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Off peak o gcdp tier 1


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Off peak o gcdp tier 1

  1. 1. Off Peak oGCDP | Tier 1
  2. 2. When is Off peak?
  3. 3. How to recruit EPs in off peak?
  4. 4. 3 student market segments for off peak TYPE 1: Students writing their thesis TYPE 2: Graduates TYPE 3: Inactive students
  5. 5. Students writing their thesis These students might look for a GCDP as a research opportunity! It's important to customize the experience based on the field of research. Recent Graduates These students might apply for a master after the graduation or for a GIP opportunity. Before those two experiences, they might would like to go for a GCDP for 6 weeks! Why? T experience volunteering or new parts of the world before getting into a job or a university course again. Inactive Students These students might not follow university courses anymore, the might work part time, they might just don't know what to do in their life yet. A GCDP experience can offer them the development they need: the inner and outer journey can ensure their personal goal setting and offer them the travelling opportunity they are waiting for.
  6. 6. Product Packaging insights for Off Peak
  7. 7. 1. Inactive Students What are their specific needs?  Experience & International Interaction parallel to university  Relevant to their major knowledge and XP  Change environment  Have fun  Travelling & Freedom  Knowledge from outdoor activities  Invest time in interesting things  Be different/have new experiences
  8. 8. How can we address those needs and messages?  Change your routine  How to spend your time more constructively  Interesting stories to share with your friends  Explore other things to find your passion/area of interest 1. Inactive Students
  9. 9. What special product features will we add to make it attractive?  Networking events with other EPs/Returnees  Far away destinations  Preparation: Life-Coaching, Personal Development & Orientation 1. Inactive Students
  10. 10. Communication channels  Word of mouth  Social Media – Online Promotion  Random Gatherings/Places where they spend their time  Ongoing GCDP Brand management  Youth Clubs & organizations  Class contact list 1. Inactive Students
  11. 11. Communication channels (2)  Attendees of previous AIESEC events  Personal Sales  University Partnerships  Promotional materials in public places (e.g. clubs, parks, gyms, coffee-shops, pubs, malls) 1. Inactive Students
  12. 12. 2. Students doing their thesis What are their specific needs?  Work XP (relevant, international)  Practical applicable theory  Network  Data gathering for other professors (research assistants)
  13. 13. 2. Students doing their thesis How can we address those needs and messages?  GCDP as a research opportunity  GCDP customized to their field of research (partner LC to raise relevant TN)  Research Institutions-libraries
  14. 14. What special product features will we add to make it attractive?  Customized JDs specific to course/field of research (target institutions)  Available subsidies/scholarships  Networking with research institutions & Libraries  Flexible Timeline  Double/Triple the fun  Preparation (OPS): Relevant to Research field from externals, Orientation 2. Students doing their thesis
  15. 15. Communication channels  University Newsletter  Professors/Faculty Advisors  Posters  Career Centers 2. Students doing their thesis
  16. 16. 3. Graduates What are their specific needs?  Relevant Work XP  Fast Realization to proceed with Master/Post Graduate studies  Language & Cultural XP for future career
  17. 17. 3. Graduates How can we address those needs and messages?  Upgrade their CV  International XP/Voluntary Work valuable for Master application  Adventure before applying for Master or getting a job  Relate GCDP with their academic working background
  18. 18. What special product features will we add to make it attractive?  Career Planning/Development Program  Language Courses  Multiple Internships as Graduation Trip  Certificate 3. Graduates
  19. 19. Communication channels  Erasmus students cooperation  Career Fairs  Approaching companies to send their fresh hire on GCDP  Professors  Press Release  Physical Promotion 3. Graduates
  20. 20. India Off Peak Strategy : Entity GCPs