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Intelligent Chatbot on WeChat


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Talk by Cheng Niu, Principal NLP Engineer, WeChat Team, Tencent. As one of the biggest social network in the world, WeChat is innovating the way how people acquire the needed information, knowledge and services. In this talk, Cheng Niu presents the chatbot development effort made by WeChat AI team.

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Intelligent Chatbot on WeChat

  1. 1. Intelligent Chatbot on WeChat WeChat AI NLP Team 2017.02.08
  2. 2. 846 million monthly active users 300 million WeChat Pay users 10 million Official Accounts 200 thousand developers WeChat is the leading mobile social network in China. In 6 years, WeChat has gained… Data: Tencent Financial Reports
  3. 3. WeChat is not just a mobile messaging app. It’s a new lifestyle, connecting people with people, services, devices and more. WeChat Overview The WeChat Lifestyle
  4. 4. Red Pocket Jan 27 – Feb 01 46 Billion Emoji Jan 27 – Feb 01 16 Billion Voice Call Jan 27 – Jan 28 2.1 Billion minutes Chinese New Year 2017
  5. 5. 5 The new way for businesses to interact with their customers. Powered by WeChat
  6. 6. 7 Messaging (Can be automated) Account management Service Accounts China Merchant Bank case China Merchants Bank Over 10 million followers Open an account Pay bill/loan Receive payment notifications Receive CRM promotions Powered by WeChat
  7. 7. 8 Messaging Account management Service Accounts China Southern Airlines case China Southern Airlines Buy Tickets Check-in Choose seats Flight status update Frequent flyer services Powered by WeChat
  8. 8. Chatbot Examples • WeBank • WeChat official account • Tencent games • Xiao‘er Mechanical Monk Chatbot on WeChat • Natural to server customers • Powerful for users to acquire service, information, knowledge, etc.
  9. 9. Work Flow of Wechat Chatbot Question Question Parsing Question Understanding Output Rule Match QnA Chitter Chat Model Answer Ranking Answer Context Answer Candidates Knowledge Base
  10. 10. Chatbot Architecture in Progress Question Question Parsing Question Understanding Output Rule Match QnA Document Content Chitter Chat Model Answer Ranking Answer Sentiment Analysis Sentiment Analysis Output Context Answer Candidates Personalization Knowledge Graph Under development • Sentiment analysis • Knowledge graph • Doc-chat • Personalization • Expose the platform to public
  11. 11. Example of Task Completion Chatbot Intent = Book Flight Dialog Manager Domain Ontology Slot Key Value Intent Book Flight Date 09-20-2016 From Beijing To Shanghai Date=tomorr ow To=Shanghai Dialog Manager Slot Key Value Intent Weather Date 09-20-2016 Location Shanghai Intent = Weather Dialog Manager From=Beijing Dialog Manager Key Technologies: • Intent classification • Slot filling • Multi-initiative context management
  12. 12. Conversational Chatbot How can be happy? Why I’m so busy?
  13. 13. Hard Problems for Conversational Chatbot Question Understanding: • 干啥呐?(what are you doing?) • 干啥的?(what is your job?) • 你哪里好?(why you think you are good?) • 你在哪里? (where are you?) • 你师父呢?(where is your master?) • 师父在忙 (master is busy) • 他在忙啥? (what is he doing?) • 闻何法啊? (how do you practice Dharma?) • 破除我执 (being not obsessive) • 如何破除呢? (how?) Knowledge Representation: • Notarial certificates, executed in the mainland, and to be used in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, shall be acknowledged by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China • 转心 (transform the heart),就是心里要去拿 起一个正确的东西,否则心在烦恼(affliction) 中时是很难转动的。要不断培养自己的发心 (bodhicitta-samutpada) ,让它越来越宽广, 越来越清净,烦恼自然就越来越少。恨(hatred) 也好,念(obsession)也好,都是妄想 (delusion) ,消耗心力、迷障未来。 Answer Generation: avoid trivial and boring answers • 忙呢 (busy now) • 你忙 (take your time) • 再见 (see you later) • 狗狗很可爱 (dogs are cute) 是很可爱 (yes, they are cute)
  14. 14. Sentence Modeling by Recurrent Neural Network x0 x1 x2 x3 xn Embedding Layer V0 V1 V2 V3 Vn h0 h1 h2 hn h3 V0 V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 V6 V7 V8 x0 x1 x2 x3 x8 Embedding Layer x4 x5 x6 x7
  15. 15. Anaphora Resolution Input: q: current query c: contenxt Output: q': current query after anaphora resolution H: replace pronouns in the current query with noun phrases in the context About 5% of the total queries Examples: C1: 你是陈奕迅粉丝吗? (are you a fan of Eason Chan? ) C2: 更喜欢张学友 (I like Jacky Cheung more) q : 为什么更喜欢他? (Why like him more?) q ‘: 为什么更喜欢张学友 (Why like Jacky Cheung more?) q'= H(q,C) C1 : 你住哪儿? (where do you live? ) C2 : 不二寺。 (Bu’er Temple ) q : 那在哪儿? (Where is it? ) q ‘ : 不二寺在哪儿? (Where is Bu’er Temple ? )
  16. 16. 模型建立代消解 Context Query 陈奕迅 粉丝 更 喜欢 张学友 为什么 更 喜欢 他 )|(max 为什么更喜欢他张学友PP  “他”(him) “张学友”(Jacky Chueng) q' = 为什么更喜欢张学友 RNN for Anaphora Resolution Example: C1: 你是陈奕迅粉丝吗? C2: 更喜欢张学友 q : 为什么更喜欢他? q ‘: 为什么更喜欢张学友 • 100K training data • Accuracy: 90% • Majority of the errors are caused by the mistakes of entity tagging A bad case: C1: 你认识贤三吗? C2: 当然认识。 q : 他是你什么人? q ': 三是你什么人?
  17. 17. Query Complement Input: q: current query c: context Output: q': current query after query complement H: complete the current query with information in the context About 15% of the total queries Examples: C1: 那你会发表情包吗? (can you send emojis? ) C2: 一般不发 (usually I don’t send emojis) q :为什么? (Why?) q ‘: 为什么不发表情包 (Why not send emojis?) q'= H(q,C) C1 :讲个故事给我听 (tell me a story ) C2 :等我学会了给你讲哦 。 (I’ll tell you a story once I learn how to) q :我等着 (I’m waiting) q ‘ :我等着听故事 (I’m waiting for the story)
  18. 18. 模型建立代消解 RNN for Query Complementt Training Sample: C1:讲个故事给我听 C2:等我学会了给你讲哦 。 q :我等着 q ‘:我等着听故事 • 100,000 training instances • Accuracy: 70% • Increased the engagement of Xian’er Mechanical Monk by 11% 我 等 着 听 故 我 等 着 听 讲 个 故 事 给 我 听 _E_ 等 ... ... ... x y
  19. 19. 部分结果展示 你去问问师父喜欢你吗 不会的,问你师父去 什么时候问必要 Query Complement Results in Real Dialogs
  20. 20. 部分结果展示 Sentence Similarity Computation Unsupervised word embedding approach is not good enough Sentence 0 Sentence 1 Similarity based on Word Embedding Similar Enough? 你是谁 (who are you) 我是谁 (who am I) 0.93 No 我爱你 (I love you) 你爱我 (you love me) 0.89 No 吃饭了吗 (Do you have lunch?) 吃饭了 (just had lunch) 0.84 No 你干嘛的 (what is your job?) 你干嘛呢 (who are you doing?) 0.93 No 有轮回吗? (Is reincarnation true?) 轮回有结束吗 (will the cycle of life end?) 0.73 No 会不会轮回 (will reincarnation happen?) 会不会轮回结束 (Will reincarnation end?) 0.84 No 随喜您 (you did it well) 您做的很好 (you did it well) 0.20 Yes
  21. 21. Supervised Learning for Sentence Similarity Feature Embedding Model • Sentence features unigrams bi-grams • Comparison Features word pairs from two sentences each edit operations 什么 含义 vs. 什么 意思 match-什么-什么 replace-含义-意思 RNN for sentence similarityQuestion 0 Question 1
  22. 22. Sentence Similarity Results Models Accuracy Unsupervised word embedding 0.63 RNN + cosine similarity 0.65 RNN + MLP 0.6878 CNN + MLP 0.6968 RNN + Tensor 0.728 Feature Embedding 0.75 220,000 sentence pairs for training 20,000 for testing
  23. 23. Response Generation • Generative model is used if no match from knowledge base • Neural Network based methods for response generation 24 • Motivated by neural network based methods for translation One sentence in Language A One sentence in Language B Input Sentence Response Sentence Translation Response Generation
  24. 24. Neural Network based Methods for Response Generation • Motivated by neural network based methods for translation 25 Training data: Objective:
  25. 25. NN based Methods for Response Generation 26
  26. 26. Dialogue vs. Translation 27 •Dialogue corpus is different from translation corpus •The response diversity problem exists in dialogue corpus
  27. 27. Diversity 28 For question: What's up? The normal I am OK. I am fine. Mr. Shelton Bazinga! Mr. Trump You are fired!
  28. 28. •In our experimental corpus, more than 60 different responses exist to the post “You are so silly” •No! •You are! •Why? •Don’t say that •Many different responses usually correspond to the same post Diversity
  29. 29. Issues on Response Diversity • Only return the safe and generic answers, i.e. the one with the highest probability • Cannot recognize good but low probability answers 30 Responses with high probabilities Good responses, but occur not frequently Bad responses
  30. 30. Response-Style Modeling 31
  31. 31. 32 A diverter is developed to generate the mechanism distribution of an input post Encoder-Diverter-Decoder
  32. 32. 34 •Training •815, 852 pairs of post and response •775, 852 are for training, •40, 000 are for model validation. •Testing •We randomly select 300 posts from about 15 million posts •Every baseline model generates 5 response •Use human judgment the evaluate the model performance Experiment
  33. 33. 36 the diversity of the response is increased by 1.7 times, and the accuracy is increased by 9.8% Experiment Results
  34. 34. 37 Example Output
  35. 35. Future Work • Making use of more knowledge sources knowledge graph article content • Unsupervised machine learning • Open the service to the public knowledge management model tuning chatbot customization 38
  36. 36. Voice & Audio Natural Language Processing Machine LearningImage & Video WeChat AI are hiring now! Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Palo Alto Machine Translation /通用格式 /通用格式 /通用格式 /通用格式 /通用格式 /通用格式 /通用格式 /通用格式 /通用格式 /通用格式 samples/sec batch_size speed, 4 gpus amber mxnet tf
  37. 37. Thanks WeChat A.I. NLP