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Charles Fan at AI Frontiers: The New Era of AI Plus


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Charles Fan, CTO of Cheetah Mobile gives talk at AI Frontiers conference.

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Charles Fan at AI Frontiers: The New Era of AI Plus

  1. 1. T H E N E W E R A O F A I + Charles Fan, CTO of Cheetah Mobile
  2. 2. The Internet Changed Everything
  3. 3. Internet The Internet has Become a Commodity Agriculture Commercial Production Services Entertainment Technology Internet+ E-Commerce Industry 4.0 O2O Influencers Black Technology
  4. 4. The Era of AI+ Has Arrived
  5. 5. Deep Learning Is An Algorithmic Revolution
  6. 6. Data and Computing Power are the Key Differentiators
  7. 7. Technologically, It’s A Good Time for Bend Overtaking • The Software Technologies of Leading Companies Will Become Obsolete • The Core Competitiveness Has Become Data Instead Of Algorithms • Technical Staff Are Back On The Same Starting Line (Learn Quick)
  8. 8. Changes In R&D • Data Acquisition & Data Labeling Will Become Very Important • Parallel Computing Talent Will Be The Core Competitiveness • New Alternative Computing Platform (such as GPU) As The Core • Many Algorithmic Teams Will Disappear • Neural Network Algorithm Talents With Strong Mathematical Skills Will Stand Out
  9. 9. Post-Screen Era Voice and Vision Will Be The Next Generationof Human-Machine Interface
  10. 10. ServiceInternet Mobile Industry Agriculture AI+
  11. 11. All Repetitive Mind Work will be Replaced by AI
  12. 12. The Era of Coexistence of Man and Robot
  13. 13. Cheetah Mobile: Help Building the Silk Road in the AI+ Era
  14. 14. User Scales & Products 651m 79.5% 20~25% Mobile Monthly Active User From Outside of China From Europe, US, and Canada
  15. 15. Information Distribution in The Era of AI+ Search engines Social Media Early days of internet
  16. 16. AI + Cheetah Mobile = News Republic News Republic
  17. 17. • Chief Scientist • AI Engineers • Interns Our Silicon Valley AI Lab Is Hiring!
  18. 18. THANK YOU