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IPM | BD Structural Alignment | Lab Space


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Lab space output

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IPM | BD Structural Alignment | Lab Space

  1. 1. DAY 6 BD Structural Alignment Workshop
  2. 2. Workshop flow 1. Background of the Project 2. Output of the BD Summit 3. Discussion and Next Steps 4. Sales Structure Questions
  3. 3. Bottleneck we are facing Objectives of the summit Role similarity for different roles in Org. BD or other related functions AI BD Team is too occupied in delivery workloads and can not focus on big partnership development. To clarify the roles between different roles(GC/AI/MC/LC) in terms of GEP management for better communication and efficiency. To create the new GEP customer flow and delivery structure to ensure leadership development of GEP Trainees.
  4. 4. BD Summit Output
  5. 5. 1. If we clarify the roles and responsibilities = save time, resources 2. LC levels unique role is delivery of internships, use AI for BIG Global Partnerships 3. The learning of different levels should be clarified and aligned 4. Collaboration for Existing and new Global Partners 5. Create a proposed structure for the network
  6. 6. New customer flow for Global Exchange Partners
  7. 7. Pilot Entities- Belgium - United Kingdom - United States - Mainland of China - India - Sweden - Switzerland - Germany - Mexico - Colombia Working with AI to implement the GEP Customer flow, fully implement standards, implement lead for EPs, align expectations and delivery
  8. 8. Main activities, responsibilities and value for the for the new GEP flow
  9. 9. MC Structures 11 Based on Steering team suggestions
  10. 10. For Tier 1-2 entities Or at least 20-30 GEP realisation a year MC VP iGIP: Experience Delivery, Exchange Processes, LC management MC VP BD: Sales of the focus program, MNC sales Large scale Accounts: BD Managers/ CEEDers as account managers LCs: Set MC-LC co-delivery model for MC/ Global TNs For Tier 3-4 entities MC VP BD: Sales of the focus program, MNC sales MC Operations/ Manager and LC responsible: Experience delivery, Exchange Processes
  11. 11. LC- MC Collaboration examples 13
  12. 12. ENTITY MC-LC COLLABORATION MODEL % FOR DELIVERY Colombia -CLO: Certified LCs to deliver National Partnerships with MC BD team (cross-sales); -Shared revenue (depeding on the product and participation on the sales process ): -iGIP: TN fee 70% MC/ 30% LC -Y2B fee: 60%MC/40%LCs Mexico -Shared revenue; -MC is managing account raising&matching process - 10% (delivery) US Visa + Matching done by MCVP BD; -BD regional managers/NSTs; -Shared revenue (LCs get what they generate/sales - nonethless they pay a membership fee based on the revenue generated); LCs membership fee based on the revenue generated; Switzerland -GC-LC delivery; -MC tracking and coaching; -Revenue shared model; 30% (delivery)
  13. 13. ENTITY MC-LC COLLABORATION MODEL % REVENUE SHARED Sweden -Shared revenue -MC is selling and matching, LCs are responsible for delivery/reception; 15% (delivery) India -Shared revenue (for reception/delivery) -LCs don’t pay membership fee for NEP/GEP 50% (delivery) UK -CEEDer structure (with LC collaboration) -MCLC coaching; 10% (delivery) Germany -MC raises/GCs match/LCs deliver -Shared revenue (delivery); 25% (delivery) Belgium -LC-GC collaboration; -Shared revenue (raising + delivery done by LCs) 55% (delivery)
  14. 14. Discussion and next steps 16
  15. 15. 1. Have you implemented the new CF, Standards and LEAD already? What are the next steps for your entity until June? 2. Do you have a clear role and responsibility allocation in your team/ future team between iGIP, BD, Managers, CEEDers etc? 17
  16. 16. MC- LC Collaboration Main questions to answer based on your financial models, plans: 1. Are you sharing revenues with the LCs? If yes how much? Why? What is the reason behind 2. Are you outlining the roles and responsibilities between MC and LC? 3. Who is getting the realisation on the system? Is the membership motivated by that?
  17. 17. Regional Sales Questions Input giving space 19
  18. 18. 1. What is the evolution of BD Team that could benefit your Entity the most? 2. How would you imagine an ideal structure, collaboration between the Global BD Team, National BD team and Local BD team? 20