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Sumit Gupta at AI Frontiers : AI for Enterprise


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The use of AI for voice search and image recognition is talked about often. Enterprises, however, have different challenges and requirements. In this talk, we will focus on talking about use cases in the enterprise and challenges in building out AI solutions. We will talk about how an Auto-machine learning software for videos and images called PowerAI Vision enables quick AI model training & deployment for various enterprise use cases.

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Sumit Gupta at AI Frontiers : AI for Enterprise

  1. 1. Sumit Gupta VP, AI, Machine Learning & HPC IBM Cognitive Systems Twitter: @SumitGup November 2018 AI for Enterprise How to use AI-based Vision
  2. 2. Transportation & Industrial IoT • Computer vision for self-driving vehicles • Industrial / Inventory Inspection • Predictive Maintenance Retailers • Recommendation engines using POS data, E-tail image analytics • Computer vision for shopping carts, manufacturing • Customer Insights Customer Service • Understand speech, language, Q&A, enable smarter search • Sentiment & Tone Analysis Financial Services • Fraud detection, Credit Risk Analysis, Customer cross-sell • Predict end of day deposit levels required • Vision based: ID, Fraud, Insurance claims AI Enterprise Use Cases 2
  3. 3. $ COMMUNICATIONS FINANCIAL SERVICES RESEARCHCONSUMER GOODSAUTOMOTIVE Location-based advertising Risk analysis Fraud detection Physics ModelingSentiment analysisADAS, Maintenance MEDIA/ENTERTAINLIFE SCIENCES CUSTOMER SERVICE HEALTH CAREMANUFACTURING Sequence Analysis, Radiology Chatbots, Helpdesk Automated Expenses Patient sensors, monitoring, EHRs Advertising effectiveness Line inspection, Defect analysis RETAIL UTILITIES LAW & DEFENSETRANSPORTATIONOIL & GAS Recommendation Engines, Precision Marketing Smart Meter analysis, Capacity planning Threat analysis – social media monitoring Optimal traffic flows, Route planning Exploration, sensor analysis
  4. 4. 4 PowerAI Open-Source Based Enterprise AI Platform Open Source Frameworks: Supported Distribution Developer Ease-of-Use Tools Faster Training Times via HW & SW Performance Optimizations Integrated & Supported AI Platform 3-4x Speedup for AI Training Ease of Use Tools for Data Scientists GPU-Accelerated Power Servers Storage Caffe
  5. 5. 5 2011 2016Humans 26% Errors Machine Learning Based 3% Errors Deep Learning Based 5% Error
  6. 6. 6
  7. 7. 7
  8. 8. PowerAI Vision: ”Point-and-Click” AI for Images & Video 8 Label Image or Video Data Auto-Train AI Model Package & Deploy AI Model
  9. 9. AI Vision to Reduce Theft in Retail Scan Avoidance Checking Scan avoidance in cashier line. Video action detection will detect and identify the incidence and record. Trolley Monitoring and Item Tracking Detect NOT empty trolley or basket when going through cashier line Customers getting through cashier line without paying or when the cash counter is closed Hot-area & Cashier Lane Monitoring 9
  10. 10. $14 billion lost annually by Sweethearting: Theft by employees at cash register, by giving away merchandise to a "sweetheart" customer (friend, family, fellow employee) Pick up Scan Put Down Action recognition Object Detection Object Tracking Object Counting Point-of- Sale Scan Anomaly Detection Send Alert 10
  11. 11. 11
  12. 12. 12 Personalized Service Theft Detection & Traffic Flow Vision-Based CheckoutWarehouse Automation Inventory Check Automated Delivery
  13. 13. 13 AI-based Transformation of Asset Monitoring & Management
  14. 14. IBM PowerAI Vision: ”Point-and-Click” AI for Images & Video 14 Label Image or Video Data Auto-Train AI Model Package & Deploy AI Model LABEL  TRAIN  DEPLOY Broken conductors Broken Bonds Broken Glass Insulators Data centers UAS AI glasses for VR
  15. 15. Classification of damaged assets 15 Training Broken Porcelain insulator: 0.88 Damaged conductor: 0.92 Broken Bond: 0.87 Inference
  16. 16. Visual Inspection for Manufacturing • Automotive • Aerospace & Defense • Chemicals & Petroleum • CPG • Electronics • Energy & Utilities • Industrial products • Life Sciences • Maintenance
  17. 17. Get Started Today with Machine & Deep Learning 17 Build a Data Science Team Your Developers Can Learn Identify a Low Hanging Use Case Figure Out Data Strategy Consider Pre-Built AI APIs Hire Consulting Services Get Started Today at