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Tier 1 IXP for oGIP


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Tier 1 IXP for oGIP

  1. 1. TXP to oGIP oGIP Tier 1
  2. 2. Follow CM G – Goal T – Target C – Channel M - Message
  3. 3. Set Goals Split  oGIP  Realiza/on  goal  between  online  sign  ups,  IXP  and  off-­‐line!     In  this  way  every  MC/LC  has  a  clear  goal  for  number  of  IXP  Raises  (through           back-­‐ward  planning)      
  4. 4. Target Audience EB’s 2014 closing their AIESEC XP Members with GIP profile AlumniMC’s (past and current)
  5. 5. Channel and Strategies National Conferences: Pushing IXP for outgoing EB members and LCPs at the right national conference National newsletter: Recognize people who have raised their EP form and have a message/video from the National Reward and Recognition LCs receive recognition for IXP RA and reintegration of EPs Career Planning of EBs: EBs do career planning in such a way that they end their XP at the end of their term or before starting MC term in July
  6. 6. Messages! Why going for a GIP is the right next step for an EB member, LCP or MC member! Promoting specific opportunities that requires AIESECers with work experience! LCs receive recognition for IXP RA and reintegration of EPs Showcasing stories of AIESECers who lived TLP + GIP experience or trainees in the entity who have also been members
  7. 7. GCP: How to Raise IXP? TM&OGIP AIESEC in Colombia What is the timeline?
  8. 8. Timeline for Messages -July 2013: Conference where IXP strategy was launched, “Every leader goes on exhange” -September 2013: Regional conference, we invited again AIESEC in Colombia leaders to go on Exchange but with specific opportunities. -December 2013: National planning conference, here we had the EBs planning 2014 goals, but also EB’s 2013 closing their experience, with this EB’s we worked on their career plan and Exchange timeline. As you can see in the graph, most of the raises happened in january and february, were most of the EB’s 2013 were raising ther EP forms, now in april and may we are focusing more on current members to go on a GCDP experience in summer J
  9. 9. - 49 Raises in oGIP in Q1 2014 - This is 30% of the RA for oGIP are coming from IXP. Results