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Himagiri Mukkamala at AI Frontiers : The Future with IoT and Data


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We are entering an era of data-driven computing – IoT will collect, 5G will transport it and ML will process it. The combination of these forces coming together will bring transformation unlike anything seen before. 5G alone is expected to bring economic impact akin to the industrial revolution. The IoT is predicated to bring trillions to many different industries. The fifth wave represents massive opportunity for the ecosystem to create new businesses and drive economic growth. Those 1T devices will not just be connected, they will be intelligent - a paradigm shift enabled by ML in every IoT end point. The bigger impact of AI is already happening today as machine learning is becoming part of our daily lives in billions of tiny moments. Machine Learning will be needed to handle the massive amount of data that will be part of the fifth wave. Data itself isn’t always valuable if the volume obscures the important info. We can use ML at the edge to identify the critical data that should be shared. This is why we as an industry need to focus on the edge for the future of AI. We’ve worked hard on moving data to processing somewhere else, but for a trillion devices, that approach isn’t sustainable. Moving, processing and storing data all has costs in terms of efficiency and security. We need to shift our focus to processing the data where it is collected and used driving more value from IoT.

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Himagiri Mukkamala at AI Frontiers : The Future with IoT and Data

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