement Industry as a whole is • Barclays Capital • Hyland Softwaredeveloping at the speed of light, so • Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business, • IBMeven someone like myself (a 23 yearveteran) needs to refresh their Westminster College • Inforesight Limitedtraining and stay on top of • BP • JPMorgan Chasetechnology and advancement intrends to understand how to apply • Chevron Phillips Chemical Company • Kodakit. AIIM’s training programs provide • CIA • Kofaxthis education.” • Crown Partners • Marion County Health Dept.TK Train, CRM, ECMp, MBA,Document Control Manager, • Doculabs • Objective CorporationGambro • Fujitsu • Ordina • Gambro • Ricoh • Gartner • Royal Mail Group • Gimmal Group • Satyam • GlaxoSmithKline • Shell • Harris Corporation • Sunoco • Hartman Communicatie • The National Archives of United Kingdom • The South Financial Group • US Courts • US Department of Treasury • ZyLAB“The AIIM ECM training course provides an “In today’s Web 2.0 world, companies are “Enterprise records management or contentextremely comprehensive platform related to required to provide a set of user experiences management projects are comprised of crossthe enterprise content management industry that enable employees to work with corporate functional teams with various backgrounds andand the technologies that support and drive information the way they work with personal specialties. It is important to the success ofit. The materials are thorough, up-to-date and information—easy to use, easy to find and easy such projects that interdisciplinary teamswell presented. I would recommend the to interact with others. Now more than ever, develop a common lexicon and understandingcourse to both vendors and customers of comprehensive enterprise content of key concepts as fast as possible to enableECM solutions.” management training that incorporates the use collaboration. AIIMs educational curricula serve of Web 2.0 technologies is a must-have for this need quickly and excellently”,John Opdycke, Vice President of Marketing, companies. With its broad-based support andHyland Software Jayne Bellyk, RIM Program Manager, Chevron real-world approach, AIIM continues to be the Phillips Chemical Company LP gold standard for ECM training.” Whitney Tidmarsh, Chief Marketing Officer, Content Management and Archiving Division, EMC Corporation
  3. 3. certificate programs new new SharePoint Capture Learn best practices for sharing and managing information Learn technologies and best practices for scanning and on the SharePoint platform. capturing documents. I Enterprise strategies and technologies for managing content using I Capture technology components and functionality SharePoint I Business benefits of capture solutions I Business drivers and migration paths I Scanner options and configuration settings I Technical, administrative and productivity bene ts from I Indexing strategies and role of database implementing SharePoint I Building a business case I Elements requiring speci c attention when implementing I Diagramming business processes SharePoint sites I High level capabilities and bene ts of complementary technologies I Identi cation and communication of technical, legal, business and RM components that in uence enterprise compliance ecm Enterprise Content Management ioa Information Organization & Access Learn how to take control of your information assets. Learn how to optimize findability and enterprise search. I Enterprise strategies and technologies for managing content I Enterprise search I Technologies and solutions for DM, Imaging, ERM, WCM, Workflow, I Content inventory and classification and Collaboration I Categorization and clustering I Information governance structure and responsibilities I Fact and entity extraction I Corporate instruments like taxonomies, metadata model, and I Taxonomy creation and management security model I Information presentation I Integration techniques and migration I Information governance I Implementation planning and execution according to the open methodology MIKE2 erm Electronic Records Management e2.0 Enterprise 2.0 Learn how to take control of your electronic records. Learn how to use Web 2.0 technologies to improve I Electronic records management principles collaboration and innovation across the enterprise. I ERM business drivers I Evolution and definition of Enterprise 2.0 technologies I Lifecycle of records, with focus on electronic records I Frameworks and concepts I Retention schedule and disposition I Worker model for Enterprise 2.0 I Electronic records storage I Risk and control vs collaboration and innovation I Business and technology assessments I Assessing organizational readiness I Design records management processes I Best practices for implementing Enterprise 2.0 I Design records technology solutions I Governance I Trans-jurisdictional records management issues I Records management issues with E2.0 technologies bpm Business Process Management emm Email Management Learn how to improve your business processes. Learn how to improve the control of corporate emails. I Process Mapping/Flowcharting I Email capture and retention I Requirement gathering and analysis I Technologies for email management I Process design and modeling I Email storage, archiving and backup I Streamlining and re-engineering I Email classification I Application Integration I Developing, implementing, and managing the email policy I Process monitoring and analysis I Governance I Change Managementw w w. a i i m . o rg / t ra i n i n g
  4. 4. SharePoint I Why SharePoint? I What is SharePoint?The SharePoint Cer tificateProgram consists of aPractitioner track, a Specialisttrack, and a Master track. The SharePoint Strategy Workshop SharePoint Practitioner 1-day executive awareness workshop 13 online modules orThe SharePoint Strategy onsite 2-day training classworkshop is only available on Learn:request to organizations that •Enterprisestrategiesandtechnologiesformanaging Learn: contentusingSharePoint •BusinessDriversandMigrationpathsneed to brief executives or usersabout the expected benefits, •Selectinganappropriatetechnologytomeetbusiness •Elementsthatrequirespeci cattentionusedin needs implementingSharePointsitessteps and resources forimplementing SharePoint. •Thepurposeandvalueofacontenttypeandsetof •Howtoselectanappropriatetechnologytomeeta metadata elds businessneed •Communicatingthetechnical,legal,businessandRM •Keyhighlevelcapabilitiesandbene tsofThe SharePoint Practitioner componentsthatin uenceenterprisecompliance complementarytechnologiestrack covers concepts and •Identi cationofstrengthsandweaknesseswith •Contenttypes,hierarchiesandinheritancetechnologies of SharePoint, and integrationtoothercontentmanagementplatforms •Search, ndabilityandsecurityis available as an online orclassroom training course Onsite Class Only •Work owandtoolsleading to a Practitioner •Farms,externalBlobsandstorageplanning I Implementing SharePointdesignation. It also incorporatesthe main elements from the BecomeanAIIMSharePointPractitioner(SharePointp)SharePoint Strategy track, and afterpassingtheonlineexam.we recommend that you start SharePoint Specialist Onsite or Online Classeswith this program or the 4 day 11 online modules orMaster track. 2-day training classThe SharePoint Specialist track Learn: I Putting it all togethercovers global best practices for •Thebusinessandexistingcontent/systemstoidentifyimplementing SharePoint, and capabilitiesandgaps SharePoint Masteris available as an online or •Whatisrecordsmanagementandgeneralprincipals, 4-day training classclassroom training course polices,schedules TheSharePointMasterprogramcomprisesmainleading to a Specialist • ontentgovernanceandenterpriseinformation C elementsfromtheStrategyworkshopandPractitionerdesignation. It builds on the lifecycles andSpecialistprogramsinadditiontoacasestudyPractitioner track, which is why •Toidentifystrengthsandweaknesseswithintegration exercise.we recommend you first take toothercontentmanagementplatformsthe Practitioner course. •Storage,volume,capacityandgeography requirements BecomeanAIIMSharePointMaster(SharePointm) after passingtheonlineexamandcasestudyexercise.The SharePoint Master track •Thebasicsofinterviewingandwhatelementsofprovides you with a thorough designneedtobegatheredatwhatstageunderstanding of SharePoint, •Thetechnical,administrativeandproductivitybene ts SharePoint Master Preparationwith the main elements from all fromimplementingSharePoint Virtual training courseof the above training tracks, in AvailabletostudentsthatcurrentlyholdboththeAIIMaddition to case study exercises. BecomeanAIIMSharePointSpecialist(SharePoints) SharePointPractitionerandAIIMSharePointSpecialist afterpassingtheonlineexam designations. Onsite or Online ClassesCourse materials produced inpartnership with Gimmal Group, Inc.w w w. a i i m . o rg / t ra i n i n g
  5. 5. CaptureThe Capture Cer tificate Program I Why Capture? I What is Capture?(Capture) consists of a Strategytrack, a Practitioner track, aSpecialist track, and a Mastertrack. Capture Strategy Workshop Capture Practitioner 1-day executive awareness workshop 10 online modules or 2-day training classThe Capture Strategy onsite Learn:workshop is only available on •IntroductiontoCapture Learn:request to organizations that • oreandsecondarycapturetechnologies C •Capturetechnologycomponentsandfunctionalityneed to brief executives or users •Scanneroptionsandcon gurationsettings •Businessbene tsofCapturesolutionsabout the expected benefits, •LinkingCapturesolutionstobusinessstrategyandKPIs •Storageformatsandcompressionsteps and resources for •Valueoftaxonomies,metadataandsecuritymodel •Imagequalityenhancementimplementing Capture •Markettrendsandoptions •Dataextractionsolutions. •Departmentalvsenterprise;platformsvssolutions •PotentialimpactofimagesonnetworksandwaystoThe Capture Practitioner track mitigate •Overviewofpreferredapproachesandbestpracticescovers concepts and forimplementingCapturesolutions •Printingandoutputoptionstechnologies for scanning and Onsite Class Only •Indexingstrategiesdocument imaging, and it is •Roleofthedatabaseavailable as an online or •Electronicforms I Implementing Captureclassroom training course •Retrievalmethodsleading to a Practitioner •Paper leconversiondesignation. It also incorporates •Micro lmandlong‐termpreservationthe main elements from the Capture Specialist 10 online modules orCapture Strategy track, and we BecomeanAIIMCapturePractitioner (CAPTUREp) after 2-day training classrecommend that you start with passingtheonlineexam.this program or the 4 day Learn: Onsite or Online ClassesMaster track. •Sponsorshipandaneffectiveprojectstructure •Projectteamresponsibilities I Putting it all togetherThe Capture Specialist track •Buildingabusinesscase–cost/bene tanalysiscovers global best practices for •Risksimplementing Capture •Interviewssolutions, and it is available as Capture Masteran online or classroom training •Diagrammingbusinessprocesses 4-day training classcourse leading to a Specialist •Functionalspeci cation:storagevolumes,retrieval,designation. It builds on the metadata,security TheCaptureMasterprogramcomprisesmainelementsPractitioner track, which is why •Conceptualsystemdesign fromtheStrategyworkshopandPractitionerandwe recommend you first take •Implementationplanning Specialistprogramsinadditiontoacasestudyexercise.the Practitioner course. •Pilotsvs.prototypes •Changemanagement BecomeanAIIMCaptureMaster(CAPTUREm) afterThe Capture Master track passingtheonlineexamandcasestudyexercise. •Testingprovides you with a thorough •Traininganddocumentationunderstanding of scanning and •Legalissuesandcompliance Capture Master Preparationdocument imaging, with the Virtual training course •IntegrationwithSharePointmain elements from all of the •Paper‐intensiveindustries/applications AvailabletostudentsthatcurrentlyholdboththeAIIMabove training tracks, in CapturePractitionerandAIIMCaptureSpecialistaddition to case study exercises. BecomeanAIIMCaptureSpecialist(CAPTUREs) after designations. passingtheonlineexam Onsite or Online ClassesCoursematerialsproducedinpartnershipwith@docw w w. a i i m . o rg / t ra i n i n g
  6. 6. ecm Enterprise Content ManagementThe Enterprise Content I Why ECM? I What is ECM?Management Cer tificateProgram (ECM) consists of aStrategy track, a Practitionertrack, a Specialist track, and a ECM Strategy Workshop ECM Practitioner 1-day executive awareness workshop 11 online modules orMaster track. 2-day training class Learn:The ECM Strategy onsite Learn: •IntroductiontoECMworkshop is only available on •Businessbene tsofECM •ECMtechnologycomponentsandfunctionalityrequest to organizations that •ECMtechnologiessuchasdocumentmanagement, •Businessbene tsofECMneed to brief executives or users imaging,recordsmanagement,work ow,webcontent •LinkingECMtobusinessstrategyandKPIsabout the expected benefits, managementandcollaboration •Valueoftaxonomies,metadataandsecuritymodelsteps and resources for •Preferredapproaches,platformsvssolutions, •Markettrendsandoptions enterprisevsdepartmentalimplementing ECM. •Departmentalvsenterprise;platformsvssolutions •Informationarchitecture,interopability,andintegration •Overviewofpreferredapproachesbestpracticesfor •SourcesofinformationandappropriatecaptureandThe ECM Practitioner track implementingECM migrationmechanismscovers concepts and Onsite Class Only •Metadataandindexingtechnologies for ECM, and is •Typesoftaxonomiesandtheirvalueavailable as an online or I Implementing ECM •Ontologiesandfolksonomiesclassroom training course •Differentlevelsofaccesscontrolandsecurityleading to a Practitioner •Processimprovementsandautomationdesignation. It also incorporates •Searchandretrievaltechnologiesthe main elements from the ECM Specialist 10 online modules or •DifferentwaysofdeliveringinformationandcontenttoECM Strategy track, and we employees,partnersandcustomersrecommend that you start with 2 day training class •ExistingandemergingtrendssuchasWeb2.0,SaaS,this program or the 4 day andOpenSource. Learn:Master track. •HowtolinktheECMinitiativetobusinessstrategyKPIs BecomeanAIIMECMPractitioner (ECMp) afterpassing •HowtodevelopanECMprogramcharterandbusiness theonlineexam.The ECM Specialist track covers caseglobal best practices for Onsite or Online Classes •HowtoplantheimplementionofECMaccordingtotheimplementing ECM, and is openmethodologyMIKE2 I Putting it all togetheravailable as an online or •Howtoidentifyandprioritizethebusinessrequirementsclassroom training course forECMleading to a Specialist •Howtodevelopandde nethetechnologydesignation. It builds on the requirementsforECM ECM MasterPractitioner track, which is why •Howtomeldthetechnologyrequirementswiththe 4-day training classwe recommend you first take businessrequirementsto nalizetheECMblueprintthe Practitioner course. •HowtobuildanECMroadmapandprioritizeprojects TheECMMasterprogramcomprisesmain basedontheblueprint elementsfromtheStrategyworkshopand •Howtodesignataxonomy,metadata,andsecurity PractitionerandSpecialistprogramsinadditiontoaThe ECM Master track provides model with a thorough •Howtoidentifynewroles,responsibilities,andthe BecomeanAIIMECMMaster(ECMm) afterpassingtheunderstanding of ECM, with the organizationalstructurenecessarytoprovide onlineexamandcasestudyexercise.main elements from all of the governanceandmanagementabove training tracks, in •Howtodevelop,testandtrain ECM Master Preparationaddition to case study exercises. •Howtodeploy,operateandclose-outan Virtual training course ECMimplementation •Globalbestpracticesforchangemanagement AvailabletostudentsthatcurrentlyholdboththeAIIM ECMPractitionerandAIIMECMSpecialistdesignations. BecomeanAIIMECMSpecialist (ECMs)afterpassingthe onlineexam.Coursematerialsproducedinpartnershipwith Onsite or Online ClassesInformationArchitectedInc.w w w. a i i m . o rg / t ra i n i n g
  7. 7. erm Electronic Records ManagementThe Electronic Records I Why ERM? I What is ERM?Management Cer tificateProgram (ERM) consists of aStrategy track, a Practitionertrack, a Specialist track, and a ERM Strategy Workshop ERM Practitioner 1-day executive awareness workshop 12 online modules orMaster track. 2-day training class Learn:The ERM Strategy onsite Learn: •ERMbusinessdriversworkshop is only available on •Recordsmanagementterminologyandprinciples •TheneedforERMbestpracticesrequest to organizations that •Lifecycleofrecords,withfocusonelectronicrecords •ThelinkbetweenERMandyourcurrentsituationneed to brief executives or users •Sourcesofrecordsandappropriatecapture •TodemonstratetheimpactofERMonusersabout the expected benefits, mechanisms •TounderstandtheconceptsofERM’saffectonsteps and resources for informationchallenges •Currentmetadatastandardsandguidelinesimplementing ERM. •Toidentifynecessaryresourcesandorganizational •Conceptsofclassi cationanddifferentapproaches dependingonlocalbusinessneeds responsibilitiesforimplementingERMThe ERM Practitioner track •Search,retrievalandpresentation •ToexploretheimplicationsofanERMstrategicdecisioncovers concepts and •Levelsofaccesscontrolandpermissions •Togaincommitmentforchangetechnologies for ERM, and is •Retentionanddisposition Onsite Class Onlyavailable as an online or •Recordsmanagementtechnologiesclassroom training course •NeedforERMgovernance,staffandaudits I Implementing ERMleading to a Practitioner •Electronicrecordsstoragedesignation. It also incorporates •Digitalpreservationtechniquesthe main elements from theERM Strategy track, and we ERM Specialist BecomeanAIIMERMPractitioner(ERMp) afterpassingrecommend that you start with 11 online modules or theonlineexam. 2-day training class Onsite or Online Classesthis program or the 4 dayMaster track. Learn: I Putting it all together •TomanageanERMprogramconsistingofseveral The ERM Specialist track covers coordinatedprojectsglobal best practices for •ToidentifythestakeholdersofanERMprogramimplementing ERM, and is •Howtocarryoutbusinessandtechnologyassessments ERM Masteravailable as an online or •TodevelopabusinesscaseforERM 4-day training classclassroom training course •Toidentifybusinessandsystemrequirementsfortheleading to a Specialist ERMsystem TheERMMasterprogramcomprisesmainelementsdesignation. It builds on the •Tounderstandinformationgovernance fromtheStrategyworkshopandPractitionerandPractitioner track, which is why Specialistprogramsinadditiontoacasestudyexercise. •Toidentifyrecordsmanagementpoliciesandwe recommend you first take proceduresthe Practitioner course. •Howtodesignrecordsmanagementprocesses BecomeanAIIMERMMaster(ERMm) afterpassing •Howtodesignrecordstechnologysolutions theonlineexamandcasestudyexercise.The ERM Master track provides •Tode neandexplaintheprojectworkproductsforyou with a thorough ERMimplementation ERM Master Preparationunderstanding of ERM, with the •Tounderstandwhatismeantbybene tsrealization Virtual training coursemain elements from all of the •Tounderstanddiscoverydisclosureactivities AvailabletostudentsthatcurrentlyholdboththeERMabove training tracks, in •Howtoaddresstrans-jurisdictionalrecords managementissues PractitionerandERMSpecialistdesignations.addition to case study exercises. •Understandrecordsmanagementissueswithemail, mobilecommunicationdevicesandE2.0technologies BecomeanAIIMERMSpecialist (ERMs) afterpassingthe onlineexam Onsite or Online ClassesCoursematerialsproducedinpartnershipwithAccessSciencesw w w. a i i m . o rg / t ra i n i n g
  8. 8. bpm Business Process ManagementThe Business Process I Why BPM? I What is BPM?Management CertificateProgram (BPM) consists of aStrategy track, a Practitionertrack, a Specialist track, and a BPM Strategy Workshop BPM PractitionerMaster track. 1-day executive awareness workshop 11 online modules or 2-day training class Learn:The BPM Strategy onsite •BPMbusinessdrivers Learn:workshop is only available on •TheneedforBPMbestpractices •TechnologiesandmethodologiesofBPMrequest to organizations thatneed to brief executives or users •ThelinkbetweenBPMandyourcurrentsituation •TheRoleofECMinBPMabout the expected benefits, •TodemonstratetheimpactofBPMonusers •Businessanalysissteps and resources for •TounderstandtheconceptsofBPM’saffecton •Processimprovementsimplementing BPM. informationchallenges •Flowcharting •Toidentifynecessaryresourcesandorganizational •Processmodeling The BPM Practitioner track responsibilitiesforimplementingBPM •Businessprocessimprovementandreengineeringcovers concepts and •ToexploretheimplicationsofaBPMstrategicdecision •Serviceorientedarchitecture(SOA)technologies for BPM, and is •Togaincommitmentforchange •SixSigmaandcontinuousimprovementavailable as an online or Onsite Class Only •BPMtechnologiesclassroom training courseleading to a Practitioner •Standardsandprotocols I Implementing BPMdesignation. It also incorporates •Collaborationthe main elements from theBPM Strategy track, and we BecomeanAIIMBPMPractitioner (BPMp) afterpassingrecommend that you start with BPM Specialist theonlineexamthis program or the 4 day 10 online modules or Onsite or Online ClassesMaster track. 2-day training class I Putting it all togetherThe BPM Specialist track covers Learn: •Planningyourprojectglobal best practices for •HowtodevelopabusinesscaseforBPMimplementing BPM, and isavailable as an online or •Toidentifyandestablishstakeholdersandproject BPM Master teams 4-day training classclassroom training courseleading to a Specialist •Togatherrequirements •Toanalyzerequirements TheBPMMasterprogramcomprisesmaindesignation. It builds on the elementsfromtheStrategyworkshopandPractitionerPractitioner track, which is why •Bestpracticesforprocessdesign andSpecialistprogramsinadditiontoacasestudywe recommend you first take •Understandclusters,parallelandsequential exercise.the Practitioner course. processing,naturalorder,checkandreviews,decision making,simplication,andupstreamanddownstream BecomeanAIIMBPMMaster(BPMm) afterpassingtheThe BPM Master track provides •Projectadvice,pitfallsand,bestpractices with a thorough •ManagementmethodologiesincludingTQM,BPR,Sixunderstanding of BPM, with the Sigma,andLean BPM Master Preparationmain elements from all of the Virtual training courseabove training tracks, in BecomeanAIIMBPMSpecialist(BPMs) afterpassingtheaddition to case study exercises. onlineexam. AvailabletostudentsthatcurrentlyholdboththeAIIM Onsite or Online Classes BPMPractitionerandAIIMBPMSpecialistdesignations.CoursematerialsproducedinpartnershipwithCMSWatchw w w. a i i m . o rg / t ra i n i n g
  9. 9. ioa Information Organization AccessThe Information Organization I Why IOA? I What is IOA? Access Cer tificate Program(IOA) consists of a Strategytrack, a Practitioner track, aSpecialist track, and a Master IOA Strategy Workshop IOA Practitionertrack. 1-day executive awareness workshop 10 online modules or 2-day training class The IOA Strategy onsite Learn: •IOAbusinessdrivers Learn:workshop is only available on •TheneedforIOAbestpractices •TechnologiesandmethodologiesofIOArequest to organizations that •ThelinkbetweenIOAandyourcurrentsituation •Finding,inventorying,andanalyzingcontentneed to brief executives or users •TodemonstratetheimpactofIOAonusers •Howtodevelopandmaintainataxonomyabout the expected benefits,steps and resources for •TounderstandtheconceptsofIOA’saffecton •Developingandmaintainingmetadataimplementing findability. informationchallenges •Ontologies,topicmaps,andsemanticnetworks •Toidentifynecessaryresourcesandorganizational •Contentmodeling The IOA Practitioner track responsibilitiesforimplementingIOA •Accesstechniquescovers concepts and •ToexploretheimplicationsofanIOAstrategicdecision •Contentintelligenceandtextminingtechnologies for improving •Togaincommitmentforchange •Advancedtopicsin ndabilityfindability, and is available as an Onsite Class Only •Advancedsearchtechniquesonline or classroom training •Searchinterfacescourse leading to a Practitioner I Implementing IOA •Findingwithoutsearch—content ndingusdesignation. It also incorporatesthe main elements from the IOAStrategy track, and we BecomeanAIIMIOAPractitioner(IOAp) afterpassing IOA Specialist theonlineexam.recommend that you start with 10 online modules or Onsite or Online Classesthis program or take the 4 day 2-day training classMaster track. I Putting it all together Learn: The IOA Specialist track covers •Planningyourprojectglobal best practices for •HowtodevelopabusinesscaseforIOAimproving findability, and is •De ningtheproblemandplanningtheproject IOA Masteravailable as an online or 4-day training class •Buildingtherightteamclassroom training course •Useranalysisandscenariosleading to a Specialist TheIOAMasterprogramcomprisesmainelementsfrom •Contentinventory,aggregation,andanalysisdesignation. It builds on the theStrategyworkshopandPractitionerandSpecialistPractitioner track, which is why •Howtobuildataxonomy programsinadditiontoacasestudyexercise.we recommend you first take •Howtocreateametadatamodelthe Practitioner course. •Architectingstandard-basedcontent/datamodels BecomeanAIIMIOAMaster (IOAm) afterpassingthe •Taggingandcontentorganizationmodels onlineexamandcasestudyexercise.The IOA Master track provides •Optimizinginformationaccesstoolsyou with a thorough •Improving ndability IOA Master Preparationunderstanding of IOA, with the •Governance Virtual training coursemain elements from all of the •Maintenanceandmanagementabove training tracks, in AvailabletostudentsthatcurrentlyholdboththeAIIMaddition to case study exercises. IOAPractitionerandAIIMIOASpecialistdesignations. BecomeanAIIMIOASpecialist(IOAs) afterpassingthe onlineexam. Onsite or Online ClassesCoursematerialsproducedinpartnershipwithCMSWatchw w w. a i i m . o rg / t ra i n i n g
  10. 10. e2.0 Enterprise 2.0The Enterprise 2.0 Certificate I Why E2.0? I What is E2.0?Program (E2.0) consists of aStrategy track, a Practitionertrack, a Specialist track, and aMaster track. E2.0 Strategy Workshop E2.0 Practitioner 1-day executive awareness workshop 10 online modules or The E2.0 Strategy onsite 2-day training class Learn:workshop is only available on •Web2.0andconsumertoolsimpactingtheEnterprise Learn:request to organizations that •Captureandreuseofknowledgeandinformation •HowtopositionEnterprise2.0inrelationshiptoIM,BI,need to brief executives or users KMandWeb2.0 •Loweringthebarrierstointegrationandcollaborationabout the expected benefits, •Enterprise2.0techniques,frameworksandconceptssteps and resources for •Innovationasabusinessasset •WorkerModelforEnterprise2.0implementing Enterprise 2.0. •Leanthinking •BusinessdriversforEnterprise2.0 •Rolesandresponsibilities The E2.0 Practitioner track •Evolutionandde nitionofEnterprise2.0technologies •Policiesandprocedures –Enterprise1.0:email,forums,chatrooms,bulletincovers concepts and •Strategiesandbestpractices boards,web/tele/videoconferencing,andstaticwebtechnologies for Enterprise 2.0, Onsite Class Only •Evolutionandde nitionofEnterprise2.0technologiesand is available as an online or –Enterprise1.5:webservices,IM,SMS,collaborationclassroom training course I Implementing E2.0 ltering,socialnetworking,socialnetworkingleading to a Practitioner analysis,portals,anddynamicwebdesignation. It also incorporates •Evolutionandde nitionofEnterprise2.0technologiesthe main elements from the E2.0 –Enterprise2.0:participateweb,tagging,mashups,Strategy track, and we E2.0 Specialist blogs,wikis,feeds,podcasting,socialvotingrecommend that you start with 10 online modules or bookmarkingandrankingthis program or take the 4 day 2-day training class •AnoverviewofEnterprise2.0extensionsMaster track. Learn: •StateoftheEnterprise2.0market •Howtoassessorganizationalreadiness The E2.0 Specialist track covers •HowtobuildabusinesscaseforEnterprise2.0 BecomeanAIIME2.0Practitioner(E2.0p) afterpassingglobal best practices for •Howtoanalyzeandde nebusinessrequirements theonlineexam.implementing Enterprise 2.0 inaddition to advanced topics, •BestpracticesforimplementingEnterprise2.0 Onsite or Online Classesand is available as an online or •Aboutusersanduserinvolvementclassroom training course •HowtointegrateEnterprise2.0withprocessesand I Putting it all togetherleading to a Specialist infrastructuredesignation. It builds on the •Enterprise2.0andgovernancePractitioner track, which is why •ExistingandemergingEnterprise2.0standardswe recommend you first take E2.0 Master •Continuousimprovementbasedonexperienceand 4-day training classthe Practitioner course. lessonslearned TheE2.0MasterprogramcomprisesmainelementsfromThe E2.0 Master track provides BecomeanAIIME2.0Specialist(E2.0s) afterpassingthe theStrategy,PractitionerandSpecialistprogramsinyou with a thorough onlineexam. additiontocasestudyexercises.understanding of Enterprise 2.0, Onsite or Online Classeswith the main elements from all BecomeanAIIME2.0Master(E2.0m) afterpassingtheof the above training tracks, in onlineexamandcasestudyexercise.addition to case study exercises. E2.0 Master Preparation Virtual training courseCourse materials produced in partnership AvailabletostudentsthatcurrentlyholdboththeAIIMwith AIIM Market Intelligence divisionsupported by renowned industry experts E2.0PractitionerandAIIME2.0Specialistdesignations.Andrew McAfee, David Weinberger, StoweBoyd, Patti Anklam, and Eric Tsui.w w w. a i i m . o rg / t ra i n i n g
  11. 11. emm Email ManagementThe Email Management I Why EMM? I What is EMM?Certificate Program (EMM)consists of a Strategy track, aPractitioner track, a Specialisttrack, and a Master track. EMM Stategy Workshop EMM Practitioner 1-day executive awareness workshop 10 online modules or 2-day The EMM Strategy onsite training class Learn:workshop is only available on •Businessdriversformoreeffectiveemailmanagement Learn:request to organizations that •Strategiesformanagingemail •Howemailworksneed to brief executives or users •Theemailpolicy •Whatemailmanagementisabout the expected benefits, •Emailprocedures •Managingtheinboxsteps and resources forimplementing Email •Implementingemailpoliciesandprocedures •EmailmessagingapplicationsandclientsManagement. •Technologyinsupportofemailmanagement •Remoteandmobileemailaccess •Rolesandresponsibilities •Capturingandmanagingmessages,attachments,andThe EMM Practitioner track metadata •Auditingcomplianceandeffectivenesscovers concepts and •Emailclassi cationincludingautoclassi cation Onsite Class Onlytechnologies for email •Effectiveemailgovernancemanagement, and is available •Emailsecurity I Implementing EMMas an online or classroom •Emailmanagementtoolsandtechnologiestraining course leading to a •EmailarchivalapproachesPractitioner designation. It also •EmailandECMincorporates the main elements EMM Specialistfrom the EMM Strategy track, 10 online modules or BecomeanAIIMEMMPractitioner (EMMp) afterpassingand we recommend that you 2-day training class theonlineexam.start with this program or the 4day Master track. Learn: Onsite or Online Classes • owtodevelopabusinesscaseforemailmanagement H The EMM Specialist track covers •De ningtheproblemandplanningtheprojectglobal best practices forimplementing •Buildingtherightprojectteam •Developingtheemailpolicy I Putting it all togetheremail management in addition •Identifyingandgatheringrequirementsforemail EMM Masterto advanced topics, and is management 4-day training classavailable as an online or •Implementingthesolutionclassroom training course •Long-termpreservationofmessages,attachments, TheEMMMasterprogramcomprisesmainleading to a Specialist metadata elementsfromtheStrategyworkshopanddesignation. It builds on the •Emailanddiscovery PractitionerandSpecialistprogramsinadditiontoPractitioner track, which is why casestudyexercises. •Instantmessagingwe recommend you first take •Blogs,wikis,andRSSfeedsasalternativestoemailthe Practitioner course. BecomeanAIIMEMMMaster (EMMm) afterpassingthe •Web-basedcommercialemail onlineexamandcasestudyexercise.The EMM Master track providesyou with a thorough BecomeanAIIMEMMSpecialist(EMMs) afterpassing EMM Master Preparationunderstanding of email theonlineexam. Virtual training coursemanagement, with the main Onsite or Online Classeselements from all of the above AvailabletostudentsthatcurrentlyholdboththeAIIMtraining tracks, in addition to study exercises.CoursematerialsproducedinpartnershipwithAccessSciencesw w w. a i i m . o rg / t ra i n i n g
  12. 12. Certificate Training ProgramsWhat are the systemrequirements? The Online ClassroomSystemRequirements:MicrosoftWindows98,NT,2000,XPor Tomeetthedemandsofstudentswhohavetimeand/orbudgetchallenges,AIIMVista. alsooffersitsCertificateTrainingProgramsonline.StudentsareabletotaketheThebasicPCrequirementsto courseswhenandwhereitismostconvenienttothem.AllofAIIM’sCertificateviewcoursesare:350mhz TrainingProgramsareavailableonline.Youcanregisterforanyoralloftheseclasses:Pentium-II,64MBRAM,56kdial-upconnection,Internet • SharePoint • Information OrganizationExplorer5.0orgreaterwith • Enterprise Content Management and Access/Searchjavascriptenabledandpop-ups • Electronic Records Management • Business Process Managementdisabled,soundcardwith • Capture • Email ManagementspeakersandFlash5,6,or7player.Althoughmost • Enterprise 2.0computersareequippedwiththeseitems,youmaywishto RegistrationcheckwithyourITdepartment Onceyouhavetoensurethatyourcomputerisreadytogo. registeredforanonlineclass,youwillhaveimmediateaccesstothematerials. Whenyoulogin,youwillseethecourseinyour“MyCourses”folderPleasecontact ( ifyou monthsfromthedateofregistrationandpayment.experienceanyproblemsandourITsupportwillworkwith Online coursesyoutoresolveyourproblem. Eachonlinemoduleis60‐90minutesinlengthandcombinesaudioandPowerPoint,Other Questions? deliveredviayourWebbrowser.Youmaystart,pauseorstopthemoduleatanytimePleasecontactAIIMtogetan toreviewmaterialsatyourownpace.Youcanalsoviewamodulemultipletimestoanswertoyourquestion.All ensuremasteryofcontent.Downloadablehandoutmaterialsandadditionallinksandemailsareansweredwithin resourcesaccompanyeachcourse.1businessday. Exams Eachmoduleforonlinestudentsincludesanexamcoveringthecontentpresented, whileclassroomstudentshaveonelargeexamcoveringallrelevantmodules. ® ParticipantsmustsuccessfullycompletetheassessmenttoearntheCertificateof Completion.Allquestionsarecoveredwithinthecoursematerial.Headquarters: Itisimportanttotaketheexamonlywhenyoufeelcomfortablewiththecontentto1100WayneAvenue ensureapassingscore.Eachcourseenrollmentallows3opportunitiestotakeandSuite1100 passtheexam.SilverSpring,MD20910UST.+1301.587.8202/800.477.2446 Certificate of Participantswhosuccessfullyprogressthroughallmodulesinacertificatetrack( agradeof70percentorhigherontheexams)willearnthehighlyregardedAIIM Practitionerand/orSpecialistdesignationsforthatcourse.StudentswillalsobeEuropeanOffice: awardedaCertificateofCompletion.8CanalsideLowesmoorWharf StudentswhohaveachievedbothPractitionerandSpecialistdesignationsinagivenWorcester trackareencouragedtobecomeMasters.Toachievethisdesignation,astudentmustWR12RRUK w w. a i i m . o rg / t ra i n i n g
  13. 13. ready. aiim. learn.Who should attend•IT/TechnicalStaff Pricing•InformationArchitects PricingfortheAIIMCertificateProgramincludesattendance(onlineor•RecordsManagers in-person)foroneindividual;aworkbook(forclassroomstudents),checklistsand•Consultants resourceguide;andaccesstosupportingwebcourses.AIIMProfessionalMembers•BusinessManagers receiveaspecialdiscountonallcoursesandprogramrates.•RegulatoryStaff•ImplementationTeams•ServiceProviders Group Discounts Groupsof10+professionalsfromoneorganizationmayqualifyforagroupAIIM’s training discount.Volumediscountsandsitelicensesareavailableforcompanies,userprograms are groups,professionalassociations,orsocialclubs.designed from bestpractices among Corporate TrainingAIIM’s 65,000 global AIIMdeliversprivateonsitetrainingclassesaroundtheworlduponrequest.associate and Forinformationaboutpricing,pleaseemailtraining@aiim.orgorcallusatprofessional +1301.755.2614or+441905.727600.members. Online AIIM Professional Members: 1course $70 £45* €50* CompletePractitionerCertificatepackage $650 £4 0 €500*“KodakclearlyunderstandsthevalueoftheAIIMECMcourses.Our CompleteSpecialistCertificatepackage $650 £400 €500*salesteamusesthisknowledge Non - AIIM Members:oftenaswesupportourdocumentimagingresellersintheirsales 1course $80 £50 €60*processes.” CompletePractitionerCertificatepackage $790 £500* €630*Todd LeVeque ECMp CDIA+, CompleteSpecialistCertificatepackage $790 £500* €630*Director - US Channel Sales,Document Imaging - Graphic ClassroomCommunications Group, EastmanKodak Company AIIM Professional Members: 2dayPractitionerorSpecialistclasses $1095 £670 €850 4dayMasterclass $2795 £1650 €2195 MasterPreparationWorkshop** $1095 £670 €850“FujitsuchosetheAIIMECMCertificateTrainingProgramto Non - AIIM Members:empowerourpartnerswiththe 2dayPractitionerorSpecialistclasses $1195 £750 €935toolsandstrategiestohelpcompaniesworld-wideachieve 4dayMasterclass $2995 £1760 €2415successfulECMimplementations.” MasterPreparationWorkshop** $1195 £750 €935Pamela Doyle, Director, FujitsuImaging Products Group All prices are per attendee and charged in USD. * GBP and Euro based on the payment date’s exchange rate. ** Available for students that currently hold both Practitioner and Specialist designations within a program.w w w. a i i m . o rg / t ra i n i n g
  14. 14. essentials“IachievedtheECMmandtheBPMp AIIMEssentialsisaseriesofshortonlineeducationalprogramsdesignedtodesignations.NotonlydidtheECM provideyouwithanunbiasedfocusonspecifictopicsrelevanttotoday’sclassesaddmoreknowledgetomyyearsofdocumentmanagement changingtechnologicalandbusinesslandscape.Thetechnologyseriesdeliversexperience,butthedesignations vendorneutralperspectivesontechnologytoolsandhowandwhattolookforhaveaddedvaliditytomywork.In whenevaluatingsolution,whilethebusinessseriesaddressesthemanymycurrentpositionworkingonanECManalysis,Icontinuouslyuseand challengesofgovernanceandmanagementwhenapplyingthesetechnologiesreferbacktothebestpractices, toabusinessproblem.strategies,tools,andmethodologythatIlearnedintheclassesandplan AIIM,inpartnershipwithIndustryExpertsfromaroundtheworld,havebroughtoncontinuingmyeducation thisseriestogetherforyou.Eachnon-certificateprogramisapproximately4–6throughAIIM.” hoursinlengthspreadacrossseveralmodules,usinganarratedeLearning format,makingiteasytojoinasessionandcompletetheprogramatyourleisure,Silke Dannemann, ECMm, BPMpPrincipal Consultant, Current offerings include: • Fundamentals of Web Content Management Technologies • Fundamentals of Digital Asset Management Technologies • Fundamentals of Electronic Discovery • Introduction to Web Analytics Technology • Imaging and Recognition • Fundamentals of Enterprise Portal Technology • Fundamentals of a Successful Intranet • MoReq2 Essentials • Automating AP for the Mid-Sized Company • PDF/A The cost for AIIM’s Essentials courses is USD $395 per program, and you have one full year of access to the materials.w w w. a i i m . o rg / t ra i n i n g
  15. 15. How can I If your organization offers solutions or services for sharing and managing information… use AIIM AIIMoftencustomizesthetrainingcoursesforsolutionproviderstoincludetheir methodologiesandsolutionsaspartofthecurriculum.Wehavealreadydonethis training to forleadingsolutionproviders,andbelowaresomeexamplesofcustomized training: educate my 1.Trainingcoursesforsalesrepresentativesandpartnersaddressinghowtoidentify prospectsanddemonstratethevalueofyoursolution organization? 2.Trainingcoursesformarketersandaccountmanagersaboutindustrytrendsand opportunities 3.Trainingcoursesforconsultantsaddressinghowtoanalyzerequirements, developabusinessandtechnologyblueprint,agreeuponinformation architecture,createanroadmap,etc. Please contact to set up a call to discuss how you can use AIIM customized training to sell solutions and services. If your organization needs to improve how you share and manage information… AIIMcancustomizethetrainingcoursesbasedonyourobjectivesforthedifferent staffinvolvedinaprojectorprogram.Belowaresomeexamplesofcustomized training: 1.Trainingcoursesforexecutivesandstakeholdersthatdemonstratethevalueof thenewinitiative 2.Trainingcoursesforimplementersandpractitionersinbestpracticesfor implementingandmaintainingthenewenvironment 3.Trainingcoursesforend-usersinpoliciesandproceduresforsharingand managinginformation Please contact to set up a call to discuss how you can use AIIM customized training to better share and manage information.w w w. a i i m . o rg / t ra i n i n g
  16. 16. ready. aiim. learn. ® AIIMisthecommunitythatprovideseducation,research,andbestpractices tohelporganizationsfind,control,andoptimizetheirinformation. Forover60years,AIIMhasbeentheleadingnon-profitorganizationfocusedHeadquarters: onhelpinguserstounderstandthechallengesassociatedwithmanaging1100WayneAvenue documents,content,records,andbusinessprocesses.Today,AIIMisSuite1100 internationalinscope,independent,implementation-focused,and,astheSilverSpring,MD20910UST.+1301.587.8202/800.477.2446 representativeoftheentireECMindustry—includingusers,suppliers, thechannel—actsastheindustry’sintermediary.www.aiim.orgEuropeanOffice:8Canalside For information aboutLowesmoorWharf AIIM Certificate ProgramsWorcesterWR12RRUK contact us atT.+441905.727600 +1 301.755.2631 or +44 w w. a i i m . o rg / t ra i n i n g