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The Leadership Model of AIESEC


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How does AIESEC develop leaders? Here read how we do it, what makes us unique and why it is important

The Leadership Model of AIESEC

  1. 1. Peace & Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential
  2. 2. How can do it?’
  3. 3. Leadership Development Model ?
  4. 4. An average student from an average city
  5. 5. SKETCH Didn’t know what to do in life Where to go after University? What to do apart from studies? Interested to try new things and try different opportunities that come
  6. 6. SKETCH By taking part in different projects, teams, different areas: Realized about myself: What I like/don‟t like doing What I am good or not good at Team Member in OGX Team Leader Team Member in ER CCP TL event By taking a responsibility for others and leading a team: Believed in myself: That I can make a difference
  7. 7. SKETCH Started to care about the world; And do something about it locally Discovered myself while discovering others Found friends
  8. 8. SKETCH After ? ? ? Before o Know who I am and what I want to do o Network of people to support me o Strong will and ability to overcome challenges
  9. 9. SKETCH
  10. 10. AIESEC enables leadership development in young people to make a positive impact on society
  11. 11. SKETCH
  12. 12. Real Resources What is a competitive advantage of AIESEC impact model? Developing Others Learning by Doing Having your team, budget, brand, etc. allow young people to achieve something great that seemed impossible before Trying out different areas, projects, etc. helps young people to understand themselves and gain new skills Ability to take care of others and make a difference for others, makes one believe in oneself more and leads to ambitions and big dreams Achievement of Results Young people learn from successes better than from failures. Organizational culture, driven by results, enable young people to feel success and strive for more in the future Global Network Access to global network enables learning and creates strong networks of like-minded people, who act as a support system to each other during the experience
  13. 13. Belief in myself Belief that I can bring change Open mind for possibilities and diversity Understanding myself Network of people who care about the same things Care about the World
  14. 14. SKETCH
  15. 15. Leadership is a life-long journey It never ends.
  16. 16. Where does this journey start? The question is
  17. 17. Real Resources Developing Others Learning by Doing Achievement of Results Global Network
  18. 18. Self-Aware Responsible for the World AIESEC is enabling life-long leadership journey for young people. Based on unique nature of the organization and essential elements to trigger leadership journey, we want to develop the following: Effective Communication Aware of strengths and weaknesses; Know personal values and purpose in life Aware of the world‟s issues, take ownership for it and act Can engage others with personal purpose and values; Can communicate effectively and build networks
  19. 19. I & myself I & others I & the world Self-Aware Effective Communicati on Responsible for the World
  20. 20. Leaders who are self-aware know their values and purpose, and stick to it. Leaders who have good self-awareness, know themselves well enough to recognize and acknowledge when they have reached their limits. These limitations might be in areas of personal knowledge, understanding, skills or gifting. Such leaders acknowledge the point at which they need other people. Self-awareness also enables leaders to stay composed and balanced, particularly when under pressure or in a crisis. When challenged or criticized, this “shock absorber” of self- awareness gives a person the ability to respond constructively. Self-awareness enables person to lead authentically. Self-Awareness
  21. 21. We aim to inspire young people to take responsibility for the world and use their potential to address world issues, because we believe that living for one‟s own good is not enough. Responsibility for the world starts with awareness about existing issues and belief that one young person can bring a change. „The world‟ can mean anything from local community, city to the whole world. Responsibility for the World
  22. 22. Effective communication helps us better understand a person or situation and enables us to resolve differences, build trust and respect, and create environments where creative ideas, problem solving, affection, and caring can flourish. In the information age, we have to send, receive, and process huge numbers of messages every day. But effective communication is about more than just exchanging information; it's also about understanding the emotion behind the information. Effective communication combines a set of skills including ability to express your own thoughts, attentive listening, the ability to manage stress in the moment, and the capacity to recognize and understand your own emotions and those of the person you‟re communicating with. By communicating effectively you can improve relationships, build strong team and network around you to achieve common purpose. Effective Communication
  23. 23. But it depends a lot on individual and his current capabilities Peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential
  24. 24. By providing Inner and Outer Journey Outer Journey Inner Journey Capturing internal change that happens because of outer journey you live External environment - the framework of the journey
  25. 25. Inner and Outer Journey Set personal goals Understan d your personal values Reinvent yourself Reflect on your experience Individual responsibili ty and goals Interaction with multiple stakeholder s Support system Challengin g role and environme nt Purpose of the Journey for Society
  26. 26. Outer Journey Individual responsibil ity and goals Interaction with multiple stakeholders Support system Challengi ng role and environm ent Purpose of the Journey for Society Impact of the journey you are going through on the society It enables young people to see their connection with the world and take ownership, responsibility for it. Taking individual responsibility with clear goal is a first step in the outer journey of leadership development Your role and environment surrounding you pushes to go out of the comfort zone and enables you to learn. Diversity of stakeholders and its quantity influences on leadership development. For example, interaction with diverse cultures or different types of stakeholders (boss- customer-colleague; AIESEC- company-NGO, etc.). In the outer Journey there should be some support system for the inner journey. It can be a mentor, coach, buddy, etc. Support system can be provided by AIESEC or any other external stakeholder.
  27. 27. Inner Journey Inner Leadership journey starts with understanding where you are currently and setting goals for what you want to get from the experience Going through self-reflection exercises to understand how you are achieving personal goals, changing throughout the experience, and capture your learnings and realizations. By living the experience and going through inner journey you realize the fundamental things about yourself – your values and how it impacts your everyday life. Capturing the learnings from this experience to use it in the future; Understanding your „new self‟ Set personal goals Understa nd your personal values Reinvent yourself Reflect on your experienc e
  28. 28. Self-Aware Responsible for the World Effective in Communication With this starting their life-long leadership development journey Inner & Outer journey Global Leaders
  29. 29. Leadership Development Model