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  1. 1. PR campaings. How to create buzz with zero budget
  2. 2. • Newsworthy information• The art of writing press- releases• PR in terms of AIESEC project“If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on public relations.”Bill Gates, Microsoft founder.
  3. 3. newsworthy information• newsworthy information - an event that might be interesting to the readers, viewers or listeners, which you can turn into an informartional report - news.• An event, piece of news, serving as a base for an editorial publication in the press, a topic for the TV- and radiojournalists
  4. 4. What characterizenewsworthlyinformation?• Timing• Significance• Proximity -Is this story close to home?• Prominence
  5. 5. What is newsworthlyinformation?• Winning an award• Announcing an employee change• Announcing a new product or feature• Launching a new partnership• Sharing survey results• Events• Products
  6. 6. Create an newswothyinformation• Examle – projekt Clean StepsResult – 150% more media coverage
  7. 7. -City investigation game-Dog parade
  8. 8. Holmes parade and award ofthe best Sherlok
  9. 9. • Make a surveyExamples:CVO recruitment – the survey about students’ expectations towards employersResult- approx. 40 publications• Statistic• Organize event that will stay in memory-flashmobs
  10. 10. The art of writing press- release
  11. 11. Press-release is• a report for the press; an informational message, containing information about an organization , event etc.(or possibly a private individual), that published the press-release/ a synopsis of its opinions on some kind of matter and passed on for publishing in the mass media.
  12. 12. Rules to follow..• Perfect volume - one A4 page• You should leave margins for editing on both sides• A press release should be written without underlining, also avoid a lot of capital letters• Brackets should be only used for direct speech.
  13. 13. HeadlineStress the most importantHas to be clearAvoid questionsAvoid abbreviations (if not very common)Avoid personal names (if not very known)Avoid syllabi-cationAvoid end lines with prepositions or conjunctionsDon’t use exclamation marks (!)
  14. 14. Headlines examples• " 2008 Sales Explode to over $20 Million“• "New Social Media Consultancy Company is estabilished"
  15. 15. Lead• 5W- when, who, what, why, for what Who is it about? What happened? Where did it take place? When did it take place? Why did it happen?
  16. 16. Lead• 5W- when, who, what, why, where Wells, February 12, 2012 - Twin sisters Ena Pugh and Lily Millward declared the oldest in the world after celebrating their 102nd birthday together. The pair were given 102nd birthday presents of copies of the Guinness World Records book by their family so they could see their own entry.
  17. 17. quotes• Write in separate paragraph• Mark with inverted comas• After quote - name , surname, position, company• Quotes also has to be edited!
  18. 18. Additional information• Information about company• sponsors• List of participants• agenda
  19. 19. Press-release Do’s• Start Strong• Identify Yourself• Write Professionally• Economize Your Words• Limit Jargon
  20. 20. Press-release Dont’s• ALL CAPITAL LETTERS TO EMPHASIZE ANYTHING• Grammatical errors• Advertisements or promotional/fluffy language.• Hype• The words “you”, “I” or “we” outside of a quoted statement.
  21. 21. PR in terms of AIESEC project
  22. 22. • Work with informational sponsors• Writing content for the web-page• Media relations• Writing newsletter for the universities• Creating posters, leaflets• Social media• Media monitoring• And writing one more press-release after the event
  23. 23. Work with informationalsponsors• What we can ask from them?
  24. 24. What we can ask from them?• Banners placing on their web-page• Publishing press-releases (interviews, stories etc.)• Sending information about us in their newsletter• Post about AIESEC event in their social mediaP.S ask to send their logo to us
  25. 25. What to do with info sponsorafter ?• Don’t forget to say thank you and..• Offer a new project!• And use possibility to remind about yourself during the national holidays• Add all the contacts in the CRM
  26. 26. Press-release timeline• 2 weeks before event press- release has to be written• 1 week before event- spread the media• When to send press-release after the event?
  27. 27. Media relations - database• Send to whom?•
  28. 28. Media monitoringBacktracing mass medias reports which correspond to the given topic.Monitoring of mass media is used for researching the efficiency of PR- and advertising campaigns
  29. 29. If you want to invitejournalists to the event..• Write an invitation• What should be there?-Answer on 5ws-agenda-logos of sponsors-contacts for additional information
  30. 30. If you really want to seejournalists on the event• What to ask if you call to the journalits?• What to do with journalists during the event?Just make them comfotrtable!Prepare separate registration form
  31. 31. Prepare special folder for them1- general inormation about the event2- printed out presentations3-list of participants4-agenda5-information about AIESEC6- ideal folder also contains CD
  32. 32. Work with social mediaCreate a short message- 5ws- Non-formal text Registration is open! Only 100 places are available! Hurry up and catch the opportunity to improve your knowledge and practical skills. Be up to date professional! Spam, spam, spam…
  33. 33. OH MY GOD ! WHAT TO DOIF TV ARRIVES ?• Chose a spokesperson• Prepare question and answers beforehand• Picture is almost always till the waistline• Don’t twist your head round• Don’t roll your eyes• Don’t look in the camera
  34. 34. • Avoid wearing red, white, pastels, or clothes with bold patterns or lines, as they tend to skew when on camera• Avoid scarves and jevelleries• What to do if you don’t understand the question?• What to do if you don’t know the answer and need more time for thinking?
  35. 35. Thank you for attention!