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Go Beyond Analytics: Putting Insights Into Action


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The recent innovation explosion in text analytics, information management and big data have produced unparalleled information gathering and insight mining capabilities. When combined, businesses have a unique opportunity to turn these combined capabilities outward to find and deliver not just more information but actual *actionable intelligence* about competitors and markets. This session will demonstrate the power and promise of Social Competitive Intelligence that blends information management principles with deep Web analytics.

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Go Beyond Analytics: Putting Insights Into Action

  1. 1. #AIIM14  #AIIM14   #AIIM14   SOCIAL  COMPETITIVE  INTELLIGENCE   Billy  Cripe   CMO:  Field  Na6on   Founder:  BloomThink   @billycripe   Beyond Analytics How  To  Transform  Insight  Into  Ac6on  
  2. 2. #AIIM14   The Challenge To  realize  the  advantages  of  data-­‐driven   action  while  balancing  the  promise  and   power  of  new  insights  against  the   overwhelming  quantity  of  data  and  the   concurrent  legitimizing  of  government   surveillance,  censorship  and  threat  of  abuse.    
  3. 3. #AIIM14   International   Study     Correlating   Information   Twitter   Facebook   Foursquare   LinkedIn   20 Of  20  organizations  had  some  internal   information  released  –  like  late  salary  payments   17 08 Of  20  organizations  had    internal  information   released  –  early  product  launches,  conferences  etc.   Of  20  organizations    released  confidential   information  like  early    financial  numbers  &   employees  leaving     SMBs  from     US,  India,  Germany,   UK,  APAC   The Opportunity
  4. 4. #AIIM14   4   You  are  closer  to  *everyone  else*  than  ever  before…   Our Unique Point In Time
  5. 5. #AIIM14   Not Just The Promise Of Data Abundance… We Must Balance
  6. 6. #AIIM14   …But Also The Power Of A Data Tsunami
  7. 7. #AIIM14   Not Just The Allure Of Data Availability … We Must Balance
  8. 8. #AIIM14   Of Data Aggregation & Correlation 5  Results  From  A  Stanford  Phone  Metadata  Pattern  Recognition  Study   …But Also The Continued Threat
  9. 9. #AIIM14   First Principles Public  Information   Disclose   Access   No  Exploitation   Identify   Opportunity   Do  unto  others...        
  10. 10. #AIIM14   What We Know Creative  Commons  attribution  by  flickr  user    by  Daniele  Zedda  
  11. 11. #AIIM14   Typical  “Big  Data”,   “BI”  &  Market  Insight   Response…   LOTS!& LOTS! & LOTS! & LOTS!
  12. 12. #AIIM14   What’s The Problem? how?  
  13. 13. #AIIM14   then  what?   What’s The Problem? so   what?    
  14. 14. #AIIM14   What’s The Problem? how?  
  15. 15. #AIIM14   What’s The Problem? how?  
  16. 16. #AIIM14   What’s The Problem? then   what?  
  17. 17. #AIIM14   We Have More Insight Than Ever… ListenLogic   RivalIQ   TrackMaven  
  18. 18. #AIIM14   …From More Sources Than Ever…
  19. 19. #AIIM14   …And No Idea What To Do About It Creative  Commons  attribution  by  flickr  user    by  Daniele  Zedda  
  20. 20. #AIIM14   We Know What’s Happening Creative  Commons  attribution  by  flickr  user    by  Daniele  Zedda  
  21. 21. #AIIM14   But Not What To Do Next Creative  Commons  attribution  by  flickr  user    by  Daniele  Zedda  
  22. 22. #AIIM14   It’s Like Having Without UPS or FedEx Creative  Commons  attribution,  non-­‐commercial  by  flickr  user  evadedave  
  23. 23. #AIIM14   Our A-Ha Moment We studied the insights. We interviewed the stakeholders. We asked the questions. We classified the responses. Then we crafted a process and put it to the test…
  24. 24. #AIIM14   Our A-Ha Moment S W I F T Social Web Intelligence Framework & Tactics
  25. 25. #AIIM14   The 1st Story: Fast Track High  Tech  |  Highly  Regulated  |  Crowded  Industry  |  Foreign  Country   Medical,  Technical,  Governmental  Spaces         Need  Unbiased  Expertise   Need  Last  Mile  Delivery   Need  Safe,  Discreet  Help   Image  via  Head  Like  An  Orange  
  26. 26. #AIIM14   Hypothesis One Creative  Commons  attribution  by  flickr  user    by  Daniele  Zedda   The  SWIFT  Approach:   1.  Listen  &  Gather   2.  Filter  &  Categorize   3.  Synthesize  &  Analyze   4.  Report  &  Act   fast-­‐track  expertise     Locate  Expertise  à     Predict  Next  Best  Action  à   Produce  Actionable  Intel          
  27. 27. #AIIM14   The SWIFT Process: Listen & Gather 45+  Keywords  Defined   for  Listeners  &   Monitoring   50+  Social  &  Web   Sources  Consulted   Wiki  For  Housing   Multivariate  Data  
  28. 28. #AIIM14   The SWIFT Process: Filter & Categorize SNAP  Gathering:     Traverse  Topic  Categories     Identify  Category  Influencers     Action:  Engage,  Monitor,  Assist  Influencers   SNAP Social  Network  Analysis  Process  
  29. 29. #AIIM14   The SWIFT Process: Synthesize & Analyze
  30. 30. #AIIM14   The SWIFT Process: Report & Act
  31. 31. #AIIM14   The SWIFT Solution: Fast Track Results +  7  other  scored  results  &  200+   additional  “pay  attention  to  these”    
  32. 32. #AIIM14   Hypothesis Two Creative  Commons  attribution  by  flickr  user    Daniele  Zedda   The  SWIFT  Approach:   1.  Listen  &  Gather   2.  Filter  &  Categorize   3.  Synthesize  &  Analyze   4.  Report  &  Act   You  Will  Let  Me  Sell  Your  Customer  List  
  33. 33. #AIIM14   The 2nd Story Video  Production  Company   New  Integration  Product   Needed  Pitch  List     Creative  Commons  attribution,  no  derivatives  by  flickr  user  nic-­‐mosh  
  34. 34. #AIIM14   The SWIFT Process: Deep Social Mining Report  &  Act   Deliver  immediately   ac6onable  prospect   list  that  is  validated  as   interested  and   available  and   engaged.   Synthesize  &   Analyze   Technology  Refresh   Event  /  Advocacy   Par6cipa6on   Over  200  fully  cited   prospects  iden6fied   Filter  &  Categorize   •  The  SWIFT  SNAP   Social  Network  Analysis  Process.     Iden6fy,  track  and  trace  reach,   reverb,  connec6ons,  influence.   •  Relevancy  &  Recency   Reverbera6on  &  recency   categoriza6on.   SWIFT:  Listen  &  Gather   Public  &  Known  Customers   •  Web  lis6ngs   •  Case  studies   •  White  papers   •  Event  Presenta6ons   •  Blogs   •  YouTube   •  Newsle[ers   •  Pre-­‐Recorded  Webinars   •  Compe66ve  Intel  Sources  
  35. 35. #AIIM14   The SWIFT Solution: Actionable Intelligence 200+  Ac6ve  ECM  Customers         Public  Web  &  Social  Cita6ons         Willing  To  Work  With  SIs       Creative  Commons  attribution  by  flickr  user  Kangrex  
  36. 36. #AIIM14   The SWIFT Outcomes Market  Action     Development  Action     Legal  Action     Monitor  
  37. 37. #AIIM14   Why It Works Oriented  To  Action     Predicts    What’s  Needed  Next     Taps  Massive  Quantities  of  Public  Data   Creative  Commons  attribution,  remix,  share,  noncommercial,  share  alike:  Davic  
  38. 38. #AIIM14   Practice: Actionable Blog Intel Creative  Commons  attribution  by  Flickr  user  jvh33  
  39. 39. #AIIM14   SWIFT: Blog Quantity & Cadence Creative  Commons  attribution  by  Flickr  user  jvh33   IF   THEN   PREDICTS   ACTION   Basic  increase  in   blog  quantity       Or         Increase  in  blog   quantity  over   last  2  years   (y1=benchmark,   y2  =  comparator   for  this  y)   Target  is   increasing   awareness                               Target’s  focus   areas           Investment  in   marketing  and   attendant   spend  on   content   development.       Preemptively  market   to  thunder-­‐steal  or   coopt         Invest  for  parity         Stake  Out  Your   Differentiated  turf      
  40. 40. #AIIM14   SWIFT: Paid Content Creative  Commons  attribution  by  Flickr  user  MiiiSH   IF   THEN   PREDICTS   ACTION   Content  is  paid   or  sponsored                                               Distribu?on  is   paid  or   sponsored   Target  is   inves6ng   heavily  in   awareness       Inten6onal  focus   for  new  product,   ver6cal  or   geographic  entry.                                           Revitalized   emphasis  on   exis6ng  product,   ver6cal  or  market.   Perform  textual  analysis  of  content   to  iden6fy  target’s  narrowly   targeted  markets  and  objec6ves.       Iden6fy  new  marke6ng  hires  or  blog   pedigree  (for  contrac6ng  services).   A[ach  $$  spend  to  the  hire  or   contracted  service  to  iden6fy   rela6ve  investment  level  and   target’s  strategy.           Perform  audience  analysis  of  targets   paid  outlet  channels  to  iden6fy  who   they’re  going  ader.  
  41. 41. #AIIM14   SWIFT: Authors Creative  Commons  attribution,  noncommercial  by  Flickr  user  garritron   IF   THEN   PREDICTS   ACTION   One  author  is   pos?ng  more           One  group/team   is  pos?ng  more   That  author  is   influencer           That  team  is   developing   influence   Target’s  focus  areas   Target’s  reach           Corporate   investment  in  that   team  /  team’s   product.   Social  Network  Analysis  on   influencer  using  tools  like   NodeXL,  Maltego  or  other       If  reach  is  large  then:   Determine  if  influencer  be   coopted  or  eliminated       Determine  if  influencer’s   audience  can  be  diverted  or   engaged  directly  (e.g.  is   influencer’s  audience  your   prospect  list?)  
  42. 42. #AIIM14   SWIFT: Events Creative  Commons  attribution  by  Flickr  user  QuakeCon   IF   THEN   PREDICTS   ACTION   Increase  in  blog  quan?ty   precedes  major  event   ini?a?ve           Increase  in  blog  ac?vity   follows  event     Target  is   increasing  laying   buzz  founda6on   for  these  events       Target  is   leveraging  event   to  boost   awareness     Which  events  are   strategically  important  to   target           Which  events  are  viewed   as  “greens-­‐fees”  and   opportunis6c     Intercept,  thunder-­‐steal,  out-­‐ splash  at  event               Only  respond  if  event  is   inherently  opportunis6c  for  you   too  
  43. 43. #AIIM14   SWIFT: Text Analysis IF   THEN   PREDICTS   ACTION   Key  words  and  themes   grow  in  frequency                   No  discernible  keyword   trend   Target  is   solidifying  the   messaging   around  its  value   proposi6on       Target  is  either   experimen6ng   to  see  what   s6cks  or  is   throwing  $$   away  on   unconnected   efforts     Target’s  go-­‐to-­‐ market  strategy                     Confusion  of   effort  with   impact.  Lack  of   leadership.     Threat  from   product  /  service   but  in-­‐figh6ng   over  mone6zing   benefit.     Posi6on  to  counter,   parry  strength  of  key   words  and  phrases.                 Monitor.  Let   compe6tor  implode.   Add  pressure  through   focused,  impact  driven   stories.  If  you  don’t   have  feature  parity,   invest  in  gaining  parity.   Creative  Commons  attribution  by  Flickr  user  jvh33  
  44. 44. #AIIM14   WebSite  Intel   Baselining   URL  spidering   Compe6tor   Website  URL   ID  Content   Repositories   Blog,  Whitepapers,   Casestudies,  Media  Kits,   FAQ,  APIs,  Docs,  PR,  Jobs,   Management,  Newsle[er   Archive   Set  Watchers  on  Content   Pages   Establish  Quan6ty,   Frequency  &  Topic/ Industry  focus  for  last  2   years   Alerts  on  Change   Graph  Overall   Quan6ty  of   Content   Graph  Overall   Frequency  of   Updates  /  New   Content   Graph  Topic  /   Industry  focus   distribu6on   Topic   Categories  &   Industries   Iden6fied   For  Each  Category  /   Industry  Graph  Content   Quan6ty   For  Each  Category  /   Industry  Graph  Content   Frequency   Signifies  rela6ve  strength  of  compe6tor:   Investment  in  crea6on,  dedica6on  to  message   amplifica6on   rela6ve  strength  of  topic  focus.    Establishes   playing  to  par6cipate  or  to  win   Establishes  buzz  building  6meline  between  R&D   &  GA.    Leading  indicator  of  announcements,   Trailing  Indicators  of  investment  ac6vity   Signifies  rela6ve  focus  of  compe6tor   Signifies  buzz  ramp  to  deals,  marke6ng  focus   and  sales  emphasis.   (c)  Copyright  2013,  BloomThink.    All  Rights  Reserved.   h[p://   SWIFT Blog Practice Guide
  45. 45. #AIIM14  
  46. 46. #AIIM14   About Billy Cripe CMO  Field  Nation   Founder  BloomThink     What  He  Does:  B2B  Marketing  Strategy   Background:  Development,  Collaboration,  Social  &  Intelligent  Systems   Author:  2  Books  on  Collaboration,  many  articles   Interests:  Semantic  Web,  recommendation  systems,  machine  ethics   Hobbies:  Star  Wars,  Wine  Blogging,       Contact:     Email:   Twitter:  @billycripe   LinkedIn:    
  47. 47. #AIIM14   Additional Reading •  Answering  the  ‘So  What’  Question­‐what/     •  Help  IT  Understand  The  Business  Value  Of  Back  End  Work  To  Drive  Business  Value  From  BI­‐it-­‐understand-­‐the-­‐business-­‐impact-­‐of-­‐back-­‐end-­‐work-­‐to-­‐ drive-­‐business-­‐value/     •  Ten  Steps  for  Social  Competitive  Intelligence­‐steps-­‐for-­‐social-­‐competitive-­‐intelligence/   •  Is  “Ambient  Data”  from  Social  Media  Channels  Useful  for  Funders?­‐data/     •  How  to  use  social  data  to  formulate  future  decisions­‐social-­‐data-­‐formulate-­‐future-­‐decisions/