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Automate, Automate, Automate - Bridging the Gap Between Capture and Process


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Traditionally capture has been centered around automating paper based processes at the front-end of business systems and eliminating key entry. As with many of the back-end systems, it has been batch-oriented and thought of as a ‘front-end’ or ‘first-step’ separated from the processes that it feeds. But that is in a state of change and sources have been expanded substantially through the ready availability of multi-function intelligent mobile devices. Although the need for batch capture will continue, we live in a real time world with shrinking amounts of paper used to feed business processes, increasing business velocity and ever increasing demand for better, faster services. This session will explore how capture solutions are handling this, how cloud based services with scalable capture processes can leverage more element understanding and be expanded into providing effective automation for all capture processes concurrently with smoothing the transition from paper.

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Automate, Automate, Automate - Bridging the Gap Between Capture and Process

  1. 1. #AIIM14  #AIIM14   #AIIM14   Automate,  Automate,   Automate:  Bridging  the  Gap   Between  Capture  and  Process   Harvey  Spencer   President   HSA  inc   HSAssocs@twi:er  
  2. 2. #AIIM14   Archive  Business   Documents   Fixed Geometry Variable Geometry The  move  to  integra;on  with  process    
  3. 3. #AIIM14   We  started  with     ‘Known  Forms  processed  in   Batches’  
  4. 4. Market   Intelligence   Read  the  Research!   Download  Content  Collabora+on  and   Processing  in  a  Cloud  and  Mobile  World.   It’s  free.  Do  it  now.   Eye  on  the  Industry  
  5. 5. #AIIM14   Fixed  Geometry   §  Examples:  Tax  Returns,  Medical  Claims   §  Front  end  process,  relies  on  pre-­‐sorJng   §  Based  on  knowing  the  locaJon  of  key  fields   allows  for  understanding  rules  to  be  built   §  IntegraJon  to  business  process  tends  to  be  batch   –  aQer  the  capture,  data  extracJon  and   validaJon  
  6. 6. #AIIM14   Fixed  Geometry  Benefits   §  Benefits:   §  Capture  image  for  archival  and  research   §  Fast   §  ReducJon  in  key  entry  costs   §  LimitaJons   §  Requires  pre-­‐sorJng   §  Limited  applicaJons   §  Back  office  batch  orientaJon  delays  processes  
  7. 7. #AIIM14   Variable  Geometry  Adds  Value   §  Benefits  in  Faster  Processing:   §  Reduced  sorJng  and  separators   §  Mixed  forms  layouts,  including  ‘semi-­‐structured’  forms   may  be  understood  and  processed   §  LimitaJons   §  Semi-­‐structured  forms  are  ‘mostly  known’   §  Usually  front  end  with  batch  updates.      
  8. 8. #AIIM14   Variable  Geometry     Added  Document  Types   §  Examples:  Invoices,  Orders,  On-­‐boarding/   ApplicaJons  etc   §  Fields  of  interest  move  around  depending  on   document   §  Can  be  used  to  reduce  pre-­‐sorJng  of  normal  fixed   geometry  applicaJons   §  Allows  for  capture  closer  to  the  process  
  9. 9. #AIIM14   Value  of  Capture  to  Business  Process   Automa;on  in  Invoice  Processing   §  Benefits  of  Integrated  in-­‐house  with  ERP  procure-­‐to-­‐pay  soluJons*     §  Speed   §  Faster  turn  around  than  using  outsourcing   §  Be:er  excepJon  handling   §  Possibility  of  dynamic  discounJng   §  Faster  end  of  month  reconciliaJon   §  ReducJon  of  excepJon  handling   §  No  lost  invoices  and  user  self  service  portal  can  see  invoice  and  status   §  Emailed  invoices  easier  to  handle  if  PDF  images  are  sent  rather  than  PDF   normal   §  Lower  audit  costs  due  to  integraJon  with  ECM   §  Possibility  of  easier  offset  management  AP/AR  common  suppliers/customers   *Source:  Open  Text  
  10. 10. #AIIM14   Discount  Management.   Never  Ending  Fric;on  Between  Buyers  and  Suppliers   Courtesy:  Taulia  
  11. 11. #AIIM14   0 DAYS invoice 10-15 DAYS approval 60 DAYS due date OPPORTUNITY AVERAGE PAYMENT TERMS (DAYS) Anheuser-Busch Hertz Apple Industry Average 120 DAYS 60 DAYS 45 DAYS 56 DAYS Payables  terms  change  by  Supplier   Courtesy:  Taulia  
  12. 12. #AIIM14   A sliding scale allows for higher discount the earlier the payment for ALL invoices •  Reduction of working capital •  Alternative to more expensive sources of financing as Factoring •  Suppliers can opt in to the program •  Leverage more Early Payment discounts •  Risk-free short-term investments with double digit returns •  Does not create upward pressure on purchase prices •  Typical $1M to $2M returns per $1B in-scope spend Definition Supplier Benefits Buyer Benefits Key  Benefits  of  Dynamic  Discoun;ng   Courtesy:  Taulia  
  13. 13. #AIIM14   3.0%   2.5%   2.0%   1.5%   1.0%   0.5%   0%   0 10  Days   20  Days   30  Days   $   2%  10     Net  30   “Hit-­‐or-­‐Miss  Discount”   3.0%   2.5%   2.0%   1.5%   1.0%   0.5%   0%   0 10  Days   20  Days   30  Days   $   $   Sliding  Scale  Discount   Antiquated Discounting Dynamic Discounting Courtesy:  Taulia   Dynamically  Changing  Discount  
  14. 14. #AIIM14   Discount  Management     Supplier  Bidding   §  The  Priceline  Approach   §  From  a  supplier  standpoint  allows  for  factoring  at  lower   cost   §  From  customer  standpoint  allows  for  be:er  cash   management   §  Only  possible  if  invoices  and  procure-­‐to-­‐pay  are   integrated  
  15. 15. #AIIM14   The  next  stage:  Content  Ini;a;on     Speed/Value/Relevanceto Customer Content  IniJaJon   Capture  to  a  Process   Drive  process  decisioning   from  Capture  Content  
  16. 16. #AIIM14   Content  Ini;a;on     Branch  Automa;on   §  Scan  back  office  documents  (new  account   opening,  loan  apps,  mortgage  apps,  etc.)  in  the   branch   §  Savings  can  provide  less  than  one  year  pay  back   §  Savings  in  copier/prinJng,  plus  courier  +  be:er   customer  experience/service   §  Encapture  ROI  Model    
  17. 17. #AIIM14   Content  Ini;a;on  -­‐-­‐     Global  Shipping*   Process   Shipping  documents,  commercial  invoices  arrive  on  paper,  email,  fax     §  MulJchannel  input  eliminated  prinJng  of  emails  and  faxes   §  Automated  data  recogniJon  and  classificaJon  eliminate  manual  data  entry  and  accelerate   scanning   §  AutomaJc  populaJon  of  data  into  customs  documents   §  Automated  archiving  for  ten  years  in  FileNet  Content  manager   Benefits   §  Improved  Process  efficiency  and  imaging  speed  and  accuracy   §  $13  million  savings  over  three  years  from  headcount  reallocaJon  and  prinJng/postage  costs   §  Improved  accuracy,  customer  service   *  Source:  IBM  
  18. 18. #AIIM14   Automate,  Automate,  Automate   §  The  key  value  is  to  integrate  with  the  Business   Processes   §  Be:er  Customer  Service   §  Greater  efficiency   §  Less  rework  and  lower  cost   §  Lower  risk,  be:er  cash  management  
  19. 19. #AIIM14   Branch  Automa;on   +  Capture  to  a  Process   §  Example:  New  Account  Opening  or  Loan  Processing:   §  Documents  scanned  in  branch   §  Real  Jme  understanding,  checking  documents  and   extracJon  of  relevant  data   §  Savings  in  copier/prinJng,  plus  courier  +  be:er  customer   experience/service  +  immediate  decisioning  +   opportunity  for  cross  selling  
  20. 20. #AIIM14   The  Next  Wave  of  Capture   §  Automate  from  anywhere,  anyJme   §  Immediate  understanding   §  Integrated  with  business  processes  and   workflow  
  21. 21. #AIIM14  #AIIM14   #AIIM14   Ques;ons?   Thank  you   Twi:er@HSAssocs