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Promotion Ideas Gothenburg

  1. 1. AIESEC GOTHENBURG (((communications team How are we AIESEC When are we going to recruit more people? TOMORROW going to do all this? page 4 page 3 June, 2010 AIESEC GOTHENBURG WINS THE NATIONAL COMMUNICATION PLAN COMEPTITION Competition still baffled KRISTOFFER.LC.P. (EDITOR) AIESEC Gothenburg sub- Meet Johanna, a mitted the communication Business and Law plan for the competition as a newspaper, an idea student page 2 hatched by the clever Hayka, new VPTM of It was an unexpected victory AIESEC Gothenburg. for AIESEC Gothenburg as they released the final version of their communication plan last night. In it were details, not only regarding who their target groups are for the next year, but also how to reach them and what message to convey to the targeted students. Additionally they also explained about the necessary actions to take Who is Lars, a local after reaching them. Engineering student? page 2 In the purpose of the com- munication plan AIESEC Gothenburg explained that they wanted to create a plan for how to reach out to po- it is also very important to groups to focus on, business AIESEC Sweden celebrating the incredible victory. tential members in order to provide a down to earth and and law students, engineer- establish a secure member- family-like environment. ing and technical students ship base for next year and We want, not only to find and social studies and global finding suitable candidates the students we need in the studies students. In these for leadership roles, thereby organization, we would also groups they made a stereo- Buy the new ensuring the talent pipeline. like to implement measures typical profile which they for retaining them. In the thought would fit a future “This is a perfect oppotunity struggle to make sure we AIESEC member from the Gothenburg to really find students inter- are noticed by students we area of expertise. "I will grab the ested in world issues who are need to identify their profile, world," says Peter, a driven, pro-active and also cater to their needs and also Social studies idea now! available for a long term com- keep our promises in order to mitment in the organization,” make sure we live up to the student? page 2 LCP of AIESEC Gothenburg, AIESEC brand.” Kristoffer Chiem, said yester- Do note that the pictures above day while writing this article. In the communication plan are pending approval by the “If we can find these students they identified three major owners and thus not compliant with copyright law yet. AIESEC GBG n Cold-cake Please note that this is a fictional advertisement for internal, non-profit and educational use only and that any similarities to existing brands are co-incidental.
  2. 2. WHO ARE THESE STUDENTS? Do note that these pictures are pending approval by the owners and thus not compliant with copyright law and rules yet. Johanna, in her first university year Lars in his home, the AIESEC office, Peter, first year student at the Global the first university year. Studies programme. KRISTOFFER.LC.P. (EDITOR) India or Turkey during the one of the reasons for join- Facebook and the AIESEC more information about Summer Abroad campaign ing AIESEC. Gothenburg website, when how working in AIESEC can not using a specialized web- improve their soft skills AIESEC Gothenburg is last year. He is likes to communicate site for a specific project. In and also how they can interested in recruiting and mingle with people from combination with the other get leadership experience social studies students, different backgrounds and measures, this will prove through working in AIESEC. engineering students and Lars is a freshman student at cultures. He is interested in quite effective for AIESEC For Social studies students, business students but Chalmers who is interested global issues, both big ones Gothenburg. Emails will be one of the core selling points who are these people and in improving his soft skills Johanna is a young busi- such as starvation, environ- sent according to a email will be the societal impact what are their needs? and gaining relevant leader- ness or law student who is hip experience for a future mental issues, war, but also list found on the university and it is important to have mainly interested in AIESEC career. He joined AIESEC smaller ones such as cultural internal website. examples to show. because of the chance of mainly because it is a bit misunderstanding in Swe- learning professional skills different compared to most den and how to improve Lecture bashes will be con- In the promotions we will and expanding her network. other organizations at his society wherever he is. ducted whenever there is ca- not only inform about what She also sees the internship school and also because of pacity and there is a specific AIESEC is and offers, but opportunity as an important the network and profession- Peter is also quite ambi- need to be addressed in the also try to make sure they part, at least initially before al workshop events he tried tious and feels that AIESEC organization. Posters will really get to know us and see she gets more involved with arranged by AIESEC. Sure can help him realize his be more used than lecture that we have some pretty the daily operations and he joined on these factors ambitions, one of them is bashes initially because of cool people in AIESEC (Swe- challanges she gets here. but he stayed because of the an internship abroad, the capacity issues and they will den and internationally) and people in the organization other one is improving soft both lead to an AFTERWORK that we do things which will She is very ambitious and and the challenges he gets skills and helping others to mingle or an informational impact society in one way or proactive. Her interests to face. improve their soft skills and half-day during a weekend another(with examples). involve but are not limited to educating the masses on where we can introduce entrepreneurship, leader- Lars is also very ambitious global issues. He is changing AIESEC and bring some food Online presence will be ship and improving her and has learned to be more the world, one person at a and get to know the people quite important for us as it prospects for a top-job in pro-active through AIESEC. time as he likes to say. who wants to join us. needs little resources, both investment banking, a re- His interests involve but are time and staff-wise. We will spectable law firm or a large not limited to technical gad- The underlying message will work with Facebook and multinational corporation. gets, programming , social be about the global learning our website which will be How can we media and web design. Since environment, the unique more linked to each other. If During her first university joining AIESEC he has been combination of leadership we have any longer projects reach these year she joined AIESEC Go- a major help with recruiting experience, internship expe- there can be a blog about people? thenburg and at the time she other students at Chalm- rience, skills development, them on the website where felt like she was very busy ers and the IT University as networks and being active. you can follow the process because of how the business well as helping to design the and see how smart we work AIESEC Gothenburg is and law programme was website and promotional The posters will be focused in AIESEC. planning to use social made by the university, material. on the perceived needs of media and internet for taking 35 credits compared the students at the school. On the website will be more all three groups. We to the normal 30 credits. For example, business information about all our also plan to have some However, she managed to students will have more LC meetings and the people specified lecture bashes, overcome it with support Peter moved to Sweden information regardning pro- who are interested can drop focused on recruiting from the leaders in the when he was only 4 years fessional skill development by at the end of our LC meet- for a specific position. organization and has now old and started university with concrete examples of ings and present themselves Posters and flyers will be been in AIESEC for three at the age of 19. He is a true what kind of skills and how if they like to join when we an important weapon in years and have succesfully global citizen and that was to improve them. Engineer- are not focusing on recruit- the struggle of recruiting completed an internship in ing students will receive ment. students. Internet will be by e-mail,
  3. 3. Please note that this is a fictional joke advertisement for internal, non-profit use only and that any similari- ties to existing brands are co-incidental. DO YOU WANT TO BE THE NEXT LCP? VPER? VPX? VPC? Join AIESEC Gothenburg today on an exciting journey. You too can gain stardom in AIESEC Swe- den! If you want to join us, please send your CV by, pdf or other document and we will schedule a personal interview with you within a week. Singing is optional, dancing is not. aaaacccc
  4. 4. ENTERTAINMENT INSERT YOUR FAVORITE COMIC HERE... AND YOUR FAVORITE, SUDOKU OR CROSSWORD TOO... TIME GUIDE JUNE Start brainstorming and creating mock posters, flyers, t-shirts and other pro- motional material for using when recruiting freshman students at Handels, Chalmers, IT University, Pedagogen and Campus Linné. Contact people in charge of kick-offs at the campuses and universities. Create a schedule for how to allocate the members doing recruitment. JULY Contact the team at the end of July or start of August to prepare further for promotion to freshman students next month. Start printing the t-shirts and other apparel needed to promote AIESEC and building the culture in the organi- zation. Make sure all promotional material is ready for print by the end of July. AUGUST Make sure that all the posters and flyers are printed August 15, 2010. Confirm participation in kick-offs at the campuses and universities. Recruit the number of people needed for the different teams and projects. SEPTEMBER Recruit the number of people needed for the different teams and projects. Start promoting events. OCTOBER Start preparing for autumn EP recruitment in combination with events. Smaller focused recruitment if needed. Research and learn new innovative ways of promoting. NOVEMBER Recruitment of some EPs in conncetion to the planned Event. Smaller focused recruitment if needed. Research and learn new innovative ways of promoting. DECEMBER Start preparing for Summer Abroad Promotion. Smaller focused recruitment if needed. Research and learn new innovative ways of promoting.