AIESEC Umeå Promotion Campaign 2010<br />IntroductionAIESEC Umeå will this year focus extremely hard on being near the stu...
Social Science students (1,2 & 3 year)
Engineering/Technical students (1,2 & 3 year)</li></ul>We believe that first, second and third year students will be the b...
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Promotion Ideas Umea


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Promotion Ideas Umea

  1. 1. AIESEC Umeå Promotion Campaign 2010<br />IntroductionAIESEC Umeå will this year focus extremely hard on being near the students and interacting face to face in order to create a good first impression and a close connection. For those students we don’t manage to meet in person we will reach through various social medias and of course our website. We also have different marketing opportunity’s on the campus where we have the chance to promote and strengthen the name AIESEC. These idea’s will take the form of a Marketing Plan below where we further discuss how we will manage our promotion.<br />Target GroupsOur target groups for this semester will be:<br /><ul><li>Business students (1,2 & 3 year)
  2. 2. Social Science students (1,2 & 3 year)
  3. 3. Engineering/Technical students (1,2 & 3 year)</li></ul>We believe that first, second and third year students will be the best fit for our organization based on our analysis. A student that is at one of these stages in their education will be able to work for AIESEC longer and more efficiently, since a four or a five year student probably has a job and will soon leave the university. To get especially a first year student involved in the organization gives us the opportunity to train this person to be a “professional” AIESEC’er. We will also customize a message for each of these groups, which we will come back to later.<br />Customized MessageBusiness students:We believe that our typical business student is a very ambitious and goal oriented person. This person also have the “latest” things when it comes to technology, clothes etc., and he or she is very brand oriented which is one of the things that characterizes their social group. Since our business students probably is interested to work in the business world, and also want to be well prepared for the future, we want to present AIESEC as a company to them. We will give a message to them consisting of the benefits when joining us, that you e.g. can learn how it is to work in a company and that each person has an own position and responsibilities. We provide knowledge when it comes to different procedures, e.g. how to make a payment or how we sign contracts with companies. The VP roles will be very detailed explained to make them understand what their work-tasks consists off if they run for a VP position. We will also make job descriptions and advertise that this is available right now to make it more attractive. It is also important to be serious with these people, for example, to a class bash we will wear a shirt to look like a company.<br />Social Science students:The social science student is according to us a very active person in current issues and seek to expand their global knowledge. These student don’t share the same pattern as the business students, but they are more concerned about the origin and quality when they make a purchase rather than status. To the social science students, we think it is important to talk about the international experiences and the travel opportunities in AIESEC. Since these students for the most part are very esthetic and environmentally concerned, it’s important to show that AIESEC care about the “world” and we indirectly also work towards making it a better place. At the same time we will present that we give them the opportunity to work with us and make an impact on the society, and that they also can go for exchanges where they direct can interact with current issues and get a life experience. Also another important point to take up is the work we do in HR, our organization works towards making people into leaders and giving them tools to develop this skill. This, since many Social students study psychology and other HR related subjects, could mean a big marketing area.<br />Engineering/Technical students:The typical engineering student shows a lot of interest when it comes to computers and other technical related equipment. This person is always updated with what happens in the “technical” world to keep up in the conversations with their social group. The money that is left to be spent is often invested in computer or TV related products. To attract these students we need to talk about marketing, and how they can further their skills in photo editing, web design and video editing. We have several interesting marketing tools that this group might be interested in that is related to video, photo and web tasks. But for this group we should do a general recruitment agenda to attract as many people as possible, this because the work fields for tech students are limited in Aiesec. <br />Marketing ToolsWe have several marketing tools that we will be working with during the recruitment promotion. We will now present these tools and write a short summary of its content.Lecture Bashes: During the first 3 three weeks we will perform lecture bashes to get in direct contact with potential members, and also to get the opportunity to perform marketing of our self. It will be important that people know how we look like in order to make us more “famous”.First Year students Kick-Off: Since most of the new EB in Umeå will be buddies to the upcoming Kick-Off for the rookies, we have a great opportunity to spread the message to many people at a time, once again without spending any money. Since we are buddies this message can be more personal and reliable, and our hopes is that this will lead to word-by-mouth marketing. This is where the students we have talked to spread the message they have received more or less unintended to other people, which in turn repeat this pattern. We will also use facebook to send out info mails to the Kick-Off groups that are created there. Mail: Our mail will play a crucial part of our promotion since it is this one we will use to promote our meetings after the lecture bashes. People that show interest will give us their mail, and after that it is important that we have a good mail system to out the information in time to these people.Facebook: Facebook, but also all other social media, will be important to keep updated on since it’s most of the people we seek spend their time. But it’s not easy to stand out in these social medias with all the noise such as spam mails, photo tags, & general writing that takes place. With some of our spare time we will do our best to create a message that will be easy to understand and will also create positive reaction.Café Tornet: In this Café, which is located in the business school, we have the opportunity to use their TV screen for free. We will improve last year’s power point presentations that were used and try to create something new. Our hopes is to use a technical student and create two or three video presentations of AIESEC that we will use. This is a great opportunity since this café regularly is one of the most crowded and the screens are in constant focus.Other tools: We will also use info stands on when we have time over. This has not proven that sufficient the last years but there is no such thing as bad publicity. We will constantly during the year make public appearances to create recognition and an awareness of us even when we don’t promote AIESEC. This can possibly lead to a scenario where we recruit a new member just by some small talk in the coffee line. On the second of September we will hopefully attend a welcome trade-fair for the new students. There are several companies that are paying to attend this event but for no-profit organization there is no fee. This is a great opportunity for us to be associated with companies and also to present our brand to new students that we may not meet during the class bashes. Posters is also a thing that creates awareness. This is though a money related marketing tool, and we will be very careful where we use this resource. We have determined to use them later in the semester when we have our promotion of AIESEC in the city. But during the recruitment these will mostly be used during our presentations to make it look more professional.<br />