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Leap booklet


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Leap booklet

  1. 1. AIESEC’s vision of bridging people across borders took root in 1948, when AIESEC was founded in Europe. In this “first year” eighty-nine exchanges took place, mostly in the form of study tours with the aim of “... promoting friendly relations between members.” In our first twenty years, the mission expanded to include developing the skills of young people. We also grew in impact, with 900% growth in exchanges and expansion from one to six 6 continents! In the 1970s, during the global economic crisis, AIESEC experienced its first drop in exchange. Global business trends brought an in-creased focus on management. In 1976, after years of focus on internship exchanges, seminars and study tours, global theme programs emerged, engaging members in conferences and activities around pressing global topics. With the boom in economy and population in the 1980s, AIESEC experienced continuous growth, leading to the highest number of ex-changes in history. Expansion continued, especially to Africa, and the organization digitized the exchange process. Activities included exchange-related projects, seminars and conferences, and follow up publications based on the international theme of the year. The 1990s was a decade of rediscovery for AIESEC. In a world where global inclusiveness, democratization and social topics were on the table, AIESEC clearly established that we focus on “indirect impact”: developing individuals to enhance their ability to make positive impact on society. The transformation process was challenging, leading to temporary global disalignmentand a drop in our ex-change programmers, but it led the way for rapid growth. The first decade of the 2000s saw alignment and increasing operations. Global leadership agreed on an “AIESEC Experience” that was provided in every country. For the first time, we established the idea of team leadership as an AIESEC program. Alignment brought professionalization and standardization, enabling two successive periods of 500%growth. AIESEC beat the exchange record from the 1980s. In the 2010s, responding to the emergence of social networks, AIESEC has grown increasingly inclusive. In 2010, the third 5-year global visioning process led to a 20-year ambition to “engage and develop every young person in the world.” AIESEC, though it maintains rigorous standards for its experiential leadership development program, is no longer only for a selected group of youth. This inclusive mindset led to nearly 100,000 leadership development experiences in AIESEC in 2011-2012. The 2015 goal is around 1 million experiences, plus millions more connected to the AIESEC community. With 1.4 billion young people in the world, our question is: Is this fast enough growth to bring the peace we seek? Once Upon A time…
  2. 2. •More than 300 Bahraini citizens represented Bahrain in 20 different countries •67% were females •Top three countries were 1.India 2.Sri Lanka 3.Turkey •More than 4 universities supported or funded the LEAP program or funded their students including University of Bahrain, AhliaUniversity and Bahrain Polytechnic. •Career Development Conference was supported by: •Bahrain Polytechnic •Zain F.U.N. •University of Bahrain •Tarteeb •AIESEC in Bahrain Alumni & Learning Partners including Mohammed Isa (inovestCFO), Mohamed Ali (founder of tumooh), Sara Hussain(current president of AIESEC UAE). •Two people went on Leap for three times •Awabhelal •Mahmood jabbari Facts About Leap
  3. 3. Leap A Global Community Development Program provides opportunities for young people to create direct positive impact through an international volunteer experience abroad. The program provides opportunities for young people to create direct positive impact through an international volunteering experience abroad. LEAP program is designed for both graduates and undergraduates providing them with the opportunity to develop and enhance their global world perspective, and entrepreneurial skills through participating in social development projects abroad as volunteers and have a positive impact on the society. LEAP program consists of three unique phases that starts with the internship, Career Development Conference and an optional phase: of being a member in AIESEC in Bahrain to implement similar social projects in Kingdom of Bahrain. About Leap
  4. 4. Leap Process During Travelling to the desired country and receiving IPS where they will be preparing them for the country. They will also start working on the project for a life changing experience. Before Online Application And receive booklet Assessment Interview Leap Applicant will be contacted within 48 hours to induct them more about the program and go through interview to assess their understanding Becoming a Leap Participant After passing the interview, the leap applicant will have to sign the contract and pay the program fee. Then will go through the matching process to the chosen country. Next, They will be receiving Trainings on cultural preparation and leadership to prepare them for the internship After Career Development Conference All Leap participants gather to share their experiences abroad and learn how to package it for future career plans in an interactive conference that concludes with a certification ceremony. Re-Integration The Leap participant will have the opportunity to be part of AIESEC organization.
  5. 5. Benefits Gain practical skills & knowledge outside the classroom. Any continent you want to go, there is someone you know! Expand your cultural horizons, experience something new. Reading stories is one thing, experiencing it is another. Find your hidden potentials in a journey of self-discovery. impact other people & yourself
  6. 6. Where to go? This subprogram provides you the opportunity to explore one of the four countries below. It has reserved 50 seats only. Program Fee: 175 BD Program Issues: •Entrepreneurship •Literacy •Cultural & Social Awareness Greece Tunisia Turkey Portugal
  7. 7. Where to go? Program Fee: 155 BD Program Issue: Literacy Cultural & social awareness Environmental China Indonesia South Korea India This subprogram reserved 150 seats to provide students a chance to make an impact in one of the four countries below.
  8. 8. Where to go? Egypt Coming soon!
  9. 9. Testimonials My decision to go for this program was the best decision I’ve made in my life. I discovered a lot of things about myself like courageous in facing issues, communicator in expressing my ideas and things I want and most importantly, Leader in leading my own experience. AIESEC in Bahrain was there to support us all the way and guided us on how we should be dealing in India through their Outgoing preparation Meeting. My internship in India was educating children from grade 1 to 3 about safety and first aid from 8 to 3:30 PM. The kids were really my source of motivation in this experience as every time I start my lecture, I can see the smiles on their faces. Furthermore, I fell in love with global village in which I was able to share my Bahraini culture and learn about other culture. I would definitely repeat this experience again! Fatima Al-Malood–College of Health Sciences India 2014
  10. 10. After spending six weeks in Turkey I consider it my second home and family. I had the opportunity to volunteer in a center that cares for children with down-syndrome. I helped in raising awareness about the cause in the city Eskeshir. One of the best things that Leap Program provides is that you will not only meet people from the city you travel to, but meet, live and work with people from all over the world, which broadens your horizons of thinking. I learnt to be more independent, and self-aware. Leap Program also helped me discover my future career path. Sarah Al Satrawi-University of Bahrain Turkey 2013 Testimonials
  11. 11. FAQs 1.How can I register for the Leap Program? Simply by visiting for the online application 2. Can I go with my friends? AIESEC in Bahrain offers group packages for those who wishes to go with groups. 3. What will the program fee will cover? It will cover the services that provides you with matching your preferences with the desired country in project and accommodation. 4. Will be there anyone to pick me up in the airport? Yes, there will be an AIESEC member who will pick you up to the place where you will be living. 5. Am I going to get an excuse letter for work or University? Yes, we will provide you with an official letter to excuse you from the university or work. However, please check with your university/ work about the needed details to be presented in the letter. 6. Where am I going to live? The internships provides you with three options of accommodation: -Host family where you are going to live with a local family -University/ school dorms -Apartment shared with other internationals and Bahraini interns working on the same project.
  12. 12. FAQs 7. Is there going to be a certification for being a Leap Participant? Yes, there will be a certification given to Leap participants after attending Career Development Conference. 8. When will the career development conference happen? Once you are done with your internship, you will be informed by an AIESEC member about the dates and location of the conference through email and phone calls. 9.Will I be prepared and supported before leaving on the internship? Yes, AIESEC in Bahrain will provide you all the necessary trainings you will be needing for the internship such as Outgoing Preparation Seminar. 10.How do I convince my parents? Contact us and we would be very glad to explain to your parents regarding the program and it’s advantages. 11. Is AIESEC recognized by professional organizations? Yes, AIESEC experience is highly valued in the market.
  13. 13. Contacts It will be our greatest pleasure to assist you in any way we can. Please contact one of the list below: •If you are current student or graduate from University of Bahrain,please contact: Tamer Al-Tayeb Email: Mobile Number: 33686585 •If you are current student or graduate from College of Health Sciences, AhliaUniversity or TalalIbn Ghazal University,please contact: Amira Al-Shami Email: Mobile Number: 33445459 •If you are current student or graduate from RUW, AMA, University College of Bahrain or International Student, please contact: BasmaAl-Najjar Email: Mobile Number: 33999426 •If you are current student or graduate from Bahrain polytechnic or any other universities, please contact: Abdulla Behzad Email: Mobile Number: 33669903
  14. 14. Our Partners AIESEC in Bahrain thanks it’s partner for contributing to the Leap Program We worked with