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ECM at a Global Scale: Empower Users Ignite Change

This discussion was an in-depth analysis of how one global HR company leveraged SharePoint to facilitate cross-team collaboration across geographies and centralize project collaboration. In addition, the speakers will discuss recently announced enhancements to Office 365 and how you can best leverage the newest features and technologies.

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ECM at a Global Scale: Empower Users Ignite Change

  1. 1. #AIIM14  #AIIM14   #AIIM14   ECM  at  a  Global  Scale:   Empower  Users,  Ignite  Change   Tejas  Mehta   Group  Product  Marke8ng  Manager   Microso<  Corpora8on   @tpmehta     Roberto  Yglesias   Business  Technology  Director   Buildingi @robertoy    
  2. 2. The world has become a giant network #worklikeanetwork
  3. 3. Yet, we continue to work like we always have #worklikeanetwork
  4. 4. Work like a network #worklikeanetwork Listen to conversations that matter Adapt and make smarter decisions Grow your business Seamless social experiences across familiar applications, all delivered on an enterprise-grade platform
  5. 5.   Do  YOU  understand  the  business     challenge  of  the  next  10  years?   This  ebook  from  AIIM  President   John  Mancini  explains.  
  6. 6. Extends social collaboration to Office 365, Dynamics, and other apps, services, and line-of-business systems. Enables you to participate in social conversations from the tools of your choice
  7. 7. Unifies People, Profiles, Conversations, Emails, Calendars, and Files across Office 365 and beyond. Provides you with a rich and seamless collaboration experience across applications
  8. 8. Content and signals across Office 365 auto-populating the Office Graph for teams. Insights derived with machine learning to help YOU get the job done right NOW Exchange SharePoint Yammer Lync OneDrive for Business
  9. 9. All my files in one place. Get work done together, with a trusted, enterprise grade service
  10. 10. #AIIM14   §  §  Codename  Oslo  /  Office  Graph   §  Groups   §  Social  experiences  integrated  throughout  Office  365   §  Office  365  Video  Portal   §  Unified  Compliance  Portal   §  Office  for  iPad   §  §  New  Office  365  SDKs  for  Windows  8  and  Android   §  New  APIs  for  PowerPoint  &  Outlook,  Files,  People,  Mail,  Calendar   §  §  Data  Loss  Preven8on   §  OneDrive  for  Business   §  Easy  SharePoint  social  transi8on  to  Yammer   Announcements  
  11. 11. #AIIM14   §  §  ECM   §  Records  Management   §  eDiscovery   ECM,  Records,  Compliance  
  12. 12. #AIIM14   ECM  &  InformaIon  Opportunity   §  Informa8on  Chaos  starts  with  Project   Collabora8on  
  13. 13. #AIIM14   The  Business  Case   Large  Human  Resources  ConsulIng  Firm   Over  14,000  users   More  than  1,500   loca8ons   Across  35  countries  in   mul8ple  con8nents  
  14. 14. #AIIM14   Business  Needs   •  •  •  • 
  15. 15. #AIIM14   Can  SharePoint  Scale?   No  explicit  limit  for  records  /  200GB  for  collabora8on   60M   5K  per  database,  250K  per  farm   30M  per  library   400K  per  document   50K  per  list  /  2K  per  site  collec8on   One  client  or  non-­‐client  project  =  One  site  collec0on  
  16. 16. #AIIM14   We  need  to  talk  about   metadata   Search  don’t  browse  
  17. 17. #AIIM14   SoluIon  DescripIon   •  •  • 
  18. 18. #AIIM14   SoluIon  DescripIon   •  •  • 
  19. 19. #AIIM14   SoluIon  Highlights  
  20. 20. #AIIM14   SoluIon  Highlights  
  21. 21. #AIIM14   SoluIon  Highlights  
  22. 22. #AIIM14   SoluIon  Highlights  
  23. 23. #AIIM14   MulI-­‐Stage  RetenIon  Policies   Ac8ve   Inac8ve   Close   Archived   Destruc8on   Ac8ve   Inac8ve   Close   Archived   Destruc8on  
  24. 24. #AIIM14   Benefits  Achieved   •  •  •  • 
  25. 25. #AIIM14  
  26. 26. #AIIM14  
  27. 27. #AIIM14  
  28. 28. #AIIM14  
  29. 29. #AIIM14  
  30. 30. #AIIM14   Oslo  People  experience  
  31. 31. #AIIM14   Snapped  View  with  Document  Open  
  32. 32. #AIIM14  
  33. 33. #AIIM14   The  Journey  so  far…   SkyDrive  Pro   Launched   Purchasable   storage  (1TB)   ‘Shared  with  me’   View   OneDrive  for   Business  for  iOS   Simple  Controls   OneDrive  for   Business   Rebranded   Increased  storage   limits  (25GB)   Automa8c   Versioning   Office  Mobile  on   Android  &  iPhones   Improved  Search   Increased  file  sizes   (2GB)  
  34. 34. #AIIM14   Secure  online  storage  for  employees  
  35. 35. #AIIM14   What’s  new?  
  36. 36.   Do  YOU  understand  the  business     challenge  of  the  next  10  years?   This  ebook  from  AIIM  President   John  Mancini  explains.