Optimized Learning and Development


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Optimized Learning and Development

  1. 1. Optimized L&D Tier 1
  2. 2. We don’t have much time, how can I optimize Learning and Development in my entity?
  3. 3. Tips to Optimize L&D 1. Fast 2 day Induction Process for new members
  4. 4. 2 day Induction Basic Induction • The AIESEC Way • AIESEC 2015 • What is Gen2015? What is the external relevance? Functional Induction • Understanding of GIP and GCDP • Relevance of iGIP, what will I learn from it • Detailed practical understanding through simulation Working in a Team • AIESEC is about team experiences • How to work well in a team • Team minimums and principles
  5. 5. Functional Induction Functional Induction • Understanding of GIP and GCDP • Relevance of iGIP, what will I learn from it • Detailed practical understanding through simulation  Members understand the exchange process in iGIP and oGIP  There is a real simulation where members are given sales sheets and are doing sales to Eps and Companies  Ensure this is based on focus product and market  Members make calls and do meetings with facilitators who are companies or EPs  There is a live matching process too to make this real (which can be aligned to country partners by using names of the same countries)  For reception, try to get actual trainees  De-brief at the end so members understand the process and then bring in relevance and scale of GIP growth for members to see the connection
  6. 6. Tips to Optimize L&D 2. CUSTOMIZE D virtual training week
  7. 7. Virtual Training Group LCs with similar Realization volume and focus programme together so they get the education they need and not everything One week schedule with recorded, visual and easy to understand trainings Every session/training should have key follow up steps or a CLEAR Practical TO DO List for team members, team leaders and LCVPs depending on who the education is for
  8. 8. Virtual Training Make it measurable Track performance of teams and members who are part of virtual training Identify your Target profile Check which profile has lowest productivity and focus on this one, eg: Team leaders have no contribution to results, we need to focus on Team Leader education and productivity increase
  9. 9. Tips to Optimize L&D 3. On going Education through virtual channels
  10. 10. On-going Education Example: If you’re focused on oGIP, information about country partners like how many forms they raise or the current supply on the system doesn’t need to be a training, this can just be sent to oGIP teams almost on a daily basis Example: Sales wins that are released from AI are a way to ensure education is on-going Example: Continuous Implementation and tracking of the Team Minimums
  11. 11. Tips to Optimize L&D 4. Continuous follow up by LC Coaches with specific focus LCs  Focus focus/growth LCs in GIP, make sure they have LC coaches  The LC coach understands the need of the LC frequently, eg: every 2 weeks so that specific MCVPs can educate LCs based on their challenge and support these LCs  This ensures faster education and customized support
  12. 12. Tips to Optimize L&D 5. Every MCVP implementing team minimums with his/her LCVPs  Every MCVP is ensuring LCVPs in their function are fully trained by them or by NSTs to be able to deliver  The suggestion is that MCVPs actually implement team minimums with these LCVPs (especially elements like JD, KPI, tracking, evaluation, training)
  13. 13. Tips to Optimize L&D 6. Use your NSTs effectively  Ensure NSTs are focused on coaching programme LCVPs in specific LCs  NSTs can also focus on team leader education in a particular function/programme depending on the need  Measure and Track NSTs regularly