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Incoming GIP Re-Raising for Tier 2


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Incoming GIP Re-Raising for Tier 2

  1. 1. Incoming GIP Re-Raising for Tier 2
  2. 2. Why don’t we retain TN-Takers? We don’t focus on it We don’t deliver our service well We don’t allocate talent capacity to do it
  3. 3. What big contracts have come from CLO? Poland 10 TNs – “We worked with the TN-taker fast and professionally” Brazil 5 TNs – “Because they were extremely satisfied with their previous intern” Romania 30 TNs – “Trust between the CEO and AIESEC, based on our past professionalism” France 10 TNs – “We were professional and flexible in the process” Greece 25 TNs – “We delivered what we promised. We were professional and fast, so they keep coming to us.” Belgium 35 TNs – “They re-raised because they were satisfied with our service” Belgium 10 TNs – “We had multiple internal champions who had received trainees in the past who gave us excellent endorsements” Russia 6 TNs – “Past interns we provided them stayed and became leaders in the company, so they actually approached us when they needed more talent for their new strategy”
  4. 4. What do our TN-Takers Say About Our Service? 13 35% 22% 43%NPS score % of promoters % of detractors % of passives Professional skills of trainee, 50 Professionalis m of AIESEC, 45 Level of trainee's motivation, 44 Personal skills of trainee 41 Communicati on with AIESEC 39 Selection Process 39 Promoters Issues Level 1
  5. 5. ANALYSIS.Of survey responses Selection Process, 33 Visa Documents and Information, 31 Communication with AIESEC 27 Professional skills of trainee 26 Accessibility of information 25 Logistical support upon arrival 24 Passives Issues Level 1 Selection Process, 32 Communication with AIESEC, 32 Professional skills of trainee 28 Visa Documents and Information 27 Personal skills of trainee 23 Information provided 21 Detractors Issues Level 1
  6. 6. ANALYSIS. promoters 34% 42% 18% 5% 2% DEFINITELY WILL PROBABLY WILL MIGHT OR MIGHT NOT How likely are you to take another intern with AIESEC GIP? passives detractors 55 45 5 49 66 16 5 22 29 112 5 PROBABLY WILL NOT 2 DEFINITELY WILL NOT 1
  7. 7. Conclusions from our customers The most important thing to TN-takers is the quality of the EP TN-Takers aren’t satisfied with our selection process or communication We can retain many more customers than we do now
  8. 8. How Can We Retain More TN-Takers? Implement a fast and standardized matching process Have account managers who meet with TN-takers regularly Understand the company’s needs through the JQ
  9. 9. Understand the Company’s Needs Through the JQ  Sample JQ: 83  Your JQ should be short and simple  It should reflect your focus sub-products and country partnerships  It should include what the company’s future needs will be  It should help you see what is most important to the company about the EP and working with AIESEC  The account manager should be using the JQ at every meeting
  10. 10. Implement a fast and standardized matching process  Selection process for Tier 1: 90  Make a 6-week matching plan Step 7 : Match Step 6 : Company interview Step 5 : Short-list candidates Step 4 : AIESEC interview Step 3 : EP Screening Step 2 : TN Global promotion Step 1 : Signing the contract Understanding the company needs
  11. 11. Implement a fast and standardized matching process  Track the matching of TNs from the national level Company Signed Up on GIS Opportunity Created EP Applications Received Shortlist Delivered to Candidates Company Interviewing Candidates Company Chosen EP Match Completed TN 1 X X X X X X TN 2 X X TN 3 X X X X
  12. 12. Have account managers who meet with TN-takers regularly  Account Management for Tier 1:  A person who manages the account from contract signing to re-raise, for a minimum of six months  Responsible for fire-fighting, checking in, quarterly meetings, and transitioning the next account manager  Goals are always re-raising, referrals, and customer satisfaction  Contact with the TN-Taker every month  A physical meeting every quarter  Account transition every six months
  13. 13. How Can We Plan for CLO?  Set goals for raises and re-raises  Allocate a clear account manager for every account and give them training on how to manage the account and re-raise  Through a CRM, see all of your accounts, which member is responsible for them, and where in the matching or re-raising process the TN-Taker is  Implement national and local structures to support re-raising (for example, an NST to consult with all account managers monthly)
  14. 14. AIESEC UNITED STATES CLO IMPLEMENTATION  Target specific LCs for CLO implementation  Give LCs a timeline to meet with all partners  NST + MC contact all partners who LCs fail to meet  Collect video testimonials from promoters  Create a referral framework for LCs  Create Account Management Certification for members about visa, delivery process, partnership management  Legislate that TN-takers have to be met each quarter or the MC can take over the contract  Detractors and passive TN-takers contacted to collect feedback/apologize