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LEAD for Gen2015 LCPs


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How to build LEAD specially for LCPs of Generation 2015

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LEAD for Gen2015 LCPs

  1. 1. Special LEAD for LCPs
  2. 2. LCPs are leading HUGE GOALS and change in the entity, as an MC take care and make sure they are getting the soft skills and hard skills needed to be the best version of themselves.
  3. 3. • Supporting the intense outer journey of LCP and team stages of MC team by aligning LEAD (inner journey stimulation) to this • Build Leadership Capacity of LCPs and EBs across the network through working on leadership and management ability. • To reinforce the Gen2015 behaviours of Purposeful, Driven and Collaborative. What is the strong need?
  4. 4. Example of LEAD Framework FOR lcps I and Me I and Others I and World (Organizatio n) Management skills across all 3 areas for the MCP to manage self, team and organization better SELF-AWARENESS, STRENGTHS FOCUS MY PURPOSE into ACTION ADAPTABILITY TEAM MANAGEMENT LEADERSHIP STYLES LEADING MIDDLE MANAGEMENT CREATING GEN2015 CULTURE CHANGE MANAGEMENT DEFINING TEAM LEGACY to AIESEC
  5. 5.  Map out timeline of the LCP experience through 2014, at each stage what is the outer journey of the LCP and what do they need most  Align every part of the content to gen2015 messages  Ensure LEAD for LCPs is not just a session at conferences and make it as continuous as possible.  Have monthly newsletters, virtual webinars and one to one coaching if possible to maintain the continuity.  Have the right balance of leadership attitude and management skills as part of LCP LEAD.  Make someone on the MC Team responsible for the design and development How to implement LCP LEAD?