Taking Gen2015 To My Entity


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The time is now to take Gen2015 to your entity!

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  • Remember our new members don’t know any other AIESEC but the AIESEC of 2015
  • Taking Gen2015 To My Entity

    1. 1. I’m taking this to my entity!
    2. 2. How Can I do this? Recruit members based on Gen2015 Value Based Recruitment Induct your members into Gen2015 New members only know the AIESEC of Gen2015 LC Planning and Coaching Visits LC EBs plan for 2015 achievement and drive the Gen2015 culture in their LCs LEAD Programme Our TMP TLP participants feel purposeful, driven, collaborative everyday Integrated experiences Live Gen2015 everyday
    3. 3. Recruit members based on Gen2015 Recruit new members and members into TLP through:  Value based recruitment (based on AIESEC Values)  Skills needed for specific roles for 2015 achievement in programmes  Click this to get complete clarity on the process and a sample sheet that you can just download and use
    4. 4. Recruit members based on Gen2015 Optimize recruitment timeline: Plan your talent by 30th March Link to Planning Tool: [ http://www.myaiesec.net/content/viewfile.do?contentid=10298770 ] Start Promotion – 30th March – 5th April  Contact rejected applicants from previous recruitment  Go through all Online Registration System applicants and get in touch with them  Targeted recruitment from select universities Selection Process - 5th April – 10th April Induction – Second and 3rd Week of April
    5. 5. Recruit and Induct members by 15th April to drive a massive summer peak!
    6. 6. Successful Induction into Gen2015:  Our members have strong organizational understanding of AIESEC Way, The Purpose of AIESEC, and AIESEC 2015  Our members get strong operational training and have understanding of the exchange process, especially in GIP  From AI to LCs, in every team in AIESEC it is all about Gen2015!
    7. 7. Induct your members into Gen2015
    8. 8. Induct your members into Gen2015 PURPOSEFUL: • Ensure every one of them knows the purpose of AIESEC and how the AIESEC Way and 2015 connects • Explain how you can help them align their individual purpose/career goals to AIESEC Purpose • Connect their individual responsibilities to the greater purpose of the organisation COLLABORATIVE: • The team experiences is at the core of everything • New members and team leaders and inducted into which are the entities we are doing exchange with and why: external relevance of our entity partners is embed into induction • Understanding of TMP and TLP experiences DRIVEN: • We share stories of people in AIESEC who have achieved results and are doing great things even outside of AIESEC • Sending new members on exchange (IXP) • Members interacting a lot with international EPs in the city to understand the impact of AIESEC on the individual • Set clear and ambitious goals with your members and support them to get there!
    9. 9. You Should Cover: • GIP understanding and relevance in your entity and abroad for your entity partners • Understanding of basic exchange in process in both iGIP and oGIP irrespective of which GIP Programme is the focus • GIP Product understanding – What are the focus sub products and how are these sub products relevant in your city/entity – Which entities do we work with to make these experiences happen and what are the specifics of the product we co-deliver • External relevance of doing exchange with specific entity partners • How to sell the programme to EPs and companies • Operational Induction should include one week of only practical training where members are actually doing on ground sales and understanding exactly how to work with GIP and learning from mistakes as well as gaining confidence. GIP Operational Induction for ALL new members
    10. 10. REMEMBER • Gen2015 is about Making it Happen and Learning by Doing! • New members shouldn’t have to go through only concepts and content • Induction sessions/conferences should be as practical as possible:  Simulation of the entire exchange process designed  One week practical induction period  Members allocated to exchange support also go through practical induction for exchange to understand the process  Members in iGIP to understand oGIP and members in oGIP to have full understanding of iGIP so they understand the other side very well.
    11. 11. Through a successful Induction into Gen2015 our members will… Start performing faster and achieve results for the summer peak This will make them feel a sense of success and achievement This will help us retain our TMP participants in AIESEC!! So lets make our new members purposeful, driven and collaborative since day 1 of recruiting them!
    12. 12. The Gen2015 toolkit is a great way to make AIESEC and AIESEC 2015 seem simple to new members!
    13. 13. LC Planning (for MC)  Do an LCP conference to create the excitement and commitment to Gen2015 – Include key elements of what is Gen2015, what is your entity’s contribution, how can LCPs make this happen  Show them videos from other LCPs ie. in AIESEC Canada showing their commitment to oGIP growth  Ensure LCs are planning for refreshed GIP goals in 2014 and aligning talent management and Marketing Planning to this as well  Create a refreshed entity OD Model/Growth Model to know who are your focus LCs in each programme
    14. 14. LC Coaching visits (for MC)  Ensure every LC Coaching visits in the following months have the Gen2015 session that creates commitment of the entire LC EB. – Add link if possible  LC Coaching visits have LEAD Blocks aligned to Gen2015 ensuring that the EB is ready to be purposeful, driven and collaborative  All LC visits are customized to the scale of GIP LCs are doing and the LC reality – with customized iGIP/oGIP, TM and Marketing simple strategy  Have a clear KPI for every LC coach to measure the success of an LC over a given period of time  Connect every strategy to the messages of Gen2015. Eg: Delivering on national partnerships or LC-LC partnerships because we are collaborative.
    15. 15. MC-MC Transition  MCVP Elects are already working with their Predecessor – Not just receiving conceptual transition but also working on the practical things  The summer peak is delivered by the MCVP current and elect – not just one of them  Key transition elements of MC-MC Transition: – The message and calling of AIESEC 2015 for your entity – Understanding the goals upto 2015 for GIP, GCDP, TMP and TLP (in detail) – Role of the MC in creating the 2015 culture and achieving 2015 goals – Understanding of Supply and Demand, key partner entities and how this needs to be taken forward – Complete clarity on all individual roles on the MC and how synergy works between these roles – Understanding the current/refreshed entity OD Model and creating a refreshed version if needed (during or right after the transition process) – Base 14-15 MC Plan and strategy on continuity from previous term and only add what is necessary – The message has to be: Continuity with Evolution (its not about changing everything, its about continuing and evolving to achieve 2015)
    16. 16. Embed the Gen2015 message into your LEAD Programme
    17. 17. Integrated Experiences  For our members to completely understand our impact and fall in love with the organization, drive the summer peak in oGIP and oGCDP through integrated experiences  Current team members/team leaders/LCVPs signing up for oGCDP in the summer peak for specific entity partners  LCPs finishing their terms and MC members finishing their term of from the last 4-5 years signing up for oGIP in the summer peak with specific entity partners  Create a culture of IXP in your entity through showcasing stories of people who have been through the experience, getting videos from country partners, connecting the experience to real leadership development and the AIESEC way  Assign a percentage of oGCDP and oGIP goals to be from IXP so LCs and members start seeing the relevance!
    18. 18. The Final message • It is our members who will make 2015 a reality! And it is our responsibility to make sure they feel the ownership belief and call to action of AIESEC 2015 • Let’s make sure that every member in our entity is purposeful, driven and collaborative and every TEAM Experience is contributing to MoS Achievement!